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Beneath the Stairway to Heaven
Sam Jay’s Training Video: An Instructional on Extension Weapons
© 2017 James LaFond
Today I was supposed to do eleven book reviews—yes, I am that far behind. Then Sean sent me all of this video of me in my rancid decline and I thought I’d have some fun scaring the readership. Lately I have been entertained by groups of wannabe Whitey Stompers disagreeing with one another about attacking me. I was in my work attire here—five hours earlier I had passed out squatting against a stockroom wall from the pain shooting down my leg. I got in and out of my son’s car with much ado—but then Sean said something about an old man and sticks and I became cadaverously alive.
Throw a30-plus year-old olive drab coat shell with torn sleeves and a dirty bush hat on this old buzzard and that’s the creep these hoodrats cannot make up their mind about.
Remember the power points:
1. Top of head
2. Shoulder
3. Elbow
4. Hip
The hand gripping your weapon must only come to rest at these points.
Being a Bad Man in a Worse World
Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival
For Ishmael
modern agonistics
Keeping the Savages at Bay
uncle satan
plantation america
the gods of boxing
the first boxers
beasts of aryas
the greatest lie ever sold
the fighting edge
Sam J.     May 6, 2017

Much thanks. These are really great. I've been watching these and I really, really like "The Primer on the Jab". Showing what the effects of different type hits on the brain is super intelligence secret stuff. You should have a decoder ring that you have to use to see this stuff.

I would say so far these are your best videos(training). The yellow bag helps and you seem to be simplifying things which is good for those of us who aren't going to join a stick fighting club. Mostly because they would kill me. The angles and visibility on these are very good.
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