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The Dopefiend Lean
That Guy’s On Heroin, ‘Living in Baltimore, Fighting Zombies’
© 2014 James LaFond
That Guys On, a local Harm City site
This is a work of genius!
I might be an ‘unrepentant barbarian’, and may have suggested using the Mona Lisa as kindling, but this—junkies levitating in Harm City—this is sacred!
I will not retract ‘The Case For the Panhandler Genocide’, or withdraw my proposal for using a red-painted special education bus for urban safari’s in Baltimore, Camden and Detroit, but, I will unilaterally began abiding by catch and release ethics where heroin addicts are concerned. Who knows, perhaps heroin addicts have tapped into something that NASA has overlooked?
Apparently, the moderator of this site accepts photos from people around Baltimore of junkies caught levitating. The yogi-like postures are then posted and assigned scores—by a panel of alcoholics, I can only hope. The moderator posts comments that range from snarky, to sardonic, to poetic. What really made this site for me was that after a politically correct complaint was made by a viewer about the faces of the junkies not being blurred, the moderator declined to bend, citing freedom of artistic expression.
Make no mistake this is not a mean spirited site. I sense the hand of a compassionate spousal unit behind the master of this ship of astounding record. Monies raised through ThatGuy’ are donated to charity—so put that in your Mountain Dew bottle and smoke it! Good luck to the creators of this piece of living community art in their quest to at least document the zombie population of 'America's Greatest City'.
Check out this site, and then check out my article ‘Immunity to Gravity: Some Thoughts on Junkie Superpowers’ on the Harm City page.
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