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Cane Them!
Some Old Fat Guy Who Looks Like He Just Rolled Out of Bed Attacks a Yellow Dindu Double Amputee!
First, looking at the old buzzard I’ve become, I can’t believe women still have sex with me. Thanks girls, for looking the other way.
Sean, breeding Aryan stud and Soldier of Christ, invited this old heathen to his gym in What America Used to Be Town. At this point, he was seriously worried that my continuing physical deterioration would cut him off from more heathenish methodology to weld into his better cause.
Thanks to steroids, muscle relaxers, a hydrocodon pill, an hour nap in my youngest son’s car and two shots of whiskey that I told no one about, I was able to hobble about in a parody of my former devil-handed self.
Thanks, Sean.
I’m cutting all the vitamins and protein out of my diet, so will hopefully be light enough to spar with you this summer without having a coronary on your nice mat.
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Sam J.May 5, 2017

That was great thanks.
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