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Hero Song of the Thugs
Lynn Lockhart Questions the Postmodern Urban Humbaba
© 2017 James LaFond
I am Saddened that You Killed Hero Song of the Thugs, James. The idea of you rendering yourself as a mythic beast from the viewpoint of the hoodrats was very compelling. Was it to hard to depict them heroically?
Lynn, I was sad also. And no, it is easy to depict an abused and neglected juvenile delinquent as a hero, for that is what he instinctually aspires to from within his own tiny framework. Besides, you can't get much more juvenile that Gilgamesh and Enkidu. Read He and tell me if these heroes—the Wildman and the King are not operating at an adolescent level?
What I have experienced is a crisis of storytelling capacity. This site was begun so that I could publish the fiction that I would never otherwise be able to sell for the few readers inclined to enjoy it. The site would—and has—pay for itself by selling PDFs on fighting and survival.
Unfortunately, three things have converged to essentially abolish my fiction composition:
1. The unearthing of a vast body of suppressed documentation of white slavery in America, for which I am proofing yet another book today, The Lies that Bind Us.
2. The fact that my crackpot prediction have largely come true as the world tilts unto the crazy axis I viewed it whirling upon from my brain-damaged vantage, has placed my opinion in demand with a wider audience, and as an egoist I indulged this curiosity of my work, further taking away from my fiction writing.
3. I have received two warnings from concerned website operators, have received one email threat from an "activist" concerned about my "Nazi" affiliations, and have noticed unexplained activity on the backend of this site that seems suspiciously as if we have been infiltrated, which has sent me into a damage control mode as I electronically collect and preserve the many books I have been publically working on. I have also had five readers tell me that their phone platforms have disabled commenting on this site. This has caused me to cut some projects and combine those into larger works. I have been putting "fiction-writing energy" into Hero Song of the Thugs, so now withdraw that energy to put into more mythic fantasy and science-fiction projects.
Lynn, I am sorry, but I am trying too reef the sails and secure the rigging of my little writing ship while the storm against ideas raging about us builds to its crescendo.
I plan on releasing a dozen more books before the year is out. Hopefully that shall be some consolation.
Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization
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