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Breeder’s Digest #16
© 2013 James LaFond
Natural resources exported from Africa and Latin America compared to aid imported: 19-1
Global wealth controlled by richest 1% in 1970s: 10%
Global wealth controlled by richest 1% in 2000s: 20+% (Well, it’s better than giving it to the crack-heads.)
-Bleeding heart liberal Chrystal Freeland
Unemployment in Mogadishu Somalia: 70%
3 out of every 5 impoverished people on earth are under 18.
-A Somalia graduate student on TedTalks
Percentage of the average English speaker’s vocabulary usage that consists of swear-words: 0.7
The state whose citizens swear the most during recorded customer service calls: Ohio
The state you want your calls coming from if you are a customer service operator: Washington (My pothead friend says it is because pot is basically legal in Washington.)
The most used swear-word is F***
The runner up swear-word is S***
California’s state prison system is currently at 150% of capacity.
The 113th Congress has passed fewer bills than any other modern congress, with only 56 bills being enacted into law, including one on the dimensions of Major League Baseball Hall-of-Fame collectable coins. (RT reporters did spot congressional aids hauling in 12-packs of beer.)
The U.S. War on Yemeni marriages has just scored another victory, with a drone strike against another wedding in Yemen, which has produced 15 bodies.
The online fact checking service PolitiFact has just given the award for Lie of the Year to some abused child from Chicago, for his statement that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”
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