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Crackpot Alley
Diary of A Tenuously Sane Man: The Author’s Archive: 1/8/2014
© 2014 James LaFond
It took me a half hour to find this article on the back end to see why it is ranking so high in reads. I have a top 50 reads window on my stats page but cannot edit from there. So having found it, I'm convinced this must be the same Russian bot coming to the sight and crawling into this virtual box car. The sight is at 5,000 plus articles now, two years later, so I cannot fathom thinking 1,000 was a lot. Keep in mind, that I am building books on this site and using you hapless readers as my editors, proof readers and focus groups, so calling each post an article is not accurate. Many are chapters or bookmarks in books. Also, I think we are well over 100 guest posts.
-James, 8/22/16
I truly cannot believe how many reads this archive is getting. If you are using this as a resource for searching the content on this site, there is another way, recently provided by Charles, my most indulgent web master. Go to the web information and traffic info page at the bottom of the contents box. There you will find the entire alphabetized current content of the site. Thank you for taking the time.
-James, 5/16/14
In large measure this site is my author’s notebook. For instance, movies that I find of interest beyond entertainment value, I will review. In this way, I can research my own influences in the future. When one reads an enormous amount of material the mind you thought was your own can become a crazy place. In the 1980s I wrote primarily as a struggle to express myself. In 1996 I began writing compulsively, work and athletic commitments permitting. I had no reason for doing this, rather it was a compulsive act, an attempt to purge my mind of material that I had read, and conversations I had had, which I found myself increasingly unable to forget. I was very much afraid of going insane.
In 1998 I began reading for a major project, resulting in 1152 titles read and notes taken, by 2001. I was now faced with the fact that my little ape’s brain was not up to juggling a fraction of what I was capable of reading. I kept nearly a thousand books on hand with bookmarks inserted for reference. This was less time consuming than accessing my notes, as they were so extensive. Then I had to move on short notice and was unable to store the books—into the dumpster near 800 titles went. Since that day I resolved to write a review of each book I read, so I could at least record my key impressions as a guide to referencing it in the future. I currently have the ability to store 300 books, yet read 4 books per week. As 150 of my collection are necessary reference works, I must review most books before I donate them—something I am now positioned to do.
Whereas, in 1996 I found myself increasingly unable to forget things I had read, in 2009 I noticed a significant reduction in my short and long term memory, as well as my analytical capacity. I was no longer able to plan work projects for my staff without pen and paper, and began transposing numbers in my mind. I felt as if a death-knell had sounded in the back of my mind and resolved to retire and download what was left in my brain before that hospice nurse with the baby food jar and plastic spoon—the blue one that I really like—beckoned from across the room.
Now, the converging trends of my fading memory [this Left Coast IPA will certainly improve that], the increase in my reading load and writing speed, and the return of my analytical ability, has resulted in a sickening output. Charles has kept evolving the site to accommodate this. One can spend a good deal of time navigating its archives. I thought, for those LaFond bibliophiles that might be interested, it would be nice to give you a copy of my backend guide, which I use for various purposes. I spend 1 hour a week picking out old articles to proofread. I am ransacking a weathered brain here, but I think about 10 of these pieces were written in 2010-11, 150 in 2012, about 20 in the first week of 2014, and the balance, about 500, in 2013.
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Below is what Charles has managed to do with the content that has made its way through these keys to the front end of the site. I am able to access and read everything via this list without generating a read/view result. This is only one of numerous avenues I have to view, edit and check content from the backend without generating views.
Thanks for stopping by.
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1976 1 MMA Gloves and Boxing
568 1 Boxing for MMA: Fundamentals Notes for the Boxing and/or MMA Coach
317 1 A Fresh Old School Approach to Training Profile of Online Boxing Coach Jason Van Veldhuysen
315 0 The Punching Bag A Brief History of the Boxer's Toughest Taskmaster
204 0 The Classic Shipwreck Caliban's Shore by Stephen Taylor
175 0 Anachronistically Yours Crawling into the Multimedia World
168 0 Secrets of the Mayan Astronomers A Confession of an Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
164 0 Gabriel's Agon Saturday, November 2, 2013: 2-4 PM
148 0 Gladiators & Bodybuilders Did Real Gladiators Have Hollywood Physiques?
143 0 The Seven Eras of Boxing (Sidebar) A Brief Outline of Boxing History
143 0 Inspired Movie as Education The Way Back by Peter Weir
142 1 Maryland Cage Brawl, April 2012 Saturday April 14th: 6:00 thru 11:30 PM, 800-plus in attendance
141 0 The Boxing Bookshelf #1 Jake Shannon's Rare Boxing Compilation
141 0 ...Hit to Break It Guro Mike Pana, Expanding FMA and Boxing
136 0 Ancient Boxing Wisdom for Modern MMA and Self-Defense
130 0 Focus Where Should You Look While Boxing?
128 0 Anatomy of a Knockout An Abridged Archive from the Violence Project
127 0 Agon 2013 Modern Agonistics Challenge Meet
124 1 Practical MMA with Sifu Tom Clark & Coach Chris Clark A Review of the New Baltimore Area JKD Training Center - June 21, 2012
123 0 The One Punch KO Perspectives from Crime, Boxing & Contact Weaponry
114 0 Alienation Nation Defining Cultural Free Fall
112 0 The Ego of Martial Arts Combat
111 0 Near Future Hard Sci-Fi with Ben Bova Book Review
106 3 Ghetto Grocer #4 Food Handling Horror Stories
105 0 MMA versus Self-Defense The Case for a Consensus
103 0 The Spawn of Big-Headed Yakub Research Notes & Book Review
96 0 Broken Dance Sample
96 0 Out of the Ring The Boxer's Self-Defense Dilemma
94 0 Captain John Godfrey on Self-Defense Book Review
94 0 The Microeconomics of Wife-beating Condoms, Marital Immolation, Ho-macking & Bitch-slapping
93 0 Focus Mitts, Not Punching Mitts The Most Misused Tool in the Gym
92 0 A Freestyle Stick Pipedream A 2009 Report for PickYourFight Promotions
88 0 Tale of the Tape Why HBO Sports has it Wrong
87 1 Z-man & Skittle Harm City Ethics 101
87 1 Go Tell The Spartans Sorry Sir, Last Stands are Now Being Handled by Social Services
84 1 The Streets Have Eyes #1 From Hood-rats to Heavy Metal Meat-munchers
84 0 Boxing on a Dime Terrence Crawford Schools Breidis Prescott
83 0 So Would You Want To Be an Ancient Fighter?
83 0 Training Punch Combinations A 10 Step Progression for Boxers
81 0 Punches (Sidebar) A Guide to "Legal" Boxing Blows
81 0 The Last Can of Food on Earth Chef LaFond's Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen
81 0 Story Length How Many Pages Are You Buying?
81 0 Preparing for Your First Fight? News of an Upcoming Book by Jason Van Veldhuysen
80 0 The Biggest Fight of Ancient Boxing An Excerpt from James' Next Ancients Book, Agony & Immorality: 1700 BC to AD 551
80 3 The Man Manifesto Three Reasons Why Invasive Genitalia Does Not Equate to Effective Masculinity
79 0 Shorin-Ryu Karate with Sensei Steve Jansen
79 2 On Writer's Block Notes on Writing Despite Creative Obstacles
79 0 Peter Joseph on the Finite Economy The Monster that Won't Let Go Until it has Killed the Last Human Being
79 0 Genghis Khan’s Balls Were You Bred For War? by Stefan Molyneux
76 0 The Aggression Matrix A Comprehensive Scale for Defining Violence / Or, A Public Service For Those Who Do Not Wish To Beco
75 0 The Spiral Case #1 Under a Black Robe
75 0 The Viking Hammerlock Dark Age Dating Lore From Your Extraterrestrial Wingman
74 0 From Beyond a Dark Age Grave On Writing Prolifically Under Duress
73 0 Guards (Sidebar) Boxing Stances or Postures: A Reference
71 0 This Design Is Called Paisley The Seduction of Mister Slickery (novelette)
71 0 Professor Mike Donovan The Boxer Who Invented the Punching Bag
69 0 Two Muggers A Political Caricature
69 0 The Harm City Pollster #1 Search for the Articulate Snowman: Traitor, Hero or Fool?
68 0 The Clinch (Sidebar) Inside The Ropes: Ranking the 145 Most Effective Boxers from 1892 to 1999
68 0 The First Lady of History: Barbara W. Tuchman A Literary Reminder
68 0 The Fights of the Irish Travelers Real Bare Knuckle Boxing: Volume 1
66 1 The God of Things The Native American End-time Prediction that Came True
64 0 J. Christoph Amberger on the Sword The Best Book Yet on Western Martial Arts
64 0 Kenpo Edged-Weapon Combatives 2013: Control Countermeasures by Jim Frederick, Behavior & Scenarios by James LaFond
64 1 The Ethics of Stomping The Violent Creed of a Cowardly New World
63 0 Through a Glass Darkly A Note on Perspective
62 0 Sifu Arturo Gabriel & Society of Tao Hong Kong's Gangster Fist in Baltimore
62 0 Print or PDF The Book Geek Dilemma
62 0 Peak Prosperity Are You Sick of Being Lied to on Sunday Morning News Shows?
61 0 Deadliest Warrior 2010-2011 Commentary On Spike's Experimental Combat Show
61 0 The Original Heavyweight Rivalry Inside The Ropes: Ranking the 145 Most Effective Boxers from 1892 to 1999
61 0 The Information Ague A Chilling Encounter with the Virtual Sodom & Gomorrah
61 0 Beyond the Garden of Ishtar Gilgamesh: A New English Version by Stephen Mitchell
60 0 Sorrow-of-the-People Caroline Alexander on Homer and Achilles
60 0 The Ugly Little Boy: by Asimov & Silverberg Book Review
60 0 MMA Vampires Really?
60 0 Fighting the Forever War The Sociodegradable War Hero
60 0 Armored Wand Fighting Ducking the Postmodern Pillow Fight
60 0 Arthur C. Clarke: Tales from Planet Earth Belated Book Review
60 1 Thirsty Work Machete Season by Jean Hatzfeld
58 0 Surviving Bad Parents with Grace The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls
58 0 The Recyclable Apocalypse Enjoying the State-of-Emergency Event
58 0 Montserrat Fontes: Dreams of the Centaur Book Review
58 2 Why I Am Not a Martial Artist And Why I Am Content to Be an Unrepentant Barbarian
57 0 Slovomir Rawicz, The Long Walk The True Story of a Trek to Freedom
57 0 Interview with an Extraterrestrial Anthropologist On Foreign Affairs and American Residency
56 1 Escape From Planet Meathead Why Your Kid Should be Fighting Instead of Playing Ball
56 0 Into the Mountains of Madness Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton by Edward Rice
55 0 Reader Favorites Your Most and Least Favorite Pieces on the Site
55 0 The Man Who Hated Jack Johnson Gentleman Jim Corbett by Patrick Myler
54 1 An FMA Gathering Bais Tres Manos with Jun Paliangayan: 10/6/2012
54 0 The Drawing Board #4 The Sixth Level of Hell, by Dominick Mattero
53 2 The Agonistics Code A Modern Code Duello
53 0 Ghetto Grocer #1 Nastay Monay
53 0 Whacking Bad Guys On Blunt Self-Defense Weapons
52 0 Anthropologist Jorja Leap on LA Gangs Book Review
52 0 Welcome Aboard Mass Hysteria Transit And Thank You For Leaving Your WMDs at Home
51 0 The Slaves That Conquered a World Nelson's Trafalgar by Roy Adkins
51 0 Bread and Circuses A Culture Of Mass Diversion
51 0 Planet Meathead Rubbing Shoulders with MMA Dojo Rats
51 0 Professor of the Primitive: Brian M. Fagan Book Reviews
51 0 The Last Headbangers by Kevin Cook The Insane Evolution of America's Football Craze
50 0 90 Minutes I will Never Get Back Movie Review
50 0 Gavin Menzies The Year China Discovered America Book Review
50 0 The Most Coveted Stuff An Odd Note on Hydration Politics
50 0 Last of The Breed: Louis L'Amour Book Review
50 1 Ghetto News Flash Social Conservatives Strike Back, and Strike Low...
50 2 Our Pound of Flesh Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins
49 0 Bridging from Weapon to Empty Hand Tips on Contact Weaponry Evolutions
49 0 The Sin of Letters One Man's Crime against Materialism
49 1 Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum A Documentary Case against Politics, Profit & God
48 0 The Baddest Man on the Planet (Sidebar) In the Sports ICU for Boxing's Last Rites
48 0 The Best Books Are Free The Gutenberg Project
48 1 With Somber Fire His Take, Her Take: Queen of the Black Coast by Robert E. Howard
47 0 New Age-Conservative-Feminist-Republicans On The Endangered Ideology List
47 0 Gay Rapists of The Caribbean The Lies that Bind Us: Part One
46 0 Sinking the Atlantis Myth Lost Continents by L.Sprague de Camp
46 0 Gladiatorial Combat Sets Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
46 1 World Bais Tres Manos Seminar Jon Bais Instructing
46 0 Apocalypse Pantry Update Lengthening The End Time Gravy Train
46 0 On Safari with a Boy Named Ford Voodoo Fire in Haiti by Richard A. Loederer
46 1 Out of Time #6 The Love Police
45 0 The Word is Hate
45 0 Footnotes to Infamy Review of The Wire: Season One
45 0 Old School Harm City: 1838 Frederick Douglas, an American Slave
45 0 Rhee, Ali, Lee and Me Learning How to Fight in the Surreal Seventies
45 2 American Prophet The Iron Heel by Jack London
45 0 Alienation Nation: Part Two Resisting Cultural Free-Fall through Fractional Autonomy
45 0 Ghetto Grocer #3 Fort Hood-Rat
44 0 Frederick's Kenpo Karate Combat Cross-Training in Baltimore
44 0 Saving the American Ayatollah The Latest Wet Dream from the U.S. Propaganda Ministry
44 0 War Heroes of Planet Obadrone The Return of Your Fiendly Neighborhood Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
43 0 Little Sissy Things The Pitfalls of Style and Minutia in Weapon Arts
43 0 The Granddaddy of Inquiry Book Review
43 0 Toxic Toddler Planet Hydration Profiteering and the Stupidest Ape in the Galaxy
43 0 The Boxing Bookshelf #2 Billy Edwards' Art of Boxing
42 0 The Blonde Huns The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
42 0 An Open Letter to Takimag Advice on Making Realistic Threat Assessments
42 1 Surviving on the Streets: a Loompanics Classic Book Review
42 0 Survivor Guilt Of the Literary Kind
42 0 In The Missionary Position An Echo From 'The Ruins of A Once Great Medieval City'
42 0 The Mighty Right Defining Your Money Punch
41 1 Frankenstein Book Review
41 0 Blood & Thunder Mark Finn on Robert E. Howard
41 0 The Crooked Seven The 7 Most Effective Stick Strokes with Economy of Motion
40 0 The Language of Empire The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester
40 0 Cleanse the Land A Dark-age Fantasy Movie Review
40 0 Into the Mind's Eye of Mythic Hellas Gene Wolfe's Novels of Ancient Greece
40 0 Half Broke Horses A Biographical Novel by Jeannette Walls
40 0 Beautifully Brutal Timothy Bradley versus Ruslan Provodnikov
40 0 The Dog Brother A Case Study in Parochial Miscommunication
40 0 Overflowing The Cup Of Wrath The Rising Tide of Color by Lothrop Stoddard
40 1 ‘Mother Nature is a Serial Killer’ World War Z by Marc Foster
40 0 Machete Happens A C-list Death Fest with Jonny Trejo
39 0 Eight Years of Mighty Right A Letter from an Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
39 0 The Fighting Edge The Scrapped Second Edition of James' First Book
39 0 George Foreman on Catch Weight Fighting Can't Wait on the Little Guy, Can't Coast on the Big Guy
39 0 The Last Valley A Vintage Film Set Amidst a Forgotten War
39 0 How We Fight Defense and Counterpunching Instructional Video by Jason Van Veldhuysen
39 1 Homo Evolutis Juan Enriquez on Upgrading Us
39 1 Stabbing Erique An Addendum to Winter of A Fighting Life
39 0 Hacker John on Hood-rats Harm City Handbook #4
39 3 Wimp of The Year White Student Union by Vice
38 0 The Walking Dead: Season One DVD Review
38 0 Sloth in the City Why Vice is Good for Self-defense
38 0 The Title Mill One Author's Method for Titling Fiction
38 1 Harm City Holdout A Normal Saturday Night in Baltimore
38 0 Gay Incestuous Time-travelling Mutant Quadruplets Defining Speculative Fiction
38 0 American/FMA Combat Sets Modern Agonistics Contact Weaponry Selections
38 0 In The Hip Hop Testosterone Hot Tub John Rallo’s Shogun Fights IX October 26th 2013
37 0 My Ugly Muse On Prolific Writing
37 0 Wargame Scrapbook Articles, Errata and Outlines for Military Games
37 0 Alice B. Sheldon The Woman who was James Tiptree, Junior
37 0 Stick & Dagger Kinetic Photo Diary #1: Late March 2013
37 0 Call 311... Urban Re-Gentrification Tastes the Back of The Man's Hand
37 0 First Contact #11 Introducing Little Billy Thomas with His Bee Bee Gun
37 0 When Your Helper Steals Your Tools Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante Justine #1
36 0 The Gladiator Delusion How Researchers Blend Ancient Facts to make Modern Fantasy
36 0 First Contact #5 Black Mercedes
36 0 Panhandler Nation #1 Two Rearguard Actions against the Subhuman Hordes
36 0 Agon 2013 Brief Specific Procedures for Our May 25th Meet
36 0 The Drawing Board #2 The Ecstasy of Defeat by David Lumsden
36 0 Under Nine Gods Lays of Ancient Rome by T. B. Macaulay
36 0 Speed Quick Versus Fast
35 0 EGO
35 0 One Flew Over the Strip Joint Movie Review
35 0 85 Reasons for Being a Pacifist Book Reviews
35 0 Winter of a Fighting Life A Kinetic Memoir
35 0 Old Men Talking, Young Men Fighting Weight-juking, MMA & the Boxing Sleaze Disease
35 0 The Dead White Dude Who Saved My Mind J. B. Bury at the Turn of Two Lost Centuries
35 0 'Nits Make Lice' The American Eugenics Movement
35 0 My Darling Donkey Boy Our Little Egyptian Cousin by Blanche McManus
34 0 The Most Accomplished Boxer (Sidebar) Inside The Ropes: Ranking the 145 Most Effective Boxers from 1892 to 1999
34 0 Seriously, Another Apocalypse? Marketing Doom: A Ph. D. on the Hysteria Prowl
34 0 Accommodating Boxing in the Dojo
34 0 Dictatress of the World Studying Imperial Hubris with Michael Scheuer
34 0 First Contact #6 Oldman Jones
34 0 A Brief Definition of American Royalty Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail by Matt Taibbi
34 0 UFC: Best of 2012 Year in Review A Look at Our Best MMA Fighters
34 0 The Man Who Ate Captain Cook's Big Toe Typee: by Herman Melville
34 0 'When God Died He Left Madonna in Charge' No Man's Land by Jack Donovan
34 0 Despite a World of Ironic-detachment Leonardo by Serge Bramly & The World of Leonardo by Robert Wallace
34 0 Knowing Their Place: a Honcho on Their Bent Back Born in Blood and Fire by John Charles Chasteen
34 1 Demonic Ted Nugent Meth-heads with Guns Crossed by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows
34 1 Taking Out The Trash An Epic Ghetto Brawl in Which Oliver Was Not Jumped by Two Jewish Dudes
34 0 Narco Night Train A Night Roasting In The Flaming Cultural Wreckage We Are Riding To Hell
34 2 ‘Kisses For Us All’ His Take, Her Take: Bram Stoker’s Dracula with V. J. Waks
34 1 Holding Doors for Amazons Notes From A World Beyond Gender
34 0 Mo Coffee Homeless in Harm City
33 0 Preface, C1, C2 Inside The Ropes: Ranking the 145 Most Effective Boxers from 1892 to 1999
33 0 John Warry & Jeff Burn on Ancient Combat The Indispensable Sourcebook on Greco-Roman Warfare
33 0 Getting Out of Dodge Assessing the Lethality of Your Habitat—You Wimpy Little Ape
33 0 The Lonely Tree Hurt Stoker: Chapter 2
33 1 Panhandler Nation #2 Little Eddie Horn: Wonderboy of Beggars
33 0 Urban Flight Some Tips on Doing Suburbia Right
33 0 Ghettonomics A Humanitarian Mission for Vsauce Michael, the YouTube Science Nerd
33 1 How Long Does it Take a Dying City to Eat $3.50? Harm City Lite: Sunday May 5, 2013
33 0 Uncle Sam as a Redneck The Story of Our Army: WWII Children's Propaganda
33 0 Soap-on-a-Rope Stocks Projected to Soar Notes on Our Expanding Police State
33 0 Cultivating Contact FMA in the Age of MMA A Report for a Baltimore Area JKD Instructor
33 0 Who is Hunting You Mister Suburbia? How Harm City Hood-rats are Serving as National Role-models for the Aggression Trend that Will Engul
33 0 Look Ra, No Slaves! A British Revisionist View of Building the Great Pyramid
33 0 Submission Combat Training Fist Stick Blade
33 0 Punishing Innocence Why Does the Greatest Man of The Greatest Nation In Human History Want Us To Beat Our Children?
32 0 A Sci-fi Classic from 1971 To Our Scattered Bodies Go by Philip Jose Farmer
32 1 An Actual Teenage Fight Rare Mutual Combat News Flash
32 0 Getting Crude with the Locals Someone is Griping about Our Hazardous Waste Site, and They Want to Call it Ecuador!
32 0 Submision Combat Conditioning Set Summer 2013
32 0 Breaking the Combat Relaxation Barrier Five Stick Sparring Methods Adapted from Boxing
32 0 The Four Faces of Cowardice How Fear and Inaction Hamper Us All
32 0 The Penance of General Butt Naked The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia
32 0 You Think Your Job Sucks? Nightmare Building A Dream a Short Video on Working Conditions in Qatar
31 0 Stoning Baboons A Perspective On Victim Selection
31 0 Why You Are Food The Social Mechanics of Alienation
31 0 The Adolescent Art Passive-Aggressive Intimidation: Who, How and Why
31 0 At the War Geek Round Table Refighting the Pacific War with Jim Bresnahan
31 0 Breeder's Digest Initial Entry
31 0 The Master without a Mask A Case Study in Reality-based Esoteric Applications
31 0 Who's for Dinner? Flesh and Blood by Reay Tannahill
31 0 The Man Who Was Tortured For Seeing Tomorrow The Forecaster Trailer
31 0 Author's Notebook #5 Why You Don’t Get Laid: Repossessing Your Manhood in a Woman’s World
31 0 ‘Not Willing To Lose’ Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafson as a Pankration Study
31 0 ‘I Could Not Break’ Ruslan Providnikov Unleashing the Siberian Zombie Boxing Apocalypse in Denver
31 0 Panhandler Nation #11 Unilaterally Cruel in High Heels
31 1 Breeder’s Digest #14 Where Are America’s 15 Million Psychopaths?
31 0 The Ghetto Grocer #6 What Retailers Do With The Meat You Eat, Part 1
31 0 Sold Down The River 12 Years A Slave by Steve McQueen
31 0 Why Grownups Suck Author’s Notebook #8: A Guide to Parents, Teachers, Teenagers and Other Crazies, for Militant
31 0 Backyard Valhalla The Worst Combat Idea Since the French Knights Decided to Walk a Mile in the Mud at Agincourt: Agoni
30 0 A Ghost of Patton's Army Surviving the War on Hitler and the War on Drugs
30 0 Defense with the Stick A Quick & Functional Method
30 0 Hallowed The Sacrifice of Ethan Roads (Short story)
30 0 Dag Hammarskjold: A Letter to The World Book Review
30 0 Pillagers of Time The Neanderthal & Bottleneck Events and the Transmogrification of Three-Rivers: Book Two of The
30 0 The Sleaziest Shipwreck The Wreck of the Medusa by Jonathan Miles
30 0 Headgear Brief Keeping Your Head in Weapon Sparring and Competition
30 0 Stranger Than Fiction, Bloodier Than D-Day Conquistador by Buddy Levy
30 0 2,500 Years of Murderous Masterminds Ancient World Commanders by Angus Konstam
30 0 Essential Stick & Blade Seminar Saturday, November 9, 2013, 2-4 PM
30 0 Thugs, Junkies and Fat Women The Bomb in the Brain by Stefan Molyneux
30 0 ‘Your Childish Jealousies and Suspicions’ The Day the Earth Stood Still: the Original 1951 Movie
30 0 Plastic or Steel? The Harm City Return of the Shotgun Bandits
30 1 Black Gorilla Family News #3 The Extent of Power
29 0 The Yos of Venus Man-children on Parade
29 2 The Oldest form of Transportation On Foot in Harm City
29 0 The Unforgiven Fighter: a Film Review Unforgiveable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson by Ken Burns
29 0 Three Reasons Not to Time-Travel to the 1970s Movie Reviews
29 0 Shoulder-to-shoulder for Twelve Rounds A Dirty Boxing Brawl with Andre Berto and Robert Guerrero
29 0 Gear Behaving Badly #1 Notes on Using Fencing Masks with Wooden Blunts
29 2 Big Brother Cares Self-Defense for Your Smart Phone
29 0 Nobody Else Can Save You On The Highway to Hell with an Invisible Urban Evangelist
29 0 As The Shadows Close In Black Ajax by George MacDonald Fraser
29 1 Looking Glass by VJ Waks ComicCon Chicago: 8/8-11/2013 & GENCON INDY: 8/15-19/2013
29 1 The Only Reliable Relapse Indicator Vsauce on Boredom
29 1 From A Prodigious Coach Driven By Hunger Looking Back by Edward Bellamy
29 2 Harm City’s Plantation Master is Back The Premier of The People’s Republic Of Maryland Wants More Baltimore Arrests
29 0 ‘The First Sketch of The Real God’ That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis
29 0 ‘Like Some Monstrous Tree’ Red Soil by Robert Dunbar
29 0 ‘Death in a Lonely Place at Midnight’ The God in the Bowl by Robert E. Howard
29 0 Wing Chun Pai & Escrima Camp Sifu Arturo Gabriel Instructing: March 15 & 16, 2014
28 0 Rat Ratification The Army Beneath Our Feet
28 0 What 300 Meatheads Did For Us Paul Cartledge on Thermopylae
28 0 Someone Has Got Our Horses Research Reflections & Book Review
28 0 The Yo Hat The 3XL Life of a Hip-Hop Emblem
28 0 Harm City Urban Survival in the Postmodern World
28 1 400 Years of Insanity Paul Kirchner: Dueling with the Sword and Pistol
28 1 Whipped! Do Not Move in with Your Baby's Mamma until You Read This
28 0 A Traditional Gold Belt Test Shorin-Ryu Karate with Sensei Steve Jansen
28 0 FMA & Submission Combat Training Baltimore Sessions as of July 6 2013
28 0 The Boxing Book Shelf #3 Baltimore's Boxing Legacy by Thomas Scharf
28 0 Five Slave Girls Freed Police Arrest Saudi Hag Princess for Human Trafficking
28 0 Craig's Tune-up Routine August-October 2013
28 1 The Bro Train On The Extinction of Men
28 0 Crumbs A Ghetto Grocer War Story
28 0 ‘My Toddler is a Violent Racist’ The White Devils and The Legend of Catcher Freeman
28 0 Incubus of a Six-year-old President Hardcore History: The American Peril by Dan Carlin
28 0 ‘Unreasonable People Nailing Jello To A Wall’ Stefan Molyneux on the All-Discipline
28 0 The Straight Eight Diamond An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
28 0 'Michael Douglas Didn't Marry Me Either' Welcome To The Man Cave
27 0 Gutter Zombies The Mentholated Undead
27 0 Tang Soo Do with Master Bob Light
27 0 A Hungarian, a Texan, and Alexander the Great? A Vintage Robert E. Howard Story
27 0 Harm City Sagacity Random Quotes from the Ghetto
27 0 Charm City Vacancy Baltimore's Urban Decay Photography
27 1 Harm City Handbook #2 Justifiable Armed Defense in Public Spaces
27 0 Modern Fighter A Contact Weaponry Video Archive
27 0 The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe The Book by Sydney Anglo
27 0 Breeder's Digest #2 Grilling Season Edition
27 1 Fear, Horror, Hate & Guilt On Killing by Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
27 0 Crushing the Flinch Reflex A Remarkable Knife Tragedy
27 0 The Rundown Trying to get Through the Hood with a Cheese Pizza and Soda
27 0 Without A Shudder Of Horror The Revolt of the Masses by Jose Ortega y Gasset
27 0 Gender in Fiction With V.J. Waks 'His Take, Her Take' Book Review Ground Rules
27 0 The Engineering of Consent MIT Professor Noam Chomsky on Propaganda, Liberalism and War Crimes
27 0 He Said Coldly Solomon Kane: Red Shadows by Bruce Jones
27 0 ‘Coward Sociopath Dudes’ No Justice, No Peace by Michael Prsyner
27 0 ‘The Secret Cause Of All Suffering’ The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell, with Bill Moyers
27 1 Deganawida & The One Parted Tree Crackpot Sci-Fi #1: What If a Shamanistic Savant Merged With a God-device?
26 0 Dangerously Fun Stuff from the Violence Project
26 0 Managing Violence Guidelines for Dealing with Convergence Predation
26 0 Gladiators In Print A Bibliography of Contemporary Print Resources
26 1 The Streets Have Eyes #2 Bruce the Bricklayer
26 0 This One's Fo Skittle Harm City Hood-rats Serve Notice to Hispanics
26 0 Give Me Yo F..... Money! Straight-up in The Hood
26 0 Tattoo Rick the Novelist The Plates by Rick Catalano
26 0 Oliver on Stupid Shit 'If You Meet One Dude in Baltimore You Have Met Fifty'
26 0 The Drawing Board #1 Vampire State by Dominick Mattero
26 0 Turkeys from Hell Hurt Stoker: Chapter 5, Segregate Me Please! Bookmark 1
26 0 Conan’s Dance Card A Survey Of The Fictional Barbarian’s Leading Ladies
26 0 Lana: Evolution #1 Adapting Agonistics Principles for the Female Defender
26 0 Rubbing Out the Old Tribe The Logistics of Abducting and Selling Ray Lewis
26 0 Honor Among Men Who Behaves More Honorably: Men, Women, or Martial Artists?
26 1 REMFs & Rambos Notes for Writing Fiction: How Do Real Soldiers Fight Without Weapons?
26 3 Absolutely The Most Evil Character in Fiction
25 0 Officer ManFriendly The Price of Specific Autonomy
25 0 Man-Child Apocalypse & the Evils of Charity How to Combat Coercion Every Day of Your Life
25 0 Wood Shampoo Wannabes When the Policeman is not Your Friend
25 0 Welcome to Our Site A Note From the Author
25 0 A Question of Mind The Terminal Experiment by Robert J. Sawyer
25 0 NYPD Cannibal Cop Conspiracy News Notice
25 0 The Brutal Salsa Bag Drill for Stick-fighting
25 0 The Logic of Steel: Story Over Stats Notes on The Author's Methodology
25 0 First Contact #3 Bighead Tweet
25 0 Candy Cane in the Sky Hurt Stoker: Chapter 1
25 1 Getting Smoked, Stuckup, Jacked and Bagged Notes on Criminal Uses of The Handgun
25 0 First Contact #8 Miss Betty
25 1 It's Unlocked! Vigilance versus Complacence
25 0 Worse Than You Can Imagine No Fear? by J. T. C.
25 0 Black Gorilla Family News #1 Behind Bars, Commander Booty Master says 'Uncle' to The Man
25 0 Black Gorilla Family News #2 'Public Enemy No.1'
25 0 Submission Combat Stroke Counts Six FMA Counts & the Modern Agonistics Count
25 0 No Small Thing A Message from Dog Brothers Leader Marc Denny
25 0 Breeder's Digest #8 Nuking ‘The Middle Eastern’
25 0 The Concrete Runway Two Models Attacked By A Classic Pervert
25 0 The King’s Hand Notes on the Forever War
25 0 Glut Mad Fangs In the Forest of Villefere, A Song of the Werewolf Folk and Wolfshead by Robert E. Howard
25 0 Hit Girl Kick-Ass, With Nic Cage, a Creepy Little Girl and Some Forgettable Nerds
25 0 Lobotomize Your Fractured Imagination On The Utility of Focus Outlines
25 0 From Otzi to Industrial American Zen The Book of Swords by Hank Reinhardt
25 0 ‘Letin’ The Trash Takeout The Trash’ The Baytown Outlaws by Barry Battles
25 0 ‘His Daddy Has A Set Of Bear Claws’ Irish Mike Perez versus Magoned Abdusalamov, 11/2/13
25 0 Final Hour: Spitting Into the Galactic Wind Author’s Notebook #6: The Sequel to First Contact
25 0 ‘How They Roll’ The New Paradigm In Domestic Violence
25 0 God With A Gun Thor’s Angels by Dan Carlin
24 0 Joneekwa On Foot and Female in Harm City
24 0 Banno's Boys A Real Knife-Fighter's Legacy
24 0 Five Beautiful Deaths The Biomechanics of Survival
24 0 Logic of Steel Typos
24 0 The Case for the Panhandler Genocide Why Beggars Should Starve
24 0 The Insanity Box Mass Transit in 'The Greatest City in America'
24 0 Sweep the Floor Sifu David Lumsden on Discipline
24 0 Harm City Handbook #1 How to Profile Yourself as a Violence Target
24 1 Harm City Groupies Internet Dating Hazards from Kazan to Ulan Bator
24 1 The Streets Have Eyes #3 Claire: My Crack-head Cousin
24 0 The Urban Grill Friday's With Aldo #1
24 0 Panhandler Nation #5 'Excuse Me Sir, My Fetus is Jonesing'
24 0 Ghetto Grocer #2 Bachelor Party at Parcel Pickup
24 0 Florida Cops Brace For Riots A Harm City Heads Up
24 1 Narco-State News #2 Motown to Hotown
24 0 Those Who Walk Alone Why Hood-Rats Always Want More Than 'The Time'
24 0 Eric's Backpack An Example of Novice Pack Predation
24 0 The Seven Dwarves of Pratt Street A Case Study in Conditional Ethnic Aggression
24 0 'On A Placid Island of Ignorance' The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft
24 0 The Man Who Broke Ali’s Jaw A Tribute to 1970s Heavyweight Contender Ken Norton
24 1 Two Front Teeth The Harm City Price
24 1 ‘Society as Mutual Masturbation' The Policeman Is Your Friend And Other Lies by Ned Beaumont
24 0 In Astroscope! Rocky Jones: Space Ranger, Six 1950s Sci-Fi TV Episodes
24 0 Beyond Stalin’s Wettest Dream Tracking the Dark Flowering of Hysteria with Fred Reed
24 0 Breeder’s Digest #13 Why Karachi Pakistan Has the Most Honest Politicians on Earth
24 0 Among The Three Wise Men The History of Grandmasters & Masters of the Martial Art in Baltimore Maryland by Rodney L. Eggl
24 0 ‘Just Another Step on the Ladder’ Marcus Browne versus Karate Fighter Carlo Caudillo
24 0 Where The Hell Is Charles Bronson? A Female Reader Critique’s When You’re Food
24 0 Sex, Violence & Horses Chariot by Arthur Cotterell
23 0 Last Of The Greats Inside The Ropes: Ranking the 145 Most Effective Boxers from 1892 to 1999
23 0 Crime and Payment A Brief Memoir of a Teenage Drug Dealer
23 0 Andy Boy A Profile in Mismanaging Aggression
23 0 You The Criminal Defending Against the Biggest Aggressor of Them All
23 0 History British Guilt Style Video Documentary Review
23 0 Hunting Chumps #1: Ambushing The First in a Series of Guides on Hands-on Redistribution
23 0 Running From The Cops #1 A Public Service Guide for the Spry Ghettoite
23 0 First Contact A Working Class Guide to Mankind's Final Hours
23 0 The Murderous Company We Keep Edged-weapon Defense & Crimes
23 0 The Worst Ancient Military Jobs: Part One Chariot Driver, Helot Peltast & Legionary Signifier
23 0 The Worst Ancient Military Jobs: Part Two Agrianian Javelin Man & Oarsman
23 0 Ever Less, Ever More The Unpardonable Crime of Edgar Valencia
23 1 Supaman! Look Out For That Curb...
23 1 Panhandler Nation #3 KayJay, Crumb & Millatime, Movin' on Up
23 0 Stairway of Integrity Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington
23 0 Spectator Program Agon 2013
23 0 'The Raw Wet Sound of Splintering Bone' Tau 4 by V. J. Waks
23 1 Bringing on the Harm Harm City Hood-rats put on a Live-fire Clinic for Chicago Gang-bangers
23 0 Breeder's Digest #3 Eight Uplifting Facts
23 0 Doing the Right Thing And Not Getting Burned
23 0 The Sharkee Solution Handicapping Knife Sparring & Competition
23 0 A Crack-head Cat & Psychodelic Lollypop My Best Friend by J.T.C.
23 1 The Morality Box Defining Right and Wrong in the Past, Present and Future
22 0 Kid Sexy The Show Wrestler as Martial Artist
22 0 Of The Sunset World A Sample of the First Book
22 0 Fat City Notes on Postmodern Livestock Management
22 0 The Sixth Beautiful Death The Most Common Suicide Rehearsal in the Dojo
22 0 FMA with Sifu Tom Clark A Hybrid Jeet Kune Do Oriented Filipino Weaponry Class
22 0 Cold Steel Kukri Challenge Five Blunt Machete Duels Scheduled for Agon 2013
22 0 'Reading Transports Me' The Guards, a Novel by Ken Bruen
22 1 Panhandler Nation #8 The Day After Food Stamps
22 0 Ducking the Duel John Clements on Filming a Dueling Documentary
22 0 Only Five Shrunken Heads! The Greatest Talk of Jacque Fresco
22 0 The Sarissa's Song The Virtues of War by Steven Pressfield
22 0 Where Has The Reader Gone? Results of an Interview With A Maryland Librarian
22 1 Bryan Vera: ‘A Pawn In The Game’ A Heroic Underdog Beats The Beer Suds Out Off Junior Chavez
22 0 ‘Racing The Sun’ The Art of Joseph L. Bellofatto Junior
22 0 Dai Macedo A Public Service For My Harm City Bruthas
22 0 First Contact #16: The Final Episode Planet Buzzkill: Stoner Joe is the Last Best Hope for Mankind!
22 1 Ghetto Grocer #7 Three Food Stamp Case Studies from October 2013
21 0 The Richard Bustillo Biography Book Review
21 0 A Pack of Camels Anecdote
21 0 Developing Two and Three Step Weapon Drills Integrating Strokes and Footwork for Combat
21 0 The Lateral Redondo Bag Drill for Stick-fighting
21 0 Pumpkin Pancakes on the Redneck Riviera A Random Anecdote
21 0 KickAssMallCop Real Life Urban Superhero Darien Long
21 0 Death Master Database Where is the Federal Archive of Registered Black Belts?
21 0 Panhandler Nation #4 Gotham: Another Case for the Panhandler Genocide
21 1 The Streets Have Eyes #4 "Ad Da Speed A Fright!"
21 0 Narco-State News #1 Tracking the Real Zombie Apocalypse
21 0 The Key of Heaven and Hell The Book of The Sword by Richard F. Burton
21 0 The More You Own, The More You're Owned Culture In Decline: The Worst Reality Show of All Time—The Real One by Peter Joseph
21 0 The Smiling Face of The Fist of Power The Handbook of Human Ownership: A Manual for New Tax Farmers by Stefan Molyneux
21 1 Jack-Boot Brigade #3 21 Feet to Doom
21 1 Supacop Smackdown! T-Bone's Crackhouse Ho Rumble
21 0 ‘Drums, Cannon and Human Misery’ Napoleoon Bonaparte by Alan Schom
21 0 'Down the Grim and Bloody Eons' The Shadow Kingdom by Robert E. Howard
21 0 The Walk-Up A Harm City Shooting
21 0 The Little King and The Old Worm Pax Romana by Jonathan Hickman
21 0 ‘Don’ Dey Know People Gots Ta Eat!’ A Ghetto Grocer War Story
21 0 Among The White Devils Poet: Chapter 4
21 1 Murdering Protagonists Are Long-lived Characters Endangered?
21 0 Branding Fear The Deadly Genius of Drug Cartels by Rodrigo Canales
21 0 Landing in Harm City, 1981 How the Ghetto Got My Soul #1
21 0 The Poison Hand of Springtime On The Feminine in Combat
20 0 Some Seminar Outlines
20 0 Speed Skull The Speed Bag in Boxing Gyms and Martial Arts Schools
20 0 First Contact #1 X White
20 0 The Name Drain Notes on Aliases and Fictional Name Generation
20 0 Immunity to Gravity Some Thoughts on Junky Superpowers
20 0 BJJ Champion Daniel Beleza A Baltimore Area Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Seminar
20 0 Damien Kestle Instructor Profile
20 1 Joe-Damn! A Harm City Snapshot
20 0 The Original Rock Stars The First Poets by Michael Schmidt
20 0 John the Apostle Persecution of another Harm City Visionary
20 2 That Guy With the Book! Intellectual Speed Bump For The Next Revolution?
20 0 Out of Time #3 Ben's Food Lotz
20 1 When Your Helper Drives Your Truck Stoned Primordial Human Resources Development With Dante Justine #2
20 0 Keep On Truckin’ The Sissy, Last Rites, Why Should I? and Room 301 by J.T.C.!
20 1 The Most Evil Presidents A Reader Poll Concerning the Projected Book
20 0 Hemavore #4 Savage Samara
20 0 The Hand of The Voice The Nightly News by Jonathan Hickman
20 0 PIG The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War by H.W. Crocker III
20 0 Breeder’s Digest #15 The Care & Feeding of Barbarian Whelps and Civilized Brats-to-be
20 1 The Streets Have Eyes #8 Denizen Cane on The Bus of Heaven
20 0 Heads Up He-man Let's Not End Up Sharing a Cell With This Dude
19 0 Attack Of The Last Virgin The Troubled Plight of a Bus Prophet
19 0 Your Crumbling Metropolis Do You Have a Harm City Story?
19 0 Living Lost Honoring A Derided Male Instinct
19 0 Stupid Stan Wading in the Shallow End of the Gene Pool
19 0 Sunset Character Sketches 23 Personalities from the Sunset Saga (glossary)
19 0 Officer Thirsty Surviving Behind the Counter
19 1 True That Is Harm City Fact or Fiction?
19 1 Big Chev & Little Bad Awakening to the Post-racial Violence Paradigm
19 1 The Fall of Gorilla Wall Paul A Harm City Hero Memorial
19 0 Hemavore: Terra Side, 2572 Dust Cover & Dramatis Personae
19 0 An Ocean of Lost Worlds The Discovery of Mankind by David Abulafia
19 0 Hunting Chumps #2 The Virtues of a Slow Wingman
19 0 Naymond and Bruce A Harm City Knife Fight
19 0 Combat Drills for Submission Stick Conditioning Footwork, Coordination, Power & Stamina
19 0 A Road With No Signposts Solomon Kane: The Castle of The Devil by Scott Allie
19 0 The Streets Have Eyes #5 Nasty Norman & the Carryout Girl
19 0 The City That Keeps Breeding Another Writer on the Harm City Scene
19 0 Amid Hymns of Hate The Renaissance by Will Durant
19 0 Message in the Bottle Insane A Luddite Barbarian’s Trip To A Modern Art Museum
19 0 A Letter From Planet Estrogen James Is Judged By A Female Reader
19 0 Read Fred Reed The Crazy Uncle You Wish You Had
19 0 Is That A Horizon? Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan and Niko Henrichon
19 0 The Straight Eight Triangle An Agonistics Knife Application Drill
19 0 Irresponsible Pictures Lone Wolf and Cub #3 by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima
19 0 ‘Youth is a Good Thing’ Julian Williams versus Jocihm Alcine
19 1 ‘Orwell Was An Optimist’ Mikko Hypponen on the Global Anglo Superstate
19 0 ‘Still a Hamster’ The Bugs in Darwin: 11/8/13 by Fred Reed
19 0 Meth-head Minister Drunken Glory, Vice Documentary
19 1 Ghetto Grocer #9 What Retailers Do With the Meat You Eat: Part 2, Running Over Hotdogs
18 0 The Hos of Jupiter The Violent Hip Hop Female in Action
18 0 The Vicarious Way Watching Sport Combat for Self-defense Insights
18 0 Vagabond The Harmed Life
18 0 Taking One for The Man Rejecting the Monopoly of Force
18 0 Interactive History Journal Reader Initiated Discussions
18 0 First Contact #2 Nick's Run
18 0 Coaching Versus Instruction Notes on Teaching Perspectives
18 0 Fighter's Gallery Who Are You?
18 0 First Contact #7 MTA Mike
18 1 Harm City Handbook #3 Justifiable Armed Home Defense: Firearms & External Property
18 1 On The Steps Urban Traditions: Body Punching & Sports as an Exit Option
18 0 In Harm's Sway An Alternative Lifestyle Violence Anecdote
18 0 The City That Breeds A Baltimore Area Youth Counselor's Blog
18 0 The Sad Scientist Leonardo, a Widow Named Beautiful Flower & A Quixotic Quantum Physicist
18 1 Jack-Boot Brigade #2 Gutting Fat Joe's House
18 0 No Uke News #1 The Gaijin Ranger
18 0 BJJ One Day Sminar With BJJ Champion Daniel Beleza
18 0 The Streets Have Eyes #6 The Tao of Captain Backwash
18 0 The Drawing Board #3 The Fencemen by Dominick Mattero
18 0 'This Should Have Been Our Moment' Deleted Scenes From The Walking Dead Second Season
18 0 Author’s Notebook #2 Mantid: The Seven Fantastic Heresies of Heshman Shew Mote
18 0 The Third Baptism Hardcore History and Intellectual Contagion with Dan Carlin
18 0 The Last of the Magicians Archimedes to Hawking by Clifford A. Pickover
18 0 When The Great Horn Boomed The Proud Tower: The Patricians by Barbara Tuchman
18 0 Squib Trace Hemavore #5
18 0 Out of the Ark The Slugger and Something in Common? by J.T.C.
18 0 ‘With The Mystery and Menace of Fog’ A Blueprint for Armageddon by Dan Carlin
18 0 ‘It Was Nice’ Hannah with Eric Bana and Kate Blanchet
18 0 ‘Another Mask On The Wall’ Death Throws of the [Roman] Republic: Part One by Dan Carlin on Hardcore History
18 0 Black Gorilla Family News #4 The BGF Has A Pension Plan
18 0 2014 Event Schedule Modern Agonistics Submission Combat Meets
17 0 Charm City The Brighter Side of Baltimore
17 0 Fringe Fiction Confessions of a Compulsive Writer
17 0 When You're Food Reviews
17 0 First Contact #4 Hot Stuff!
17 0 Death of a Hundred Dollar Shield Notes on Realistic Crudity in Combat
17 0 Winter of a Fighting Life A Kinetic Memoir
17 0 The Chronological Alien Notes on Developing Character Perspective
17 0 Running From The Cops #2 Steevo Shakin' & Bakin' on The City Line
17 1 Hauling Ass Some Thoughts on Wide-skirt TV Abductions
17 0 Windy City News Flash Chicago Father's Day Weekend Marred by Appalling Marksmanship
17 1 Panhandler Nation #9 Investment Begging 101
17 0 ...And Something Else Hunger by V. J. Waks
17 0 The Nine Wraith Kings Meltdown: The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse by Terence Mickenna
17 0 Breeder's Digest #4 Empire Earth
17 0 Two Masked Gunmen A Ghetto Grocer War Story
17 0 Man is Born Unto Trouble Bad Bob! by J.T.C.
17 0 Re-Killing Robert E. Howard Solomon Kane and the Death of a Genre
17 0 ‘They Should Not Have Bumped Into Us’ Baltimore City Assistant Prosecutor Involved in Ghetto Brawl
17 0 Shaka Zulu’s Balls The Royal Swazi Horn Dog’s Next Bride & The Origin of Beauty Pageants
17 0 The Darker Side of The Circle of Life Geekologie News
17 0 The Straight Eight The 8 Most Effective Knife Strokes
17 0 A Brutal Hunt Gennady Golovkin versus Curtis Stevens, 11/2/13
17 0 Rubber Band Man Author’s Notebook #7: The Saga of Janitor X, Sequel to Soter’s Way
17 0 ‘What Has Survived’ Nassim Taleb on ‘Skin in The Game’
17 2 Leviathan Song Hudson Fiord: Hemavore #6
16 0 Den of The Ender Samples
16 0 The Sunset Saga Series Sketch The Story of Three-Rivers and the Servants of Burnt Man
16 0 The Three-Rivers Sunset Saga Hijacking The Short Story Draft that Became the Novel Thunderboy
16 0 Hurt Stoker [front matter] A Colored Confederate Carney at the Iron City Stakes
16 0 The Man, Who Saved The Man, Who Saved The South! Hurt Stoker: Chapter 3
16 0 The Spiral Case #2 Blue Baby Beth
16 0 Come to Me Sunrise, With Song Hurt Stoker: Chapter 3.5
16 0 Killer Carpentry Vikings: Episode One, 2007 History Channel Documentary
16 0 Panhandler Nation #6 Chiquita Madre Bes' not be Hatin' on Miss Ezz
16 0 Panhandler Nation #7 Barefoot and Bearded in Paradise Found
16 0 On The Ocean The Extraordinary Voyage of Pytheas the Greek by Barry Cunliffe
16 0 Poet Front Matter for the Contemporary Noir Serial
16 0 A Conspiracy of Kind An Author-to-Author Discussion with VJ Waks
16 0 Four Minutes to Midnight Watchmen by Zach Snyder
16 0 The Lady and The Grunt Her's & His' Reviews With VJ Waks
16 0 The Lion of The Sand Agony and Immortality: Chapter 1
16 0 Welcome to NonSpace Fear With A Thousand Eyes: Part 1 & 2 by No American Network
16 0 Tournament Sparring Workshop Saturday, October 12, 2013
16 0 Egghead On A Spike A Baltimore Academic Censured by the Nazi Surveillance Army
16 0 Strawberries Four Times Bigger And Better Savage Kingdom by Benjamin Woolley
16 0 Author's Notebook #1 Menthol Rampage
16 0 The Knife In Fiction Fight Scene Tips for a Fellow Writer
16 0 Author’s Notebook #3 Little Feet Going Nowhere: Sam Waterford’s Outrageous Profession and the Fate of Humanity
16 0 The Most Beautiful Book I Own Mystic Warriors of the Plains by Thomas E. Mails
16 0 Tupac Is You Sure? 11/22/13 11:08 P. M. Eastern Avenue & Stemmer’s Run
16 0 Golden Eyes Hammerspace by V.J. Waks
16 0 ‘Excuse Me’ The Woman We Need
15 0 Where is Superman When You Need Him? A Mugging Gone Wrong
15 0 He Said I was Midnight Sublimating Your Past into Fiction
15 0 Fiction Reviews Blurbs from Readers
15 0 I Know That's Right! Gorilla Wall Paul in the Ghetto
15 0 A Bus Tale Weaving Inconvenience into Fiction
15 0 Snotzi Nazi Harm City Delilah #1
15 0 Panhandler Nation #10 Bad For Business
15 0 Running From The Cops #3 Steevo on Officer Horse
15 0 Harm City Courtship One Man's Crocodilian Mating Strategy
15 0 She's So C-c-cold! Kenny, The KFC Bankers & Cutie Perk
15 0 Breeder's Digest #5 Welcome to The Homeland Jose and Jacques
15 0 No Humans Allowed District 9 by Neill Blomkamp
15 0 Breeder's Digest #7 Postmodern Slavery, and the Priest-King of Gotham
15 0 Against The Green Book The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis
15 0 ‘Throwing Lawn Darts Over a Fence’ Syria: the History and Future of Imminent War by Stefan Molyneux
15 1 Breeder's Digest #9 ‘People Wish To Be Bobble Heads’
15 0 Where Could They Go? Conan: Queen Of The Black Coast from Dark Horse
15 0 Rape, Pollution, Hate & Drugs Four Vice News Documentaries
15 0 Breeder's Digest #10 Who’s Killing Who and How?
15 0 That Gaijin Mojo Shinku by Ron Marz and Lee Moder
15 0 Terribly Still Singular Things Dracula with Frank Langella and Laurence Oliver
15 0 Breeder’s Digest #12 Beggars at The Gate
15 0 Fist Contact #15 Who Loves You?: The Epiphany of Bighead Tweet
15 0 The Will of Heaven The Wrath of the Khans by Dan Carlin
15 0 Living Writing One Reason Why Your Output Can Crash
15 0 Dying in Your Dreams On Writing While You Sleep
15 0 A Call From Jan Writing in the Shadows of Self-censorship
15 0 ‘Dead Houses’ and ‘Sacred Things’ Fools, Martyrs, Traitors by Lacey Baldwin Smith
15 0 ‘Just Doin’ the Job on Him’ Brandon Rios versus Manny Pacquiao in Macau China
15 0 ‘I Don’t Kill Women and Children’ Ice Man with Michael Shannon as Hit Man Richard Kuklinski
15 1 Affluenza Outbreak Texas Judge Sanctions Rich Brat's Right to Indiscriminate Vehicular Manslaughter
15 0 Dirty Thirty The Ghetto Grocer #8: War Stories from a Washington D.C. Area Grocer
15 0 Black Gorilla Family News #5 'Up Da Hill' en 'Down da Hill': The BGF Minor League Watchlist
15 0 ‘I Am The Logical Conclusion’ Under the Nihil by Andy Nowicki
14 0 Tai Wai By Sifu David Lumsden
14 0 Out of Time A Sunset Saga Serial
14 0 Hemavore #1 Samara Sunrise
14 0 Thrown to the Dogs Hernando de Soto by David Ewing Duncan
14 0 'You Think Men Are Mean, Just Wait!' Akira on Organa and the Author's Writing Essays
14 0 The Sport of Kings #1 A Wargamer's View of the 2014 U.S. Invasion of Syria
14 0 'They Came From Cleveland' They Live by John Carpenter
14 0 Ghetto Grocer #5 Foodstampable: Will The State Subsidize Your Party
14 0 'Doing The Short Man A Favor' Shawn Porter Versus Julio Diaz: 9/13/13
14 0 ‘Trench Warfare’ Badou Jack versus Marco Antonio Periban: 9/13/13
14 0 We Live in The Future Viking: The Long Cold Fire by Ivan Brandon & Nic Klein
14 0 The Leftwing Nuke Rau’shee Warren versus Jovany Fuentes
14 1 The Meaning of the Purple Smoke The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World by Harlan Ellison
14 0 The Streets Have Eyes #7 NEBO Nose
14 0 The Sneaky Right Tony Cygan Training for a Comeback
14 0 Backstage At the Apocalypse 8 Mile with Eminem & Kim Bassinger
14 0 ‘And Then It Hit The Fan’ The Death Cookie by J.T.C.
14 0 Exploit This Breeder’s Digest #16
14 0 4th Annual Global Kenpo Karate Camp Jim Frederick’s Kenpo Karate School, 8614 Loch Raven Blvd., Towson, MD, 21286
14 0 A Hostile Work Environment A Note On The Subversion of National Identity
14 0 Not Breaking Your Hand The First Step To Surviving A Stick-fight
13 0 Behind the Sunset Veil Samples
13 0 An Ancient Warfare Forum
13 0 Out of Time #1 The Man in the Gray Suit
13 0 Hemavore #2 Samara Sunset
13 0 Narco-state News #3 Planet Prozac
13 0 Against The Tribe An Untitled Story by Robert E. Howard
13 0 The Pride of Savages Warriors of the Rainbow [True Warrior] by Wei Te-Sheng
13 0 The Devil Dresses Like a Fried Chicken Salesman Wassup? & It's a Deal by J.T.C.
13 0 The Primitive Throwing Stick A Weapon From My Stone Age Youth
13 0 Breeder's Digest #11 Your Offseason Vacation Guide
13 0 Volcano over Morgantown Master of the World with Vincent Price and Charles Bronson
13 0 Spaghetti and Eyeballs Poet: Interlude 4-5
13 0 Does Elderly Equal Obsolete? How Societies Can Grow Old better by Jared Diamond
13 0 ‘A World Class Stare-down’ Adonis Stevenson versus Tony Bellew
13 0 The Narc Who Knew My Name Harm City Noir
13 0 Shanking Svetlana A Minimal Gear Contact Progression
13 0 ‘Doom Hounds Your Heels’ The Phoenix on the Sword by Robert E. Howard
13 0 Lord of the Lezbos A Creative Writing Exercise Gone Awry
12 0 Your Article Could Be Here A Journal for the Modern Martial Artist
12 0 A Note to The Reader An Archived Header
12 0 On The Sunset World Time-travel Fiction, Character Creation & Story Development
12 0 Buzz Bunny Reviews
12 0 The Online Pulp Project A Note to Serial Readers
12 0 Looking Back at Sodom and Gomorrah Notes on Cultivating Character Perspective
12 0 Jack-Boot Brigade #1 Nevada Thug Cops Sued for Home Invasions
12 0 Out of Time #2 Ruby's Hookup
12 0 From The Pit Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders by Scott Allie
12 0 Once That Minimum is Achieved 1984: a novel by George Orwell
12 0 Maybe He's A Dummy Cowboys & Aliens by Jon Favreau
12 0 Discipline Poet: Chapter 3
12 0 The Jogger Poet: Interlude 3-4
12 0 Narco State News #4 Junky Cognate
12 0 Author’s Notebook #4 Dog of War: The Journey of Bruco, Last of The Exiles
12 0 ‘A Temporary Place’ Red Gold: The Conquest of the Brazilian Indians, 1500-1760, by John Hemming
12 0 ‘A Bigass Turkey’ A Harm City Holiday
12 0 Winter: Anno Domini, 2013 Jerome Ronnie Ringgold Thompson
12 0 ‘A Wisp of Gossamer’ The Frost Giant’s Daughter by Robert E. Howard
12 0 Panhandler Nation #12 Longman
12 0 ‘The Flute of the Fallen Tiger’ Lone Wolf and Cub #4 by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima, with Frank Miller
12 0 In The Graveyard of My Youth How the Ghetto Got My Soul #2: A Harm City Holiday
11 0 Den of The Ender Reviews
11 0 First Contact #9 With Tyler 'Hot Stuff' Gregowski
11 0 Breeder's Digest #6 Are You Breeding Competitively?
11 0 Blood and Salt When Asia Was the World by Stewart Gordon
11 0 'What It's Like To Be Wrong' Cape Fear with Gregory Peck and Robert Mitchum
11 0 Typhoon Relief Donations How You Can Help The Survivors In The Philippines
11 0 Overcome the Wind War of the Arrows with Park Hae-Il and Ryu Seung-Ryong
11 0 ‘He Fears’ Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup
10 0 Curley Class of '12 Agonistics Scores
10 0 Behind the Sunset Veil Reviews
10 0 The World is Our Widow Samples
10 0 The Burner Poet: Chapter 1
10 0 First Contact #12 Into the Hood: Malcom's Chance for Redemption
10 0 The Individual School of Two Swords The Book of Five Spheres by Miyamoto Musashi
10 0 Beyond the Thieves Pole The Weight of The Dead by Brian Hodge
10 0 Out of Time #5 Cue Ball on the Curb
10 0 The Children of Yakub A Dark Fantasy: Front Matter
10 0 ‘Was J. Edgar Hoover Nuts?’ Radical Thoughts by Dan Carlin
10 0 Three Worlds Meet The Trapper’s Bride by Rex Allen Norman
10 0 The Streets Have Eyes #9 The Fate of Denizen Cane
10 1 Pops Takes One For The Team Your Extraterrestrial Anthropologist On The Slaughter Of Your Elders
10 0 Angel A Child’s Tale From The Harm City Archives
9 0 Summer Moon Stout, Whiskey and Luther Watts
9 0 First Contact #10 Flora 'Chiquita' Hernandez
9 0 Geeks and Freaks Plundering the Past Out of Time/Sunset Saga Back-story
9 0 White Coral Eyes If They Could Only Talk by Hannah Bloch
9 0 A Nefarious Rabbit Named Joey Buzz Bunny Reader Feedback from Akira
9 0 Hemavore #3 Samara Midnight
9 0 One Dumbass Excuse For A Whiteman Hurt Stoker: Chapter 4
9 0 Agony and Immortality The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Boxers: 1700 B.C. to A.D. 551
9 0 The Last Man The Upgrading of Dwayne Munson
9 0 First Contact #14 Jube the Lube
9 0 ‘I Am Not Speaker’ Ismayl Sillakh versus Sergey Kovalev
9 0 Harm City Noir Crime Fiction from the Author of When You’re Food
9 0 ‘Lost in Time’ The Astounding Harry Bates, a Video Biography
9 0 ‘Eyes Forward’ Manifest Destiny #1 by Chris Dingess, Mathew Roberts and Owen Gieni
9 0 ‘We All Deserve To Go To Hell’ Charlie’s Ants by J.T.C.
9 0 Breeder's Digest #17 Chickenshit Apocalypse Trivia
8 0 Captains among the Ghosts Translations from the Chinese by Arthur Waley
8 0 Out of Time #4 Kiss The World Goodbye
8 0 Truth is Tribal A Fetish for the Apocalypse with Charles Veitch & Stefan Molyneux
8 0 Repose Poet: Chapter 2
8 0 Surfing the Apocalypse in a Wheelchair Miracles for The Damned by Simon Clark
8 0 Plight Poet: Chapter 5
8 0 Submission Combat Baltimore Area Training Schedule As Of 1/5/14
8 0 Killer Babes The Requisite Woman of Power in Modern Science-Fiction
8 0 Mike Dawson & Dave Stewart Welcome to The Man Cave
7 0 Soter's Way Reviews
7 0 The Spiral Case #3 Death at Dusk
7 0 First Contact #13 Nick Against The Creepy Crawlers
7 0 'A Celestial Can Of Raid' Logical Insanity by Dan Carlin
7 0 Four Angry Elements The Sword by The Luna Brothers
7 0 Out of Time #7 The King and You
7 0 ‘Obedience is Due’ Antigone by Sophocles
7 0 Snake Blocker & The Babe Selling Survival: Episode 13: Knife Fighting
7 0 I Broke Into A House Tonight And the Guy is Still Asleep Across the Hall: Notes on Breaking and Entering
7 0 Asphalt Obsession Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles by Jon Foy
6 0 Organa Reviews
6 0 Wrath of the Thunderbeast Working Tragedy into Fiction
6 1 Ajay and The Fool A Ghetto Grocer Snap Shot
5 0 Of The Sunset World Reviews
5 0 By This Axe! Reviews
5 0 Marshall Talbot Hurt Stoker: Chapter 5, Segregate Me Please! Bookmark 2
5 0 ‘Dreams that Shun the Sun’ Cimmeria by Robert E. Howard
5 0 Tackling an Epic Novel Seven Moons Deep: Pendleton Shaw’s Quest for the Seven Cities of the Moon
5 0 ‘This Megalomaniac Disk’ Out of The Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis
5 0 ‘Morning-Crowned and Shinning’ The Tower of The Elephant by Robert E. Howard, The Perfect Adventure Story
5 0 Out of Time #8 Flight of The Condor
4 0 Menthol Rampage Jay Jay Brooks Is Dumped, Fired, Flipped Off, and Pissed Off
4 0 ‘No Superhero Story’ Prometheus Unbound And Making A Fool Of God by Richard Caldwell
4 0 The Streets Have Eyes #10 Coversatin’ With Car
4 0 Tarl Cabot The Box Prophecies
3 0 ‘The Goddess and the Jaguar’ 21st Century Shaman, Mark A. Nelson
3 0 Walmart’s Most Wanted A Ghetto Grocer Epilogue
3 0 Winter: Anno Domini, 43 Virtius Manipes
2 0 The Sunset Saga Series Sketch The Story of Three-Rivers and the Servants of Burnt Man
2 0 Your Momma Does Not Work Here A Ghetto Grocer Snapshot
2 0 ‘Bodies For Recyce’ Dread by Pete Travis, with Karl Urban
2 0 ‘The Swallower of The Dead’ Mummies of the World Exhibit at the Maryland Science Center
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Do It Yourself Brain Surgery
the greatest boxer
son of a lesser god
by the wine dark sea
uncle satan
under the god of things
thriving in bad places
Sam J.     Aug 22, 2016

There's some really great reading here. Thanks James.
Sam J.     Aug 24, 2016

I notice this article has 4138 reads. Is there a fetish for "Tenaciously Sane Men" out there somewhere that's driving traffic? If so James I recommend you unleash your tenaciousness to your profit. :)
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