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‘Still a Hamster’
The Bugs in Darwin: 11/8/13 by Fred Reed
© 2013 James LaFond
If you have not used our network page to visit Fred on Everything I highly recommend you do. Fred’s most recent post is more excellent, and far more extensive, than usual. In The Bugs in Darwin Fred takes on the religion of evolutionary science as the most recent expression of our arrogance developed in our ‘ascent from human to monkey’. His working theory is ‘Domain Bloat’, being the tendency of thinkers to use their discipline to explain things outside of their discipline, like me trying to understand the nuances of the Democratic National Convention through the application of boxing principals.
He sticks mostly with insect behavior and neurological capacity, and the evolutionary significance of gay men, to debunk the idea that physics explains everything and that evolutionary theory explains the way in which physics have been expressed in the world. He approaches this discussion from his own first principal, which is ‘the smartest of a large number of hamsters is still a hamster.’
Fred warns that this is a long post, and it is worth it. Here are just a few of his scientific references:
“the science of the desire to strangle your mother-in-law”
“You have to be smoking Drano.”
And, when referencing the science of population genetics, “a woman with an IQ of sixty and twelve retarded children by forty-five drive-by fathers…”
Let’s just say that Fred Reed makes me seem politically correct. He is an apostate too. As a Vietnam veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp, he used his previous post ‘Veterans’ Day’ to note that he and his fellow veterans were little more than the discarded tools once used to exterminate millions of primitive people for vague reasons.
Read Fred Reed.
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