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53 Books for My Dark-Eyed Girl
Thanks to the Readers for Helping Out
© 2018 James LaFond
16 Years ago, as my father was dying, he told me he was worried about his granddaughter from his seciond mararige, that she was too good for this evil world and he wouldn’t be around to protect her.
Well, I’ve done what I can. Of course she’s got too much sense to put herself in the hands of some millenial twerp, so I haven’t had an opportunity to work in my wheelhouse, which is bascially beta male intimidation.
Also, the advanced state of cultural decay prevents me from maryying her off to Mescaline Franklin, so I’ve given her a small selection of my books in return for designing book covers and photoshopping [speaking of shich I should ask her to do Trump as the Tidy Bowl Man] images for publication.
Below is her sales tally for the year, which will hopefully improve for her each coming year. We are readying All Power Fighting for publication late this comming spring.
Thanks for you men who made these purcahses.
Tabbo You: 24 [with sales in the EU and UK]
Gods of Boxing: 11 [with sales in the EU and UK]
Modern Agonistics: 7
The First Boxers: 4
Of Lions and Men: 3
Logic of Force: 1
Fat Girl Dancing: 1
Menthol Rampage: 1
The Consultant: 1
Books by James LaFond
Son of a Lesser God
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The Pay Sucks
orphan nation
america the brutal
logic of force
the year the world took the z-pill
shrouds of aryas
when you're food
within leviathan’s craw
the greatest boxer
Shep     Feb 14, 2018

Looking forward to All-Power Fighting, James!
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