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Running Up the White Flag in a Black City
The Dindu Horde Has Won—But MS-13 Are Killing Their Way Up I-95
Harm City Surrenders!
Mayor hints at reduction in Baltimore police budget
Let's go to James for his street interview with Kebmo and WrayWray
James: "What do you gentlemen think of the Mayor's—"
Kebmo: "Sheeeit, whiteblood, I don' care if she got no ass ta speak of—she ma bitch!"
WrayWray, gnawing on a pork chop: "Like he say, nigga!"
James: "There you go, Jeremy. Back to you at the Radio Free Dindustan News Desk."
Harm City capitulates in war on crime. It’s no use fighting back, says the mayor, rather the city will have to take steps to appease the criminal element with giveaway and patronage job programs. In the meantime, Harm City denizens are advised to “just give the thugs what they want and you won’t get hurt”. Time and place of the formal surrender ceremony TBD.
“Pugh said she will not reduce police patrol, but she said she will install fiscal controls, which the mayor said the Police Department doesn't have. She cited the weekend firebombing that killed two people to again stress her position that crime reduction requires more than policing.”
"These problems are not just police patrolling the street. Somebody throwing a bomb into somebody's house, this is like premeditated murder," Pugh said. "This is individuals, people in our communities that for some reason think it is OK to escalate violence and to destroy the lives of other people. It is not acceptable."
Mayor hints at reduction in Baltimore police budget
Jayne Miller I-Team Reporter
More on the Rockville unaccompanied minor rapists
Are alleged Rockville rapists Unaccompanied Alien Children?
MS-13 Bangers in Greenbelt MD
Men used social media to lure, kill victim, prosecutors say
Three face federal charges in killing of N.J. men in Maryland
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yahMar 23, 2017

Thought of you twice today James:
responds:Mar 24, 2017

Thanks—will check these out.
guestMar 25, 2017

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Maryland Flies The White Flag on Civilization
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