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The Straight Eight Diamond
An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
© 2013 James & Charles
This is a more evasive footwork pattern for the Straight Eight than the Triangle.
Like the Triangle this breaks into two clear stroke sets. The first 3 strokes use an extended reverse inside triangle. The final 5 strokes utilize a forward [male] triangle. We are not using left-right terminology, rather lead leg, trailing leg, initiating leg, as the blade is assumed to begin in the hand that is over the lead foot.
1. Diagonal forehand slash while extending the rear leg diagonally
2. Diagonal backhand slash while bringing back the trailing leg to form the point of the triangle
3. Vertical stab with step forward [essentially a forward shift] with the initiating leg to complete the open end of the triangle
4. Vertical ‘redondo’ slash with a forward shift
5. Lateral backhand slash as the trailing foot is brought up to form the point of the triangle. When forming the point of a forward triangle there must be a covering stroke and the leading foot must depart at the instant that the trailing foot arrives.
6. Forehand stab as the lead foot is shifted back. This is a countermarch stab and is not supported by forward motion. You are hoping they run into it.
7. Draw cut with a reverse shift with the trailing leg loading the rear leg for the upcoming lunge
8. Backhand stab with a lunge
Forward triangles are generally ‘death’ with a blade. Wanting to incorporate one to provide a diamond pattern for training, we decided on leading off with the reverse, obscuring the initiation of the forward triangle as well as double shifting out of the point of that triangle, which is, after all, in the pocket. Remember, in a knife fight, the pocket is the ‘kill box’.
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