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‘Death Keeps no Calendar’
The Coming, For MYFAROG by Varg Vikernes, 75 pages
© 2017 James LaFond
Inspired by Steve Jackson’s GURPS [Generic Universal Role Playing System], Varg’s supplement for his MYFAROG [Mythic Fantasy RPG] need not be used with his system [which shall be the subject of another review], but stands as a good supplement to any RPG, which the players might wish to adapt to a near-future, dystopian, bio-apocalypse setting such as 28 Days later World War Z, etc. If you dislike the politics of WWZ and Children of Men and like the realism of 28 Days Later, you should like Varg’s wide-ranging conspiracy buff take on a possible insane future, in which HYDRA and the Illuminati stand in for “the usual subjects” as consummate manipulators of Modernity and the anti-European cultism of forced mass immigration.
Varg writes this as a Science-Fiction Fantasy setting, which is a concept currently out of favor in publishing and therefore valid.
He resurrects the use of the six-sided die, placing the venerable knucklebone back into play.
The skill-based, rather than a caste-based or class-based character-building system is somewhat free-form and open to enhancement.
Rather than the nauseating multicultural template used by most RPGs The Coming realistically places agency along only two vectors: the HYDRA-Globalist creators of the GREED virus [the bad guys] and Native Europeans, not among the mindless drones of what are essentially the orkish hordes of the new dark lords. In The Coming, a playable character is playable for the salient reason that he is among the last shreds of remnant humanity, one of the final biological humans with agency.
Best of all is the Flaws table and other supplemental devices such psychology and mental health.
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