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Beef and Liberty
A Guest Article by Teutonic Fist
Fri, May 7, 5:19 PM (2 days ago)
to me
For the States Independence day is arriving and the Xiden administration proclaimed that they want to discourage muricans from eating beef burgers the 4th of July.
This is in multiple ways tragic since beef burger is in a way a choice between bad and worse, from a moral stance, if you care about such things.
The english history of cattle farming is in the libertarian subculture one where Adam Smith, free markets and Liburalizm enabled the british commoner to eat beef, where british aspirational gentlemen joined steak houses like country clubs, where a noble food stuff is made commonly available to the people who imagine themselfs as potential noble stock, oh the roast beef of old england.
Europeans like to mock americans as "burgers" as american couisine as McDonalds, which in one way strikes at the truth, but doesn't follow the whole way through.
It wasn't so much liburalizm and free market capitalism that made large scale cattle farming possible for the bongs, but removing small time farmers from their land. Its an almost mongolian logic to see an irish farming community that subsists on barley and potatoes and think that this land would be better used as pastorial ground. Yet, this is exatly what happend. You want a market to be free? You have to liberate it first. One can argue about the real causes of the irish famine, but the result was that after the thining of the herd, pun intended, there was a concentration of landholdings for cattle farming as well as an increase of wealth among the surviving population, similar to the pubonic plague waves on continental europe.
This phenomenon echoed in the british colony of america where the cowboy rose to almost mythical status, but no one remembers him for shoveling shit or simply moving spotted buffalo around, as well as for shooting it out with the Indians. Because that is realy the price of cattle, of beef, of burgers. You want pastorial grounds? Fertile, virgin lands that the cattle can shit all over? Usualy someone else has to go. You understand that dynamic behind the motivation of the english, the "roastbeefs", you understand their social dynamics of eternal growth, finding new markets, finding new pastures.
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posted: 2021-05-09   reads: 118   ©2021  james lafond
CB MacCull Asks the Crackpot About Knife Fighting Activity
“Mister James... Hope all is well. Kinda walked into a knife discussion the other day... Stayed quiet and listened...Reminded me of the knife stuff you teach... aside from knowing it was fun and effective, I was curious to know its background... Phillipino? Kali? Text me when you get a chance to settle my curiosity. Thanx.”

Thank you, CB.
I do not teach anything. There is nothing I am qualified to teach other than grocery clerking and janitorial tasks and I am done with the laboring phase of my death on earth.
Things are well—with good people in a bad place.
Staying quite and listening is the most important survival skill there is. Keep it up.
I knew that all martial arts knife stuff was phony, because I had really used knives for defense and attack. So, when I wanted to look into a skill set as a control study alongside the knife violence survey I was doing in 1998, Chuck Goetz and I decided to spend 2 hours, three mornings a week stabbing and cutting each other in knife duels. After a few years of this, people who taught and took knife classes began asking us to work with them and they found out that their rarified art melted on contact with our experiential fart. Then, men like Damien Kestle with legit credentials, sparred with us in our experimental format and started murdering us in fights, adapting their skills to real contact. This caused us to borrow, counter and develop methods and evolve.
We then started stick fighting and melding these experience-based skills with martial arts doctrines and adapting blade to stick and stick to blade and using each together and it became great brutal fun.
I have fought in a 2007 Maryland Open tournament judged by a Kali master who told me that Kali was the name of a Hindu goddess renown for her many-bladed dooms and that the name was just borrowed by Flip escrima men who wanted to generate bullshit appeal to idiot American Martial Artist beliefs in the superiority of all things Asian over all things Caucasian.
I have fought with, for and against Philippino escrima, kali and arnis men and have found them to be competent instructors, mediocre fighters and good business men, and generally nice to socialize with. They are not the supermen Americans suppose.
I coach novice fighters. Coaching is assisted learning, helping a person emerse themselves in a knew activity.
Instruction supposes a curriculum and certification.
I have neither, just experience, so I help novice fighters self-learn with weapons and fists.
Teaching supposes a desire to impart ability and preserve an art through a student. I have no such desire and actually dislike any kind of teaching.
I do train, which is helping experienced and/or trained fighters to adjust and adapt and add to their skill set.
If you are interested in this approach I have written a lot on it and there are some training videos on the Modern Agonistics tag on our table of contents, as well as a free manual with photos. See the tab at the top of this page.
Thanks for your interest—stabbing and cutting other humans with dull blades while they try to do the same to you is the most fun thing I have ever done.
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posted: 2021-05-08   reads: 311   ©2021  james lafond
History of Poleese
David Wheeler Cues the Crackpot on PIGs
May 6, 2021, 3:05 PM (2 days ago)
This email was sent by the JL website. The webmaster/moderator wants you to see:
Comment by David Wheeler
Hey James - enjoy everything you write and say and have made purchases to prove it - do you have a book or epub on the history of policing? I've heard you speak before on the subject on "The Myth" - whenever Hans would ever shut the fuck up and let go on—as an aside - when you're on again - Adam should be the only one giving questions - I could give two flying fucks about what the other's limited-life-experience opinions are Cheers Dave

Mister Wheeler, thank you so much for your interest in my work.
Unfortunately, I have never had any interest in police work. I just don't care about pigs.
When I have worked with or made friends with or had the very common negative interaction with the boot heel of the negation state, I have placed those accounts into context in my Harm City work.
Off hand, I think the Harm City books that bear the most on police predation and their alliance with Bantu paramilitaries against white trash in service to white elites are:
-Narco Night Train
-Alienation Nation
-When You're Food
-War Drums
-40,000 Years from Home [has 28 of my pig experiences in it]
-The Overton Railroad Drafts [about 20 of them] that I published between December 2020 and January 2021.
Depictions of cops based on real cops, in fiction, can be found in:
-Poet, a Baltimore novel, with a cop based on a BPD cop
-Hurt Stoker (with Marshal Talbot based on a black Baltimore County cop]
-The Last Good Cop, soon to be in print, with the main character Juan Stabone based on a cop friend of mine from Tacoma Washington
Police characters in science fiction feature in:
-Ghost Snatcher
-Beyond Rainbow Bridge
This is the only place my interest lies in police, in predicting their future use in our demise by the system.
I heartily dislike American history work, and very much resent being sidelined from some 20 novels writing Plantation America books—I literally hate the subject, the process and the resulting documents and resent the massive workload. However, I find myself unable to look away from a mass chronological grave that every academic says was not covered by the Tomb of Tobias. So direct work can be found there.
American police evolution chapters are spread through all 12 books of the Plantation America series, with Advent America and search for an American Spartacus not yet in print. I have a hard time remembering what subjects are even in these books—it is such a vast amount of unprocessed data of crimes that we believe did not happen, that I'm just plowing through it.
I would look to So His Master May Have Him Again ad the companion volume on recovering runaway plantation era bitches So Her Master May Have Her Again as well as Orphan Nation, an advance report from the still in progress and already massive The Thirteenth Tribe.
Cracker-Boy and the rest have some data on this. What a shithole lie of a nation. I just wanted to write time travel adventures and ended getting sucked down this sinkhole of lies trying to sort the finely wrought academic turds from the media diarrhea, swirling amidst the torrent of boomer bullshit and urban urine... Why did I have to find Michael Hoffman's used condom down there!?! If I step on Jim Goad's used syringe I'm really going to be pissed.
My only attempt to put together a comprehensive look at policing was a brief overview done in three parts on Hobo History. Although you couldn't get me to write a book or even a report on PIGs, if you are a nice young Jamaican man, whose children do a happy dance while they sing, "Mister James is here—air conditioning time, Daddy!" and then you give me a glass of rum and ask me to talk about the history of policing, well then maybe I'll talk about PIGs...
Take care, sir.
If you buy one of these books above, email me and tell me which one you bought and I'll send you one of the others on PDF that I think will compliment it.
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By Gaslight Chapter 2
Union Station, Portland Oregon, Thursday, 5:00 P.M., October 17, 2020
Thirty hours on the Coastal Starlight train and he hadn’t seen the coast once. It was a fine ride, much better than, than what—what is that ache?
Dox was out of sorts. He had adopted a new identity, even legally got his name changed to Dox Smith two years ago, after he lost his job for posting his political views on social media. Before he even bought a backpack or a train ticket he got his name changed, a man with no history in a nation that hated him could do little worse than a change of name.
Ever since the train hit Oakland he’d had this terrible ache in his right hand. His paranoia about the virus had kept him out of the bathroom except for right after the steward cleaned them. He went nowhere on the train without his rubber gloves on, even washed the rubber gloves when he was done in the bathroom.
Is that why his right hand ached so much, because he was wearing these gloves? Then why not the left hand? Maybe because it was smaller—he was right-handed after all.
He would have to make his way through another train-side homeless camp as a lone hobo, just a little guy and he was highly reliant on his right hand for working his knife. Big tweakers had their own canes and bats—and he had his aluminum bat sticking out of the top of his rucksack. But it was the knife that kept them off a man and preserved a little fella from a homeless woman’s raped fate.
The train was winding along the Columbia River Gorge in its gloomy, rust-tinged majesty. The hand was driving him crazy. He had to take a look and headed down to the bathroom. As it happened, one of the aluminum doors in the 2-foot wide metal hallway was rattling open and he ducked in, found paper towels, pulled the door shut and locked it with a paper towel, disposed of it and then gingerly peeled off that black plastic glove.
A black shadow streaked by his right eye and another by his left. Each time he tried to follow their progress he got a sick queasy feeling in his shrunken gut. Almost 60, after a life of work, and here he was, alone on the rails like an A.D. 1900 hobo, but minus all of the prospects…noting but lame old age looming grey before him…
No! No!! What the hell?

Read more:
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posted: 2021-05-07   reads: 329   ©2021  james lafond
'This Thing'
Science-Fiction Backstory Discussed by an Actual Science-Fiction Supporting Character
Juan Stabone, the Last Good Cop, was kind enough to send me this link and note that it was of interest. The author has done numerous deep sense articles on crime and psychology which I have read before. This seems to be another case of the delusional and highly intelligent occupants of the Pretend World of Should, where such fantasies as “rights” [which is a truly bizarre fantasy concept] are thought to be real, imagining that they can somehow build a bridge into the Real World of Is and abolish it, turning it into a version of Should.
I cannot find a date on this post—which could have been written by Phillip K. Dick in the 1960s, but it has internal contradictions that lead this reader to believe that it was written after the deposing of the Orange Usurper, yet calls upon him as some kind of viable leader, when he was not even a viable leader in the years between the Drinking of the American Koolaid and before the the rise of the Sons of Bitches who put him out on His Ass.
“I am hopeful President Trump may alter the trajectory of these things, but if they do not, let this page serve as a testimonial – Americans will not submit to betraying the nation or her Constitution, even under threats of force or coercion. This nation, and the real Americans within her will never submit.”
That a nation is regarded as feminine by a Son of Aryas is disgraceful. The entire princess fetish arc of Edgar Rice Burroughs style cuck fiction has finally borne fruit in this hope that a loud-mouthed confidence man from a vast shithole city will somehow save a vast nation of truly shitty people from turning it into a collection of shithole cities. This does lend itself to potential comedic angles in the plot. However, if you want your story to sell, you need a savior—oh yes, Savior—because your readership has been marinated in feminine hope and cannot imagine himself as his own savior. Tread carefully here.
Despite the delusional tone of the article, that extols such bankrupt terms as freedom and rights as if they are real and good, when they are neither, and the fact that this writer could be a hundred people, because he does not even have a name, and is therefore a fictional character—though I think written by a single author, as his script is pretty tight—I know much of what he says to be true.
The spy state he describes, a mix of private and goboment actors, is real, has afflicted me and is insightfully described by the author. I find this thesis to be a most realistic picture of near future America and useful for any fiction writer. Keep in mind that things are changing so quickly on many levels, that by the time you get done writing your novel, that major social change will have occurred. This means that we are all writing science-fiction now. The Creep State has recently released me from bondage since I've been a good boy and stuck with writing fiction and history.
The very “Thing” he describes is the essence and purpose of all state control systems since the dawn of Civilized Time. His exposure of some of its internal purge mechanics is helpful and interesting for the construction of a thrilling and realistic story line. However, the fact that he is not an actual person with a name and a face, who is still publishing supposed anti-government tracts on line without being shut down, and that he holds out government action as the solution for the government problem, makes me think that he is perhaps a team of government actors tasked with managing the delusionists that were not bagged January Last and sending them down deeper rabbit holes to be snared, nagged, baked and made into tasty media cakes. I refuse to believe that an anonymous writer who extols the conservation of state power in service to greed in the form of the liberty to exploit and the freedom to dominate with government sanction less well adjusted souls, who rails against that very system as it tweaks and recalibrates itself to promote and demote and otherwise reshuffle the types of souls permitted to be free to dominate [freedom] others being farmed by the same system, is not serving the system. This article actually discussed armed insurrection as a good thing without condemning it!
And this is still on wordpress?
That is sanction, overt or covert, whether he is in on it or not—is it even a he, or is it a we?
Also keep in mind, for your story line, that the author could have been colonized, abducted, and turned to writing for his enemy-masters.
He might also have been killed and his platform taken over by his killers. The mystery around such anonymous oracles of opinion should not be wasted in your novel.
Us tiny remnant of actual humans who have souls—I'm thinking it is less than 1% of the meat-puppet herd—should take care to consider any anonymous person, who has not looked you in the eye and shaken your hand and declared his government name, as a potential pied piper. Think about this, that the forced anonymity core to political correctness, which leaves people seeking information from nameless avatars of anonymous voices, was simply an advance stage of the current regime, in which we are segregated medically and socially into those people we already know and the rest of the world who we are not allowed to meet unmasked, or shake hands with, unless such interactions are sanctioned with jaxxines, or other mob methodology. I think about this every time I do podcasts with one or more unseen voices, truly anonymous actors who could be anyone anywhere working for anybody.
The shepherd has never been good.
The sheep dogs have been punished by him for biting wolves.
Other sheep are now being formed into overherds to augment the sheep dogs.
They all look our way, except for the Vile Shepherd, I think, who knows that our own will bring our corpse steaming and roasted to his table so he may consider the stars and infinity as he feasts on our forgotten life, slurping our essence through his flushing lips.
Recently my Creep State handlers cut me loose, which let me know that they had a much richer field of enemies to cultivate than looking for prospective boxers, poets and history nerds to hold up before the bleating mob as sham dissidents.
Part of this is demographic. This site has not been a viable weir for the collection of weirdly schooling human fish.
Consider my site traffic numbers from our high water mark to this deep nadir.
Unique visitors:
Mar 2017
Feb 2021
The above information explains to me, my recent release from internet bondage, my handler recalled on November 10, 2020 and my banned books restored to me on January 7 2021. Unless it was the Korean chick from the Oakland bodega I hooked up with in March, I think I am now without a close handler as I drift around the country. I am not an enemy of the machine. I cheer its feast of my cruel fellows who have shat upon me my entire life. I don't believe in freedom, liberty, rights, America, the Constitution, democracy or any of that.
So there is the fact that I am not a threat to the system to consider. But even then they messed with me for three years, messed hard, took money out of my thin wallet four times. I have no way of telling how well this anonymous author[s] is doing, how many readers, etc. But perhaps you are in a position to. If you use him as an anonymous oracle, you might want to investigate his popular growth and/or decline as part of your assessment. So, when considering theories put forward by anonymous actors who point at the system as monstrous only because their guy is not in charge of it, consider that they are being tolerated by the system as part of their character development or presentation. Make certain that you frame such an information-rich character [who will usually not be the protagonist but an adviser like the John Houseman CEO character or the world computer in Rollerball] in your novel as part of the system—perhaps out of favor, like Napoleon on Elba or at Ascension Island, but functionaries of the system nonetheless, even if discarded.
Thank you, Juan. This was quite interesting.
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Dollar Joe Chapter 2
The Viewing Car
Martin was moving, from one shithole to another. It wasn't all bad. One must say, that at age 20, there were worse fates than working at Walmart—for instance working at Walmart! On the other hand, when your roommates lose their jobs, and leave you with $1,600 a month rent and you work for Walmart, at least the company will let you work for a Walmart in an even shittier city!
He had gotten fat, not going outside other than to work and ordering in instead of having to actually go get his pizza. He was checking out the scenery rolling by as he sat in the padded, swivel chair to keep his mind off the pain of hunger in his jiggling belly. He had just assumed that starving rather than buying a seven-dollar sandwich on the train would be easy—I mean, he was legit fat now. His body should be able to eat off itself. But no, his ass was now hungry after two days and it was starting to bother him. He just couldn't go another day.
This was much nicer than the greyhound bus he had been on yesterday, though.
You had to eat in your seat, not here in the viewing car. The old-timer back in the coach car had said that each train had its own rules, that the train people were making shit up as they went along, trying to obey the government and not piss off passengers too much, said that these trains used to carry hundreds of people that they'd be packed, back in the day—that the ’vid had messed all this stuff up. So he had come out here to get away from the nice smells of the train burgers and train pizza and train hot dogs and the crinkle of candy bar wrappers. There were only the four weird-ass young people at the ta-ble—married already at his age and dressed-up like old-time white people—and the blonde guy with the camo pack, who was broke-ass as shit by his look. But the hunger was gnawing.
No wonder fine-looking women are such bitches! I'd be a bitch too if I had to starve like this all the time.
He knew the cafe was under him like the old timer said. But he didn't realize that he'd have to watch those rich white people from the sleeper cars that cost like a month’s rent being seated in the next car up ahead, by Aunt Jemima, getting plates of food. And she was announcing that shit over the intercom all the time: “Sleeping car passengers, we have baked Alaskan salmon, our Bourbon Street chicken, filet mignon with new young potatoes and asparagus, lasagna...”
I'm dying here!
As if in agreement his belly growled, like an empty bowl of jelly wishing it had some cocoa puffs and milk in it—hell, cocoa puffs in chocolate milk!
This bitch never let up on the food announcements, “Sleeper car passengers, this is Cindy, your sleeping car attendant. If you have not yet placed your order for dinner, please, place your order with me at the dining car. I am still serving breakfast for the next half-hour and would be glad to see you. I run this dining car like a restaurant. Your tips are appreciated and cash is accepted! Thank you very much and I'll see you soon—people, my bacon is crispy, my cakes piping hot, and my eggs are real!”
Cash, she said cash—yeah, but the brother down in the cafe car ain’t playing that.
I got ten dollars in checking left over what I need for first rent at the youth hostel—it’s on!
Martin went down into the shiny metal stair-way, came out at the bottom as this weird box-like world rolled along and there it was—snack heaven with a big fat brown man behind the counter who you just knew had been sampling the goods. There was no one there, so he didn't have to wait in line. He pulled out his android and walked up to the counter, tapped the app, and shit, his glasses fogged up, so he lowered the mask below his nose to clear so he could see the screen and the big fat man objected, “Oh, no. No you don’t! Up over the nose and get your ass up the stairs! You’re not killing me on the job—no sir! Go on!”
He jerked the mask up, feeling almost like he had been hit and said, from behind fogged up glasses, “Really?”
The big brown man glared down at him and pointed up the stairs as he grabbed a phone off the wall with the other hand and Martin knew he didn't want to continue this conversation. So he turned and walked up the stairs as an angry voice took to the intercom:
“Passengers, it is federal law that facial coverings be worn at all times. That means worn properly. You must have mouth and nose covered and have the mask secured below the chin. This is for your protection and our protection. Facial coverings must be worn at all times except when ACTIVELY eating or drinking. Don't let us catch you nursing a soda with your mask down. You pull the mask aside just long enough to take your bite of food, then you place the mask back over your face, then you begin to chew, and so on for the next bite of food or swallow of drink. These are federal mask mandates.”
He could hardly believe, as he emerged into the viewing car on the upper deck, that his starving ass was being threatened like this. And this shit continued, definitely off the script:
“If you don't like it we can have that conversa-tion. And, after you have expressed your denial of science and your disagreement with the FED-ERAL government, please, feel free to have that conversation again with those folks you see living in the blue tarp tents out the window to your left! Thank you for your cooperation.”
He looked out the window at a vision of hell passing by, a mile of tweakers and bums living among heaped trash in blue tents, a whole army of white people that weren't white no more living in squalor. Stunned, he remembered that you were not supposed to stand and talk, but sit, and dropped his ass down in an outward facing chair and said, “Could you imagine living like that, Bro?”
He then considered his words as he turned to look into the eyes of the blonde man six feet to his side and saw that there was a raw taint to his skin that matched that of the people in the tent city and that his one eye was kind of messed up—it was there, but kind of rolled down and in and the eye socket was kind of dented.
The man shrugged and mumbled from be-hind his bandanna, “Everybody lives like that where I just came from.”
“Where?” Martin asked.
“Thailand—en da cops’ll straighten your ass out too, and he pointed to his messed up eye.”
Martin kind of shook in horror, “I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to stare.”
The guy shrugged like he didn’t even care and, as he began to ask what this dude, who on closer examination looked super athletic, had been doing in Thailand, the conductor's voice came over the intercom:
“Passengers, this is Daniel, your Assistant Conductor. We are currently traveling under a federal mask mandate. This is for your protection was well as ours. We don't care what kind of mask you wear. But you must wear it over the mouth and nose. We are just doing our job! We are not the government! We are just employees. We are just doing our job—we are not the government! We just want everyone to be safe. You might have some reasonable objections about these government regulations—but we are not the government! So please, have safe a trip and thank you for traveling Amtrak.”
He had a question as he turned away from the vision of two old people cooking hot dogs on a grill behind a fence, surrounded by trash, under the hood of a car that had been bungie-corded up on the fence like a porch awning. But the man had both his eyes closed, like he was asleep and Martin sat back and wondered:
Who is the government?
The train horn blared, sounding kind of bossy, kind of distant and hurried all at the same time, like maybe it was the government.
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posted: 2021-05-06   reads: 402   ©2021  james lafond
Fighting with a Butcher Knife
Michael Collins Queries the Crackpot from His Chinese Exile
[The Crackpot's comments are in brackets.]
The butcher knife is the easiest blade to obtain in almost any country, second probably being the machete. My concern with the butchers knife is that there is no hand guard. If you stab someone with a thrust with the butchers knife is there a good chance you will cut your hand? How might one limit this?
[Michael, the two most important things about the butcher knife is that it is full tang and that it has not been sharpened so much that it has lost its beard. I do not know what knife nerds call the portion of the blade which has its back to your forefinger, so I will call it a beard. A kitchen butcher knife or new commercial butcher knife has this. However, once used for years and sharpened often, the commercial butcher knife becomes needle-like and loses this purchase point.
[So long as the knife has this beard and you maintain pressure with the forefinger in the standard grip or with the pinkie finger in an ice-pick grip, your hand should not slide onto the blade along the edge, and if it does along the spine it will not go far or get cut. At the sandbar fight, James Bowie was run through with a sword and he grabbed the bastard that did it and ran him through with his butcher knife, which had not yet been fitted with a hand guard, and he twisted that butcher knife “until I heard his heart-strings sing.”
[Carry two butcher knives, one for each hand, and practice using one in the true grip and one in the ice-pick grip. The ice-pick grip knife should be in the left hand, which should be refused with your right foot and hand forward and the spine of the butcher knife resting against your forearm so that you can block.]

Side note. You might find this interesting. Where I am in China there is basically zero serious police presence. Most cops are unarmed old men who aren't even cops but guards who drink tea and chain smoke all day. They don't bother you at all, unless they want to take a picture with a white monkey to show their kids. Being in this small town in china, I can carry basically any knife I want to that is concealable. I even see chinese people practicing sword martial arts in public.
[For most of my life I was harassed by heavily armed goon cops and on at least five occasions was stopped or questioned about training in public parks by cops. This idea that America has some unique freedom is bound up in the false notion of freedom—the word is corrupt to begin with. The American idea of policing is based on the absolute ban on self-defense. I was watching Gunsight training sessions with gun gurus from gun magazines on an outdoors channel the other night and these AR-15 fetishists constantly use the fantasy terms “good guys” and “bad guys” in a cartoonish way and must remind the viewers that you must call 911 before deploying a weapon to defend yourself in the deepest portion of your home!
[Bitchlords of Cuckmenistan!
[This good guy-bad guy bullshit combines with the fact that we are totally materialistic and that only damage to the body is regarded as aggression to insure that the victor is usually the bad guy. Note that sword carry is banned in most U.S. States and that it is not a military weapon of effect, but an antique that has a primary use of enabling a lone man to defend himself against multiple unarmed thugs. I am sure that a ban on sword carry [and sheath knives] in this nation will be upon investigation found to have come into being at about the time that police forces were created—these being gangs of thugs hired to beat up individuals.]
China in many ways is more free than america.
[Reality is not something Americans can accept and we will continue to fantasize that we are the most free when we have the largest per-capita prison population in the world, have the most litigious culture and use solitary confinement more than all other nations combined. America is quick becoming a psychodelic gulag, so I suggest you stay in Asia.]
You can smoke cigs practically anywhere you want. I have seen people smoking in malls or starbucks. The chinese see laws as more of a suggestion. And mask wearing in tier 2 or tier 3 cities is basically voluntary. Even the child limitation policy has work arounds. Though most chinese don't want lots of kids. In so many ways I feel freer in the middle kingdom than I do in plantation America. Interestingly enough, a few days ago a mexican american killed someone in my city over some homosexual love affair. kind of odd. So violence does happen here. And there are the school knifings and child kidnappings. 
During 2020 with the riots, some mexican kids verbally harrassed me in their car in Thousand Oaks CA, a peaceful suburban city in CA. I started carrying 2 knives from home depot the size of butcher knifes. But I eventually stopped because of fear of the pigs. I really agree with you concerning a tool belt and hammers. A good steel hammer is a great tool. When I lived in my van I had a hammer and a ww2 bayonet my grandfather gave me. Thank goodness I never got caught with the bayonet because I would be in jail. Stupid of me to carry it in my car.
[In The People's Republic of Maryland any fixed blade carried in a sheathe is against the law. These laws are vestiges of the banning of swords by men who did not want to be rolled over by gangs of thugs or billy-club wielding PIGs. When considering laws, most Americans—being born and inducted mind slaves—are in the habit of judging weather or not they could beat the charges in court, not considering that they might spend days, weeks or months locked up awaiting trial and not caring that they will be beaten, kneed, cuffed and humiliated by the PIGs.
[My boss, Gary once got arrested for having a case cutter in his back pocket. The PIG saw it there because Gary sat on a milk crate working the bottom shelf with the cutter in his jean pocket and it was obvious as he walked into Tom's bar. Of course, the Court Commissioner threw it out on Monday. However, Gary lost two nights pay, used half of his four annual absences before getting fired (That was the UFC Local 27 rule, miss four times a year for any reason and you were on suspension awaiting termination.) In Plantation America, winning in court and being released from bondage erases the taint of being bound and enslaved. That is why we are a slave society and the headquarters for the global police station, because we are the slaves that claim we are free. When we are locked up it is thought a mistake or misfortune, rather than the evil it is, and when we are released we think we are free, when we can be rounded up again at any time. Until every American who the PIGs try to arrest fights to the death, we will never by free.]
Also working in china has made me really reflect on the indentured slavery of plantation america. In many ways I am a house nigger here but I rather be a house nigger. I am working on getting my chinese green card. It's funny because I see the green card like my "freedom papers" 
[Aliens in many slave societies, such as in 4th Century B.C. Athens, and in 1640s Plantation Virginia where West Indian Negroes bought and sold Englishmen, have enjoyed set-aside status and been able to thrive. Aristotle was not an Athenian, but a resident alien. I found my ghost status in majority black areas in Baltimore gave me special status as well—except for the cops who hated me for being white and gave me shit. As many times as I was attacked by blacks, I was targeted less often then blacks who shared my low social status. Of the 25-young black men and me who took the bus from Towson to Essex between 10-11 PM in June 2015, I was the last to be hunted to extinction, with every black man on that bus rubbed out by our black hunters before they were finally forced through scarcity if game to hunt me in December of 2017. I suppose I should call that my former white privilege.]
I hope your eyes feel better!
Take care,
-Michael Collins

Thanks, Michael.
I think that writing those 37 books last year really stressed my eyes. Writing more than 3 chapters a day has been blowing my right eye up—so I suppose I'm enjoying the crest of terminal decline. I have been resting my eyes and limiting my output lately. I suspect the 5,000 10,000 word writing days are now behind me. 2,000 words seems to be doable without bringing on a seizure. We've all got to warm the bench of strife at some time, I suppose.]
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Old Bitchez Too!
Rocky Mountain Pigs Brutalizing Guilty Ghost Wench
Look, people have been telling me that I am a creep for not backing the blew and that I'm a cook for predicting since 2011 that PIGs, nation wide, would soon be tasked with randomly kicking the shit out of white folks the way they've been messing with black folks for my entire life.
PIGs have only ever had the purpose of waging a war of terror on the laboring population of whatever nation they stand with their polished boots on its neck. History by omission, whereby innocent crackers have never been brutalized by PIGs and whereby innocent blacks have never been targeted, keeps us all slaves of the police state. We live in a nation of idiot cunts who believe two dueling lies about our masters and their blue-suited thugs.
I have spent some time in Loveland Colorado. It is a suburb north of Denver. There is no need for police there. One sheriff and a deputy should do.
Cops have always been and will always be the enemy of all human souls, in service to our hate farmers. My 28-plus experiences in 38 years of being harassed and chased and threatened by PIGs for the crimes of being white and on foot in a black city and for not helping cops steal from my employer, and for committing the greatest crime a cracker can ever commit in the CUNT STATES of Murica—defending myself against a black man—leave me with the sure knowledge, that cops are the enemies of humanity and an abomination before God.
Thanks to Mister Grey for these video links.
48.26 is the laughing
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The Crackpot is Summoned to the Feast of the Damned
[Crackpot opinions are in brackets.]
You've alluded to this many times but I wanted to hear your collected thoughts. In a recent podcast you discussed Amish men, the youngest deployed as a scout.
[Drug sets—being small neighborhood gangs—have traditionally used boys and older men as lookouts, exactly as the Amish did at Chicago Union Station. The spry young fellows serve as mobile lookouts and the older men with better judgment serve as stationary observers, often around stash houses. The men in their prime will coordinate with these two branches of their intelligence service and make necessary adjustments.]
In discussions on the idea of investigating a topic, you've discussed the role of scout in council, and at times extended the idea to the artistic and spiritual realms, who goes where others don't and shares his findings.
[This would typically be a middle-aged man, still mobile enough to explore, not young and brash enough to get into dominance encounters and experienced enough to make assessments. In tribal societies Taboo men, such as Marno, from Melville's Typee, and the scouts of the American Frontier, tend to serve this function in a freelance capacity, being granted deferential status among various tribes.]
Can you flesh this out?
[Only modern white people would have to ask this. This is the most timelessly sensible use of age-based manpower practiced by hunting-based and warrior societies around the world. ]
How natural or intuitive is this?
[This is very intuitive. For this reason, societies with high levels of social control, dedicated to large scale, centralized slaughter [Roman, Anglo, Prussian, Soviet, Zulu] will divide children in to segregated age groups and disable organic structures of cooperation. Age-based schooling is perhaps the worst aspect of this. Boxing gyms and other martial fraternities do not do this, but practice natural mixed age cooperation. In Civilization, the elder is replaced by the expert, the risk-taking leader by the risk-limiting manager, the elected chief by a selected upperclassman, replacing the natural hierarchy of experience with artificial actors. In the military, to maintain functionality, the compromise is at squad and platoon level with an experienced NCO providing the actual leadership in cooperation with the ranking commissioned officer who provides system sanction.]
To what degree does it rely on passed-on knowledge?
[Application of passed on knowledge confirmed and adapted and placed in context by experience, is what the scout ideally embodies.]
Should the artistic / spiritual scout fulfill an apprenticeship as a martial scout?
[Knowledge of reality comes most starkly from violent experience and our nearly universal blindness to reality seems to be directly related to our lack of violent experience, with upper class academics entirely divorced from reality.]
Is that even possible today?
[Not with a smart phone.]
Is it always a young man's game?
Is the shaman a scout, or something more?
[I see the shaman as a metaphysical scout, and like the scout, he operates as a guide as often as an observer.]
How does the role change through history and across culture?
[Priesthoods, including academia and media, are inserted into artificial hierarchies in the Civilized context in order to disable spiritual guidance and enable utopian fantasy and dogmatic doctrine to be accepted by the domesticated masses. To take a free people and enslave them you need a priesthood to replace the shamanic figure—thus the rampant witch burning of the Reformation.]
How has modernity impacted it?
[Modernity—being the Apex Expression of Western Civilization—has succeeded in almost totally divorcing the human from reality by two primary means: separation from nature and development of the media as a crypto-priesthood, who pretend to act as scouts and guides but instead mislead and pervade lies. However, anything so inauthentic will be unlikely to conceal its false nature from the naturally inquisitive minority mind, which is the mind of the scout. This person is generally not a leader or a follower, as the blindness embodied in the follower and the willfulness of the leader, both disable investigation into the unknown or misunderstood. For this reason, the messenger of truth is the most hated enemy of the media and the system of modernity and must be destroyed and discredited whenever he commits the crime of inserting truths great or small into the Sanctuary of the Hallowed Lie which is Modern Western Civilization.]

Thank you, young man, for permitting me to separate further from that which hates Us.
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Unwitting Turds of Humanity
Don Quotays Cues the Crackpot on Matt Bracken and the Military Traitor Elite
From a post on gab. Mr. Bracken's views are well known, so no one is being outed for badthink.  You and he are in the same book, if not on the same page, as to coming attractions.
Don Quotays

Matthew Bracken
America's Military Traitor Elite
“What's happening within the top leadership of our military is sabotage by knowing traitors and unwitting useful idiots. The rest of "the brass" are cowards who are counting down their days until retirement. Only the percentages of each category are up for debate.
Among the witting traitors, their mutual goal is to render the U.S. military combat ineffective vs. China, Russia and Iran, who will each attack their regional targets in the same month, in order to maximize their combined effect and minimize the potential U.S. response.
The unstated but very clear intention of these traitors is to destroy the USA as a global military superpower, which they believe is the last obstacle on their long-planned road to globalism, aka Communism 2.0, aka "The Great Reset." 
One clear proof of this intention is that even after the Fitzgerald and McCain collisions, their very highest priority, now undertaken with feverish urgency, is placing "woke" sycophants in critical leadership positions—merit and competence be damned.
If U.S. warships and overseas military bases are destroyed in conventional missile attacks, so much the better, from the perspective of these elite traitors. The installed globalist puppets Biden and Harris will declare the military actions undertaken by China, Russia and Iran to be faits accomplis, and they will urge Americans to accept the new global order.
Thereafter, the U.S. military will only need to be powerful enough to suppress and purge conservative nationalist patriots at home, performing this mission as their globalist duty. 
For this purpose, a military comprised of "woke" radicals, anti-white angry minorities and sexual deviants will be perfectly suited. They will conduct the purge of conservatives (aka "white racist domestic extremists") with self-righteous fury.
This is the unspoken and unwritten game plan of our traitor elites, but it is very real nonetheless.  It will result in a full-blown civil war, which will resemble the financial collapse of Weimar Germany atop the breakup of Yugoslavia and the race war in Rwanda.  How long this civil war will last and how it will end is anybody's guess.” 

Don, I doubt very much if Russia, China and Iran are cooperating to the level suggested here. They are certainly cooperating at some level, as second tier powers always do when chafing under the boot of a first tier power. The commentator is certainly astute, but has still bought the lie that American Global Military Dominance was ever about the good of American citizens.
An American could only fall for the idea of a “Traitor Elite” if he did not know the true history of this nation, as a plantation system that killed between 2-3 million poor European kids, replaced them with 350,000 Africans bred up into 8 million, and then denied that the mass class genocide of orphans was conducted over 200 years and claimed that it had happened to their replacements from Africa instead!
How can the elites of a system developed to exploit, kill and negate their underclass, be called traitors for exploiting, killing and negating their underclass? They are showing rock solid class solidarity and flushing us turds of humanity down the very toilet designed for our swift evacuation.
The entire global U.S. Military process was coordinated with offshoring of our jobs, bringing in replacement populations and fighting wars of use only to the elites against the very savage regimes that America put in place. The dictators of Panama, Iraq and Libya were U.S. Puppets that were used until their handlers decided to change the rules of the game and discard them. The Vietnamese were never going to storm Miami, and never posed the danger to us that our own elites always have. Somali warlords were attacked only to cause a refugee problem solvable only by pumping Somalis into the cities of the American heartland. The heroes of Black Hawk Down died so that a half-dozen American cities could be given to Somalis.
The beauty of the false polarity of American Liberal-Conservative politics, is that both sides serve the system, with the assholes screaming for more slaughter by American arms oversees to defend our shores from invaders who then become invitees, building a machine so powerful, that faggots, homos and POCs will be able to use it to terrorize us.
There will be no full-blown civil war as Bracken assumes, because all of the Caucasian warriors that heroically snipe and dawn-raid across the world against iron age warlords with Kalishnakovs, will be more than willing to round Matt and this old Hobo up and put a bullet in our brain for no other reason than to collect their pension. America is an entirely mercenary culture. Just like cops have always been willing to make sure I am disarmed among their Bantu allies in Baltimore and were ever ready to swoop in to the defense of the heavenly hued paramilitaries when they failed to snuff me, it will be a white soldier for democracy, sworn to defend this godless government against “all enemies, foreign and domestic,” that will be disarming, detaining and murdering the Unwoke across this shit-stain nation.
I am hoping that things go rough enough for all comers in the final Scramble For Africa that tens of millions of Nigerians and other actual human beings will be shipped into America to replace the dithering meat puppets that worship the very mechanics of human extinction represented most totally by Murica.
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'A Venn Diagram'
WF Cues the Crackpot on Table Top Gaming
Dear Mr LaFond,
Hearing you on Myth 20c and on various youtube productions, there was a degree of surprise by your gaming endeavors. Although not total surprise, as `if one were to create a venn diagram of "gamer" "martial artist" and "historian" there would be some degree of overlap, as my own experience that many of my friends meet two of those three categories. Are you still developing games?
If you still need a collaborator, I may be your mechanical yen to your developmental yang. Of course there's no money in table top gaming, an industry where 1 cent a word is common. It was somewhat surprising to see you listed on boardgamegeek from your Pizza series. It seems they do not know how much of a wrong thinker you are.

Sir, I never heard of a venn diagram and thanks to you I am now curious as to what one is.
It is no surprise to meet a mind willing to think outside of the media social box we come packaged in, who has once unpacked a game, learned the rules, set out the pieces and begun playing the scenarios. Four of the ten homes where I stay across the nation are gaming homes. Table top games, beginning with chess are great developmental tools for the mind.
There is another purpose that games serve, particularly pattern immersion games such as playing cards. This latter form of gaming, which we might call distraction gaming, or focus gaming, depending on whether or not we are simply tying to preserve our sanity or compete, is an area that gamers of our stripe tend to overlook and even look down on, such as cards and dominos and checkers—connect four even. I like rummy, cribbage and dominos, games that have served as an excellent competitive bridge between myself and normal range humans who do not wish to go passive in their down time.
I have witnessed, as I travel across the nation, that there is an aspect of gaming that is about face-to-face sanity, an aspect that is unreachable for certain people who hover very close to insanity.
Interestingly, men involved in real gaming situations, such as hunting, fighting and working as a lawyer, or who have been conditioned to those pursuits over time, very often just can't focus on a table-top game and seek mental rest in their down time. This speaks to the importance of gaming to people who have boring, compliance-based jobs in order to achieve balance.
Currently, most women cannot engage in such gaming, though card clubs were once things that women engaged in. This has to do with negative passive distraction having hijacked the rhythmic center of our brain, literally colonizing our soul. Where women once engaged in card playing quite often, as they have been increasingly subjected to sorcery by the media mesmerists, they have lost this ability. This is quite a shame in light of the fact that playing cards and dominos and such games as scrabble, are venues in which men and women can compete in a rhythmic way.
Such gaming that does not require extensive rules knowledge and gets right to rhythm and pattern recognition is therapeutic. The war gaming group where I met Sensei Steve, my land lord of 8 years, is now gone because of Brovid-Jiveteen and three of the men I know of involved in it are losing their minds—sharp and once bright minds. The gaming mind is the only mind capable of looking at such a vast lie as modernity and making sense of it. Tamerlane played chess for a reason.
Mister Grey, a YouTube-Bit-Chute-Rumble vlogger has noted that only Varg, Vox Day and this hobo have any consistent ability to predict outcomes where the rest of the dissident bad-thinkers out their simply preach unpopular ethics as they wallow in surprise. He also notes that we three are all game designers.
Even more disturbing is the inability of some of the more emotionally damaged minds I know to engage in this useful tool of human connection, concentration and pattern recognition represented by such simple and therefore highly nuanced games. The emotional casualties of gaslighting are myriad across the nation.
I speak to a man who is considering violence as a way out of life and suggest we play cards and he cannot, because it is trivial. He is obsessed with the big picture and must either intoxify to bear it our fight it in his mind and is robbed of all peace—the price for not submitting to the Holy Lie. His mind is not to be diverted from the wounded world tilting on its access as it wobbles off through the cosmos. One of the more powerful minds I have met is hence made into a spectator of a world-sized train wreck, strapped into his seat and unable to look away.
I meet with a woman I have known for 45 years who used to love playing cards. She is addled, hyper, flighty, unable to concentrate, driving her son crazy with a constant manic need to do something, anything, even if that something makes problems rather than solves problems. I say, Punky, “Let's play cards.” She says, “Honey, I used to love playing cards, but I can't.”
She can't because CNN is blaring insanity into her mind and disables her from concentrating on something that is not a world-bending matter for long enough to be human, to simply count what is in her hand and try and match it up with what by deduction should be in the deck.
Sensei Steve is angry, robbed by the blaring world insanity of his interactive meditations with rival minds across the gaming table, even as these men skulk, and gibber and wane behind sterile doors.
The toxicity of media induction is doubly cruel and effective as the most supple minds are infected to a greater degree than the simpler minds.
None of these three people can take the simple step of stopping the rampant wheels in their minds from turning.
I understand. I have never been able to go a second without a thought. My mind is rampant. But my mind is my own—I do not let the news in but in small dosses. Simply put, I have no smart phone. When I suggest we play cards and they all glare at me as if I am insane—It is not they that glares, but the media virus that is colonizing their brains angry at me for trying to reach them. You see, if they just counted cards or dominos they would develop the ability to repel some of the programming being sent through their fraying minds. The people who cannot play cards or dominos or checkers are the most haunted, most angry, most suffering souls. The pattern invading their minds is jealous of the space it takes and wards off any use, mundane or not, that might loosen its hold on their sanity.
There is a reason why prisoners play cards and dominos, it is to keep from going insane and not let their mental powers wane.
Furthermore, for a person divorced from patterns, a modern person who is not part of the plant and animal cycles, who has no surrogate patterns to challenge his mind like wrestling over laws in court—such as in a card or dominos game—that person becomes increasingly vulnerable to manipulation by media programming. His instinct for pattern recognition has been strip-mined and now everything is a surprise, a surprise that startles, than angers, then lingers as dissapointment and sourly embitters...
Please, that person in your life that is unable to sit still and is ever more anxious and angry at the news blared into their mind from the TV or smartphone, unless being drugged—particularly if a child—engage them in a simple game. If they cannot, then they are colonized by the programming that they think they merely observe as it merely absorbs them.
Those who cannot game, tend a garden, or engage in some small act of creation, perhaps even baking a cake, tread ever close to the precipice of the insane. Men spent ages involved in the cycles of animals and competing men as women did—some of us gathering, some of us hunting, all of us practicing pattern recognition. Gaming is a way to preserve that mental acuity and maintain our perspective against the artificial “reality,” of the Lie that is Modernity.
My creative interests continue to wane and narrow. I no longer have the desire to design or develop games.
My entire extant body of game work, about 477 pages, has been given to a young man to develop and publish, a man it seems, like yourself.
There was another young man, Jake, who I was developing Feudal Estates with. Feudal Estates is a card game based on the simple and boring game of War, which uses a castle and three fief placements for each player, with a side deck for reinforcement cards and random value cards for battles. We played single deck, two deck and three deck versions.
It is a fun game.
Jake died a few months back.
I then lost the heart to develop it, though I will sometime play again, I think.
Jake had an idea on using a tarot card deck for random events, which was rather brilliant.
WF, Feudal Estates is yours if you want it.
No components need be designed. All that needs done is play-testing and rules writing.
I think that a 48-to-64 page rule booklet should do it, between 5 and 10, 000 words, with half being the tarot option.
Thanks for your interest.

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WF Wonders at Crackpot Research Preferences
Mr LaFond,
One more question, if you do not mind. From listening to your various media (haven't read a book yet, one is coming in the mail) it sounds like your preferred source for historical research are first hand accounts, personal journals and such. What brought you to doing that means of research (if I am correct)? As I studied junior/senior level history there was a pervasive attitude of not thinking everyone was a liar in first hand accounts, while at the same time eschewing second hand accounts if they were too old.

Well, sir, I have no schooling and never learned how to investigate a subject and had to work it out myself.
Interestingly, the newer a second hand account is the less likely it is to have real merit. I only consider the oldest second hand accounts. The prejudice you mention is possibly a result of old second hand accounts not matching up with new second hand accounts, due to the ever-increasing omission of primary source material and the ever-growing divergence between what happened and what historians tell us happened.
I started with self-defense, something that I had roughly 24 times more experience with then the experts. After relating my experience, I found that I had not nearly enough experience in self-defense situations to be able to draw definitive conclusions. So I conducted a 1675 account survey of violent encounters. This was completed from 1996-2000 and I discovered that the experts were wrong about everything. So, my trust in experts, meaning second-hand accounts and second-hand to third-hand deductions, was wrecked.
Than from 1998-2001 I conducted a survey of ancient boxing evidence and discovered that no academic treatment of the subject was anywhere near the truth. In this survey, I discovered that in the three attempts to study this subject in its totality—by academics—that they were flawed in two ways: the men had not boxed and the study was not conducted chronologically, with ancient boxing treated as a monolithic whole that was unchanged over thousands of years.
Interestingly, when investigating Plantation America, I was informed by academic sources that the dean—I can't remember this egg head's name—who essentially founded the second-hand study of the American slave experience, had decreed that any study of servile labor prior to 1861 must exclude all forced labor in America before 1830 and after 1864. Thus we are lied to largely by omission. I have discovered that primary sources from before 1830 tend to be scrupulously honest to the point of comedy, with such authors as wrote before the age of propaganda clearly separating their notions of right and wrong and their justifications from actual facts which are left dangling like knives to demolish their contentions.
I do use secondary sources for their primary sources and translations, and in the case of military actions, deductions. However, in the fields of myth, religion, race, class and daily life, I have found the following to be generally true of secondary sources:
-Prior to 1831: authors as a rule, related facts and conclusions and justifications separately and included as much information as space allowed.
-Post 1865: all American history is heavily slanted, revisionist propaganda and most other subjects are slanted by gross omission of pertinent facts and disagree starkly with primary sources from the period they cover.
-Post 1900: current morals and norms are so all-encompassing of the academic mind that a crippling inability to take the ancients at their word and a mania for revision of past facts based on current fantasies becomes the norm.
-Post 1945: historians are more dedicated to social control agendas than to any pursuit of inquiry into the past, with every look into the ancient world merely a distant mirror on ours.
My eyes have been failing rapidly since 2018. With hundreds of primary sources open to me in this brief window of time before google and other archives close off our access to primary sources, I cannot imagine why I would waste my remaining vision on parsing half-truths, delving into distortions, mining misconceptions for their gossamer roots, and deconstructing academic filters, only to be sent on a quest to find the many sources omitted by the charlatans of academia in order to maintain their sacred fictions as facts.
Why should we satisfy ourselves with National Geographic's interpretation of Chief Massiot of 1622 New England as looking like a Sioux War Chief of 1870s North Dakota, when we can read thousands of pages of letters from Jesuits of the 1600s back to their headquarters in France, such as the description by one Father Lajeun of Eastern Woodlands Indians looking like French Peasants when not wearing war paint and of Gotleab Mitterberger in 1745 describing Delaware Indians as “white,” at birth?
I doubt if I will be able to read a hundred more books. Why would I want these books to be packed with lies and haunted by omissions?
Speaking of secondary sources, in using the only English translation available of Bernal Diaz's The Conquest of New Spain, the English translator admitted to having omitted all of the details of the military preparation! Such are the obfuscating minds of the gate keepers to our past, such as a twit who decides that a history of the world's most stupendous military expedition—by which fewer men did more to change the world than any other military men of similar number in human history—should rightly omit all of the base-line military details!
Imagine studying D-Day, without conducting an inventory of the Allied invasion force!
For this reason, the only secondary sources I entertain are those with linguistic and archaeological resources I have no access to and those by military historians conducting operational inquiries into the conduct of battle.
The rest is trash, which can easily be inferred based on the sloe-eyed mewing idiots that currently people Modernity—academic history has become a bell that tolls loudly lies so that whispered truths might be drowned in the cacophony of their deceit.
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Starport Boogie
Lords of Modernity Joust as Serfs and Peasants Bleat for the Boot Upon Their Neck
"Massive brawl" is about 7-8 people. 
Granted, as a former regular flyer, I've never seen so much as a slap thrown in an airport, so this is unusual for me.
Unmentioned is the combatants are all of godly hue, none of whom appear to have significant combat skills, but score high on aggression. 
And ghost people who haven't gotten the world yet, continue to involve themselves in the sacred rituals of their betters.
Don Quotays 

In a just world the sissy saying, “Guys, guys, stop,” would be raped and scalped. But alas we live on Faggotron.

This 2 years ago, but I'd never heard of it.
Don Quotays

And more use of force news from Mister Grey:
How dare he?
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Jaxxination Agenda
Marius Cues the Crackpot on Possible Meat Puppeteer Agendas
[Crackpot comments are in brackets.]
Vaccination agenda
[Bro, step away from the V-key! I cannot write about medical matters—I might get shut down. So, let's say that your operational delusion, that the government is not at once our personal and collective civic servant, is, in the context of a science-fiction novel, reality. How would I plot government and corporate villainy given such an extreme lack of empathy for puppets on the part of puppeteers?]
Hi James,
What are your thoughts on the inoculation?
[I see multiple reasons for it: -1. Money, -2 Terror, -3 Experimentation for a longevity platform, -4 Sterilization which will encourage human manufacturing...]
The evidence seems to showing that mRNA is affecting fertility. I understand that a system goal is to monopolise reproduction and depopulate the planet. 
[Sure, what rancher does not want to control livestock breeding?]
However, it seems that the side affects of this shot are complicating the rollout. The highest compliance is amongst virtue signaling lefties all over the world. If there are severe side effects that become apparent in the next year or so, the system may have incidentally sterilised and poisoned the base of its support.
[Induction into the system cult is now locked in to the point that political constituents need not breed to continue compliance, indeed, the system is adapting to appeal to sterile minds, which is an import step towards hive mind development and post-human sentience.]
Also, The holy land has the highest rate of compliance worldwide. I know that this is a touchy subject, but it sure is ironic that they've given themselves a final solution. not to mention a special symbol worn to denote who has it.
[This is not a group whose elites have ever cared one iota for their underlings. Just read masonic law. All races generally split into economic sub-races like this, with elites preferring the company of elites of other races rather then the underlings of their own kind. Both Right and Left racism doctrines are thus false constructs that have us looking away from the fact that we are being slaughter-farmed by those sharing our closest genetic material.]
Does that mean the book of revelations was a prophecy? or the people who wrote it were smart enough to predict globalisation as the mark of the beast?
[In my mind Revelations has come true many times, a text that can be applied to a half-dozen events in our past.]
Also, It was a public holiday down under this weekend, to commemorate ANZAC Day. despite the tragedy of the great war, our national identity was forged on this day. 
Its inspiring to see that we still pay our respects and have the same values as the men who fought at gallipoli. We are not the same country however, and have degenerated significantly. 
I am optimistic though. due to a lack of supply for the jab, we have not yet completely poisoned our population. If this continues, and the side effects become apparent globally, i believe this could generate a backlash against the mainstream media and academia.
[The media machine in the New York area is 24-7 disease news. It is already being rebranded as an inclusion cult, that vaccination only works among the vaccinated and most Americans will believe.]
Truly, if this is bungled enough that even the sheep lose faith in the system, who knows what will happen?
[Sheep need no faith. They operate on fear and are triggered with scapegoats.]
For us though, we've been bought and sold to the chinese. Just like the states have. I doubt we will enter into a shooting war with china anytime soon, but that could change.
[I think you will be sold, not conquered, sold by your own leaders.]
In any case, do you believe america will come to our aid?
[Sure, every sale of humans runs more smoothly with a broker.]
Hope all is well.

Marius, below the political horizon, I think that more and more opportunities for life will open up for those who see Reality and do not draw attention to themselves or their inner heresy. Do keep in mind that the real vaccination is the Jaxxination, the fact that you will not be able to access the power structure in the future without that power structure possessing sure knowledge that you have been fucked in the ass by a Bantu overseer on this Plantation of the Soul. For those few of us who elect not to suck dark dong or grab our ankles for the reparations schlong—I am serious here and most Caucasian men will line up to blow the righteous within 20 years time—it will be raining women.
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Knife Recommendations
Dark Enlightenment Cues the Crackpot on Training and Arming for Cutlass Combat
Friday, April 23, 2021, 11:34 PM, (3 days ago)
James, I have a Smith friend building me a cutlass,  can you recommend a large fighter knife that would be a good training tool? companion? Bowies? Seax? Kukri?
-Dark Enlightenment

Number one is being able to fight with an extension weapon in one hand. A stick is best for this, as you need to develop hand, arm, form and mobility condition in the most generalized way before specializing with a specific extension weapon. When you draw that cutlass from its scabbard you should be able to deal damage with the blade and its case. Grab a stick or length of PVC and train:
-Air stroking
-Post thrusting
-Bag beating
-Rope slashing
Start with a stick that is slightly longer than your blade and then add a stick length the same and also a hand shorter than the blade. This helps hand conditioning a lot.
Learning how to slash through a target with a rounded stick will vastly improve your hand stabilization and help keep that edge on more than simply practicing with an edged weapon.
Number 2 is finding a blade that is about the same length as your cutlass and using it to cut down and cut up trees, dead wood, brush, anything. I recommend the Kershaw machete as the most ergonomic of its kind. Other machetes may also serve. Keep in mind that the machetes will be less well-balanced, most likely, than your cutlass, which will make the cutlass even easier to use.
I do not like sword-shaped wasters or bokens for this as they turn and damage the wrist when striking objects. Use a blade that cuts and your wrist will get stronger rather than weaker.
When practicing contact and non contact stroking use the X pattern with the sword hand by one hip and the blade guarding your neck on the far side of the body and cutting back and forth and beating side to side and snaky wise from this X guard. You want to be able to cleave hard without your hand straying more than a hand's span from your body.
For an off-hand and/or back-up weapon, I recommend a blade that is most balanced and used like the main blade. The rapier and dagger worked so good together because of this. In contrast, less than 1 in 10 elite escrimadors can use the knife and stick well together because of the contradictory weapons forensics—despite all of us being excellent with each weapon on its own. I don't know how many times Charles and I sliced each other with the stick or smashed one another with the knife in the other hand.
If your sword is a falcata, then use a kukri as a side arm.
If a cutlass is your sword, then use a bowie.
If your sword is a gross measeur, use a seax.
Happy hacking—the cutlass is the best sword for fighting indoors and defending your darkly enlightened home.
Keep the side arm and the main arm separate in the home, with the small blade accessed from your sleeping platform without having to rise, and the long blade as you pass through the first doorway. You training weapons should be placed in various handy places with the least lethal stick at the front door. In this way,as you retreat or advance from or to contact you can arm on your way with the deadliest weapons available in your deepest defensive positions.
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'Complicit Meat Sacks'
Mike the Exile Cues the Crackpot on a Phillip K. Dick Science-Fiction Plot
[The Crackpot comments are in brackets.]
From within
Wednesday, April 21, 2021, 7:19 PM (5 days ago)
From a creative writing perspective, how could one go about compromising a tyrannical system from within?
[Making fun of it is the most corrosive method, offers the most cover as comedy, is recognized as a pressure valve by the elite, and because the true reptilian masterminds who feast upon us have in general a poorly developed sense of humor.]
To be more precise, how would one use the system's weapons against it and make Its life and that of its complicit meat sacks as miserable as possible?
[Typically, the military turns on its manipulative handlers throughout history. For this reason the military is being purposefully emasculated. In Rome, the surest way to fall from favor was to be an effective military leader, with every expansion of the empire generating a counter-current within aimed at negating the key martial virtues. Emasculation is the main thing a truly subversive character should fight to preserve the chance of random revolt among the martial class. It is this fact that puts the lie to recent sham revolts against the gross police aspects of the obsolete system—this tendency for sissies and women and skinny-legged martyrs leading protests and uprisings. Any feminized civic unrest is a vaccine against real civil unrest injected by the system itself into its own arm.]
For example, what if a protagonist pretended to identify as something ludicrous and weird to become untouchable and pressure the system's agents into walking on eggshells daily all the while undermining its inner functions by pretending to be its closer ally and a staunch proponent of its core values - the same values that are used to keep this hypothetical population under control?
[This would probably have to develop organically in the heart of a system functionary who fails in his assigned task to buy the lie he serves. This was the crux of my two dystopian novels Organa: the Malfunction of Tray Sorenson and Cube: The Redaction of Bronson Caan. Such a character is naturally doomed and a realistic treatment is unlikely to have a happy ending.]
Should this protagonist attain the highest rungs of polite society, wouldn't the damage done to any system be worth the trouble of such a travesty?
[Such a character did attain the highest rungs of polite society in 2016. He was outrageous and comedic and in the end was ousted, having done more damage to those who supported his coercive cause than to the system that gagged on his clownish elevation. The beauty of a fully evolved self-sentient system is that it develops instincts against colonization, especially by figureheads. Note that the highest offices in visible polite society are only symbolic and do not have high functionality, with real decisions made secretly and in relative silence. This gains the system blanket cover, as the meat-sacks vote for what they think is the shot-caller when he is nothing but a barker. In such wise, a system that is in itself a text-book study in far-ranging and nefarious conspiracy, is supported by its victims who have been conditioned to believe that conspiracy is impossible and worship such banal lies as rights and freedom and liberty.]
What could the potential dangers be for this character and how would they deal with the more cunning agents of the system?
[Such a realistic fictional character would be Roe Jogan, protagonist in my posthumous collaboration with Phillip K. Dick in the novel The Man Too High to Hassle. In this novel, a system shill, who is such a sell-out whore that he does not know he is a system shill, becomes colonized by his own psycho-phallic subtext and unwittingly revolts against his handlers...]
I know this is nothing new and that the whole thing reeks of Orwell's 1984 but I am eager to hear from you nonetheless.
Be well,
- Mike the Exile

Mister Exile, I am thrilled to find among my readers a true science-fiction buff, who is willing to under-attain the Post-American Dream. Our rulers have already cooked the aspirational post-human goose. Humanity will now be locked down on this planet awaiting the meteor strike that will send us back into the stone age and permit real humans to once again tread where now, only complaisant meat sacks dangle with lolling head.
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'To Manipulate the Masses'
The Century of the Self - Part 1: "Happiness Machines"
Edward Bernays essentially lit the spark of the modern anti-soul of consumption, the art of appealing to emotions rather than to the rational.
Making the world safe for democracy and the general propaganda sham surrounding American entry into WWI and the cult of sainthood woven around Woodrow Wilson as savior of the world propelled Bernays upon the world stage. He would use his uncle Sigmund Freud's work on the subconscious to help corporations to create a consumption-based society.
Cigarettes were a scourge transformed into the first irrational article of consumption when Bernays christened them torches of freedom. In 1924 he would use the Hollywood avatars of the silent screen to meet with an unpopular American President. Bernays would save his bankrupt uncle by appealing to the crude American psyche, which horrified Freud, who hated America.
Walter Whitman steps in with an accurate assessment of the animalistic herd impulses of the popular mind. I would suppose that the engineering of consent by Bernays after the influence of Whitman also debased the human as well as harnessed his desires to amass wealth at the top of the social pyramid. Democracy becomes the syringe that administers the opiate of desire and satiation to the mass mind. Bernays despised the masses and even his family and employees for being stupid. He was the chief of the elite that used reason to control and exploit the emotions of the mob.
Gallop and Roper under FDR challenged Bernays' view of the popular opinion as irrational and established it as a rational and well-reasoned body of “sensible citizens” which is, in this listeners view, the prefect means by which the truth of Freud and Bernays work and the fiction of Gallop and Roper were synthesized into one growing social control sentience.
Arch-fiend Bernays and under-fiend Anna Freud would go on to serve the soul-eating machine of the United States. 49% of all soldiers evacuated from combat in the U.S. military were psychologically incapacitated and had to be put into psychiatric care. These psychiatrists developed the opinion that the mental breakdown of half of all combatants was not due to combat, but were manifestations of preexisting savagery within the human soul that were summoned by the combat experience. According to the younger blood relatives of Anna Freud and Bernays these people were cold and reptilian, creatures of pure manipulative rationality, the recognized experts on mind control consulted by government and corporations. 1946 would see a federal national mental health initiative. Convinced that industrial warfare did not cause insanity but simply revealed it, a cast of mind-control puppeteers emerged from the post-war mind fuck to wage war on the mass American mind.
And here we are... in the world fueled, controlled and altered by rational conspirators controlling irrational ciphers, all of them nominally human, but none of them whole. Interestingly, these film makers through their fetish for “democracy” are part of the entire reality circus, pretending or not appreciating that consumerism and capitalism and ultimate mind control is not interwoven intricately and pregnantly with the idea that the mob should rule. This is the most brilliant aspect of our gaslit media state, that the shaping of our false consciousness includes people questioning the process in a critical way, claiming that mind control was unsuccessful, has been abandoned as a failure and you are immune, to stories of a fantasy plague for instance, or perhaps that a planet going into a cooling cycle is warming...
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Jive Gee
More Proof that We Are Food Being Slow-Cooked by Vile Gods
perhaps it's worth sharing...since now it's become so incredibly widespread...

Thank you, Fire.
Over the past year the western skies have been inhabited by monstrous lines of satellites. The litany of personal journals concerning sudden and strange health concerns coinciding with the launch of these new satellite systems is far beyond my ability to consider. However, since humanity is retreating from space exploration and settlement, and science-fiction writers have convinced most of us that humans would not have survived in space anyhow and that we cannot possibly shield humans from damage in space flight, than I see only one logical reason why the Masters would continue to ring the planet with observation devices:
Obviously, because this is a prison, a feedlot, and that we are food of some kind, the dainty repast for some evil beings of another kind.
I would expect that energy weapons have also been mounted on these devices to be directed at earth to cause forest fires to continue the global warming hysteria despite the cooling cycle.
Likewise, since disease hysteria is now so important to the management of the gods' gaslit livestock, I would bet that microwaves are used to attack the health of people in order to cause more total death than normal and further justify disease hysteria.
I would not invoke the fool's law of intended consequences, but instead remind my fellow inmates on Prison Earth that it was the master class that decided to cut down the last tree on Rapa Nui [Easter Island] thus marooning those people who had once been the most adventurous race on earth on its furthest island, where they warred to near extinction until slave hunters arrived to take them away.
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While We Were Away
A Podcast, An Audio-Chapter, A Novel and More Pulp Fiction Went Up
The Heroes Journey
With Rusty and Richard

By Gaslight
From Crackpot Books

The Logic of Steel
Read by Lynn at Substack

Pulp Fiction Renaissance at Substack
With Richard Barrett
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April 2021 Word Counts
-2: 166, 1,604, 182,
-3: 785, 2,049, 1,926, 169, 1,157
-4: 1,053, 1,064,
-5: 1,189, 1,301,
-6: 1,405, 393,
-7: 1,292, 78, 1,313,
-8: 702,
-9: 701, 323, 626, 343, 435,
-10: 790, 427, 166,
-11: 1,186,
-12: 116, 627, 1,113
-13: 1,607,
-14: 1,507, 948, 1,250,
-15: 1,096, 1,032,
-16: 885, 1,722, 1,068, 1,271,
-17: 742, 1,453, 1,346, 1,057
-18: 747,
-19: 1,211, 1,423, 56, 1,469, 957,
-20: 133,
-21: 1,008, 544, 689,
-22: 2,073, 804, 300,
-23: 665,
-24: 175, 689,
-25: 1,563, 590,
-26: 37, 792, 594, 744, 1,124,
-27: 117, 744, 1,003, 281
-28: 962,
-29: 1,558,
-30: 143, 911, 921,
Chapters = 76
Books = 0
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April 2021
Sheeeet Sixteen
Applying the Chuck Norris Rule to Bytchez
Three worthy men chime in on the combat of blood-mad hymen among us.
I will comment at the end of this post in bold.
Interestingly a reader just sent me a picture of a Texas deputy for laughs—the faggot looks like a starship trooper.
Welcome to Planet Faggotron!

"People" never cease to amaze me
Thu, Apr 22, 3:38 PM (2 days ago)
Valerie Jarrett on Twitter: "A Black teenage girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight. Demand accountability. Fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter." / Twitter
Kathy Griffin on Twitter: "WARNING. How in the hell does this police officer think it’s a good idea to fire shots blindly into a group of teenagers having a fight. Yes one of them has a knife. Oh, that never happened in your school or neighborhood? She didn’t deserve to die. 16 years old. #makhiabryant" / Twitter
DEFUND & ABOLISH POLICE, REFUND OUR COMMUNITIES on Twitter: "Teenagers have been having fights including fights involving knives for eons. We do not need police to address these situations by showing up to the scene & using a weapon against one of the teenagers. Y’all need help. I mean that sincerely." / Twitter
Joy Reid on Columbus Police Shooting: I Remember Teachers Defusing Fights Where People Had Knives and Teachers 'Didn't Have Guns' (
All these expert blademasters leave me in awe with their blasé acceptance of edged weapon attacks. Four feeble females say they’ve experienced so many knife attacks that they are completely confident in advising police how to conduct themselves in close-quarters combat.
I hereby challenge Valerie Jarret, Joy Reid, Cathy Griffin and that other twat to – please – show me how it’s done. I won’t suggest that they demonstrate against Dan Inosanto, Zorro, James LaFond, or any other lifelong escrimador, but simply a retired public servant (yours truly). I will have a standard kitchen knife of some sort, and none of the ladies will have guns (or spears, or halberds). We will be locked in a handball court for the duration.
Oh, what noises they will make!
Juan Stabone

The Chuck Norris Rule Redux - Your choices are being stabbed or going to prison
Fri, Apr 23, 2:44 PM (18 hours ago)
to me,
The Chuck Norris Rule Redux (or no good deed goes unpunished)
“Your choices are being stabbed or going to prison.”
For your reading pleasure, James:
Looks like the Woke state wants to make it a crime to bring a gun to a knife fight. The other side of the equation is that if juveniles of the oppressed race want to settle scores by knifing each other, the police should just back off and let them have at it. It’s just a knife fight after all. The kids were probably just ‘fighting for nicks and not for sticks’, just like in “Rebel Without a Cause”. Nothing serious you understand. See blog post.
The Lefty talking heads are spouting the usual nonsense about how the officer should have shot the knife out of the juvenile suspect’s hand or shot her in the leg and so on and so forth (they had seen such tactics work on TV after all). As usual the Lefty’s seek to minimize what the oppressed suspect did to provoke the cop into shooting her dead and at the same time demonize the White cop for having all of about 3 seconds to decide what he must do to prevent an attempted murder in progress and then acting decisively to stop said lethal assault. Naturally though the cop would have been severely chastised had he NOT intervened so decisively as well. It is typical of naive (as well as dishonest) people who summon the police to expect them to terminate a violent situation without hurting anyone. Their perceptions are governed in large part by what they see portrayed on television and in the movies.
See “Old White Guys and the Chuck Norris Rule”
The other lesson learned is that one should not expect fairness and rationality from the 'establishment’, i.e. the communists that are currently running the country. To them an act is only good or bad depending on which side committed it, their side or their opponent’s side. A thing is good if it advances the power and control of the communists and bad if does not. Keep in mind that all these acts of alleged police brutality are occurring in the jurisdictions controlled by the communists themselves. So the Left is both for and against what is happening. The Left creates these contradictory and nonsensical situations precisely to demoralize any opposition. It is intended to convince opponents that 'you can’t win’. No matter what, the triumph of the communist revolution is inevitable. So just accept your punishment and your disempowerment, you deplorables, and it will go easier on you (NOT!). Part and parcel of what is going on is an intent to demoralize the non-woke cops and drive them out of law enforcement altogether, so they can be replaced with ‘politically reliable‘ personnel. Police officers who can be counted on to prosecute violations against the political correctness narrative without mercy or restraint, while ignoring ‘real crime’ committed by the oppressed races, and seeing no contradiction or hypocrisy whatsoever in doing that.
So in the words of the Savior "be on your guard"! Know that no matter where it goes down, there is going to be a video camera(s) recording the event. Watch what you say and how you say it. Understand that things are being said and done precisely to bait you into reacting with anger and violence so you can be cast as the aggressor, the bully, in a street theater morality play. It won’t matter that you were minding your own business when you were first approached as that will not be shown on the video clip that goes viral. The troublemakers will seek to lure you into entering into a fight that you can’t win because they will have made sure that you are will be out-numbered and out-gunned. So “be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves”. Whenever possible, make sure you have cameras recording your side of the story.
Oh, and reference “Tooling Up”. One should keep in mind that, for the time being at least, bringing a hammer to a gunfight can be fraught with peril for the hammer wielder. See links below for recent examples.
Suspect armed with hammer shot by homeowner in Lucerne Valley CA
TX: Hammer-wielding man breaks into Pearland home, shot multiple times after attacking gun-wielding homeowner, officials say
Of course, I don’t see self-protection as a binary choice, one or the other. One can and should have recourse to multiple weapons and tactics. Guns AND hammers. Not to mention swords, hatchets, knives, sticks, batons, stun guns, pepper spray, unarmed combat techniques and etcetera, etcetera. Does (did) Tiger Woods play golf with only one club? Oh, and did I mention lawyers too? They can hurt people even after they are dead. Not to mention the fact that, should you be unjustly charged with a crime in the act of defending yourself, your arraignment is likely to go much more favorably for you if you are represented by competent counsel. Such has been true since the Salem Witch Trials.
“Despair is typical of those who do not understand the causes of evil, see no way out, and are incapable of struggle.”
“It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.“
-Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870 - 1924), First Leader of the Soviet Union
“Where a government has come into power through some form of popular vote, fraudulent or not, and maintains at least an appearance of constitutional legality, the guerrilla outbreak cannot be promoted, since the possibilities of peaceful struggle have not yet been exhausted.”
-Ernesto “Che” Guevara. “Guerilla Warfare”, Ch. 1 : General Principles of Guerrilla Warfare
“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. Be on your guard; you will be handed over to the local councils and be flogged in the synagogues. On my account you will be brought before governors and kings as witnesses to them and to the Gentiles. But when they arrest you, do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given what to say, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”
Matthew 10:16-20 (NIV)
Gun Free Zone
Your choices are being stabbed or going to prison
APRIL 22, 2021 BY J. KB
Your choices are being stabbed or going to prison
Valerie Jarrett
A Black teenage girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight. Demand accountability. Fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter.
10:13 AM · Apr 21, 2021
I am being black-pilled so hard over this Columbus shooting.
You know, absolutely know, this will be used against concealed carriers in self defense.
“You didn’t have to shoot that guy, he just wanted to knife fight you. You are the bad guy for bringing a gun to an impromptu knife fight.”
I can’t live in a post-fact/post-context society. I was not cut out to live in the Kafkaesque, obtuse, diktat-ruled Soviet system.
I’d rather have anarchy than that.

Fuck Guns! An American Perversion!
Fri, Apr 23, 8:24 PM (12 hours ago)
to me
In full agreement on your recent articles on the false illusion of guns. A couple of years back two fuckers with rifles were checking the farm house out from the road. I could have opened the safe and got the Remington pump primed, our poor man's AR -15, 30 round mag, but same reason you mentioned prevented me. A gun fight is a whole new legal game, but two gunmen against one "unarmed" man, slightly different, So, I grabbed my Viking spear and shield and charged them, screaming to God Odin of a human sacrifice now coming. They ran so fast I had no hope of catching them.
Another time I was threatened by three guys with a mongrel dog; this time I was clearing grass and had a pitch fork. They set dogarama onto me, whom I stabbed with the fork, the dog whelped, if that is the word for doggy fear and pain, and pissed of back to the fuckers.
The three had kitchen knives, but did not want to try their luck against three sharp prongs, so they too fucked off. the peasant's pitch fork is a vastly under-rated weapon, especially by the church of the sword.
Up close, given the Tueller drill, guns come out second to blades, especially pointy skewering fucking ones. It is not advertised by the gun groupies that under stress, most shots miss, even by skilled paper shooters.
Viking Age Barbarian

I have two reason for favoring the Chuck Norris Rule.
I think that savage bitches that want to stab each other should be permitted to do so. Any cop interfering with this should be sentences to fight me or Lynn Thompson with knives or machetes in a ring of burning tires attended by Rhawandan seconds.
I have never been able to handle a gun with competence because my hands shake. But my hand is always calm when holding a blade. I used to dream of being transported to a savage planet without guns, so I would be a man to reckon with. Thank you, GOD for bringing that planet ever closer to me!
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Advice for a Young Man
J J Daring Cues the Crackpot on a Misogyny Talk He Gave when Drunk in February 2018
Mon, Apr 19, 3:56 PM (3 days ago)
to me
Thank you Mr LaFond,
I appreciate your work.
I have a question regarding some advice you have given young men in this interview James Lafond the Interview: Part One - YouTube at 7:38.
You had mentioned 2 paths of approach one of which I can't make out but sounds like "Wolves of Edouin".
Is there any chance you could clarify this second approach because the second option I can't do hahaha.
-J J

Groan. I gave this talk to my friend Mister Grey just before he helped me achieve first stage homelessness by hauling some of my books to a safe-house. My income was down to $250 a month and would dip further with the banning of books in June. We were drinking cheap beer while the BPD chopper swirled overhead in search of a shooter...
Let's see what this fat drunk had to say... Thanks for the time stamp so I don't have to listen to all of it.
Who is this asshole?
He's drinking Carlsberg beer?
I do not like him at all.
However, if I could more clearly state what seems to have been his point:
Management in a managerial system is hell.
To serve a system as its representative, when that system is a lie, built upon lies, beholding to lies and ever spawning new lies, this requires us to lie. And when we lie a part of us is diminished. Lying, in particular about who we are, is a damaging to our soul.
I knew that when I decided to travel and write as fictional character Randy Sterling Bracken at about the time this video was taken, as I was leaving Sensie Steve's house, sitting in the room where I shattered my nose during the five-hour seizure that came of me staying up three days in a row writing one two many times, but I denied it. A year later, out west, when I tried to introduce myself as Randy, I could not—just did not have the acting ability to do it. I had used up the actor in me working as a store manager. Even when writing as Randy, I found myself incapable of shaking hands with a man, woman or beast and declaring that I was something other than who I was. I always answered that I was James. I could sense then, as I failed to identify as a phony person, that I had lost this ability a decade earlier identifying as “The General Manager” named Jimmy when I was a writer named James in my heart.
I suspect that this will ever be the soul-eating fate of the system functionary except at the lowest level, where he can hide beneath the low expectations of the master class and their overseers. Having a means of sustaining yourself economically as a lone contractor working from home online or working outside as a landscaper or builder, this is my recommendation for young men looking to make money without being examined too closely for concealment under the all-inquiring idiot eye of the compliance matrix.
Although I give my first name, rare is it that my last name is asked, and when it is I say,
“It doesn't matter,” which is not a lie because my last name is a joke to me. When I am pinned down and give my last name a bridge is burned and the person does not speak to me again. This is why young men should never publish opinions, even if a popular opinion, as the winds of acceptance are ever changing in the negation matrix. Expound no opinion until you are ready to die. Likewise, when asked what I do for a living I say that I “coach,” or am a “ditcher” which is not a lie because this is how I sometimes make my way, or I say that I am retired, which is also accurate. The best way to put off inquiry for me has been to admit that I am homeless and people cannot wait to drift away.
So I suggest finding a way to work from home and/or outside and to avoid discussing your beliefs and opinions first. Keep that all-prying eye out of your mind by asking the inquiring meat puppet more sympathetic questions about it—because it likes to believe it has a soul and asking it things will re-enforce that comforting delusion. This will also give you a vantage for assessing what fraction of your own thoughts this meat-stick might be able to consider without calling the thought police down on you.
J J, I hope this was of some use.
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The Whipping of Ann Jones
A Reader Wants Some Citations on People of Color Owning People of Guilt in Plantation America
Lies that Bind Us
12:11 AM (9 hours ago)
to me
James -
Hope all is well with you.
In the Lies that Bind Us, you write something very interesting:
“The fact was blacks owned whites in Virginia for a full generation before it was outlawed”
I’ve never heard this before and find it something useful to shock some people into reconsidering how much they don’t know about the origins of America. Can you point me to any examples of this?

In the book So Her Master May Have Her Again, I cover the story of of a free woman of color who bought an Irish lass in South Carolina in 1778 and then tortured and killed her in Spanish New Orleans in 1781, and became the only slave owner in North America to ever be punished for killing a slave.
Check it out: Her Black Masters, pages 139-42

In Crackerboy, I have the following citations, and many more, which demonstrate free none-white status and also sexual access to unfree white women by none-white men for which the women were held responsible. Also note the ability to retrieve runaway white women by none whites, recognized in court, as well as numerous cases of non-whites winning civil suits against whites in 1700s Maryland and Virginia in the Section Yellow Negroes, on pages 62-88 of Crackerboy.
Chronologically, from page 157:
Jamestown, Virginia
"Indians and negroes, manumitted and otherwise free" were prohibited from purchasing "Christian servants" not "of their owne nation."
Note that the terms race and white are not in use in 1670.
Also, in the same statute, we see declared that there are Christian "servants for life" in Virginia.
Note also that the right to bear arms and vote in Virginia was not taken from African Americans until the period between 1710-30.
Additionally, in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, no racial stipulation was placed on voting or office holding, only that the person was a man of age and free.
From page 76:
Servant Ann Jones, owned by a man named West, who claimed to have been impregnated by a “East Indian” servant named Pompey belonging to another master, after delivering her child was whipped for the crime of being impregnated while un-free. No such order was given for Pompey.
Ann's child would be un-free and serve 31 years under a master assigned by church authorities. This might have been a planned rape sanctioned by the two masters to keep Ann in bondage and produce another servant. This was commonly done in the early 1800s to African American women such as the mother of William Wells Brown, and was done to a German servant woman in New Orleans in 1838 as related by William Craft in my book So Her Master May Have Her Again, on page 31 of that book and also here: ‘No Trace Of African Descent’
From page 74:
February 13 1752
Caroline City, Maryland
An “East Indian Man” produces a warrant for a runaway [white] servant woman.
We do not know from the record if this man was the owner of the woman or if he were an agent for or even a servant of the owner of the woman. However, numerous men from India and China and possibly Madagascar or Indonesia won court cases against Christian slave masters in Maryland and Virginia in the early 1700s, having proven through their literacy, that they had been unjustly abducted in their homeland and sold into The Plantations. The only functional barrier to freedom and also of trafficking in other humans, in the 1700s was literacy.
You can get Cracker-boy here at our site e-store or buy it on the South American River.
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The Stroller
Dollar Joe Chapter 1
Candice—all of 85 pounds—boarded the train with Janine—all of three months old—in her left arm, dragging her fifty pound carry-on and Janine's stroller stacked on top through the baggage compartment, where nobody in their right mind kept their valuables, and made her way up the stairs that bent to the right, no wider than her narrow shoulders. Just as she was wondering how a fat person would ever get up these narrow stairs like a sardine squeezing into a tin can for one, to get to that promised seating deck above, where her and her babies could recline in comfort—the dang stroller slipped from her little hand, breaking off a press-on nail and worry reflected from her in words echoing town the tinny stair behind her, “Jamal!”
Fortunately, Jamal had good reflexes for a three-year old and ducked down low as the stroller tumbled over his head, bouncing off of his tiny shoulder—all of thirty pounds—and held onto his own 25-pound carry-on, not letting it fall. “Good,” she said, bring it up—we in peoples' way!”
Jamal then stopped and looked up at at a grungy looking blonde man, with that homeless cast about him, the boy momentarily staring at the man's one messed-up eye, like he had had the socket broke with a bat and the eye itself looked kind of sunken and dead, though it was there.
The man then motioned for Jamal to continue up the stairs with his right hand as he bent and picked up the stroller with his left, not carrying luggage of his own. Up they went into the seating deck and down the way to the front of the car where she had been told to sit on the right.
This train stuff was so hectic, and being a lone women without a man or a job and having to leave her baby's daddy's hometown who got his shiftless ass locked up, because her waitress job was forever gone from the disease, she just had to deal with this three days of mess on trains and in stations to get home to Mama.
She got to her seat, with Janine, letting the man rack her luggage as Jamal climbed up on the aisle seat and stood and looked at the man smiling—without his mask on!
She yanked his little butt down onto the seat and hissed at him, “Mask!” and he rooted for it in his pants pockets, at the same time smiling up to the dead-eyed man, who was all of thirty, but rough for his years, and said, “Thank you so much, sir!”
He nodded and mumbled, “Thank-ye, miss,” from behind his bandanna and turned to walk to the back of the car, where it seems like they had seated all of the lone men. Only people traveling together had to sit next to someone. She saw that he had a worn backpack of a military type and his cloths were as ragged as most of the other men in the back of the car, most of them older and alone, in their forties, fifties and even seventies.
This made her sad. No man and woman on this whole train journeyed together except for the strange looking white folks whose women dressed in pioneer dresses and bonnets and men wore blue shirts and black vests and hats.
“Miss, miss,” came the voice of authority above her and she looked up with a smile and was so glad her mask did not slip down beneath her nose like it did in the station which had got her a talking to by the woman behind the counter.
“Yes sir?”
The red-headed Amtrak man then pointed to her baby Janine and said something that the lady in the station had not said, “Miss, every passenger must be masked—mask the baby.”
She wanted to cry—how do you keep a mask on a baby?
What if she gets SIDS in her sleep?
The man kept going as she tried to figure this out.
Could she rig up one of her mini-pads as a mask?
How would it stay on?
Would it be too thick to breath through?
God only knew it made her coochy sweat.
Then, behind her, because thank God she was in the front family part of the car, with a Mexican girl and her mini-masked baby across the aisle form her, one of the older bonnet women, seated next to her Abraham Lincoln-bearded man, without saying a word, handed her a little tiny baby mask made of thin material. She was saved.
“Thank you, miss—thank you so much!”
Then she fitted the mesh-like baby mask, like it had been made from a Muslim woman's veil, over Janine's tiny mouth and strapped it to her little ears and Janine looked up at her like she had lost her mind.
“I know girl, things are getting weird.”
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Boomer Land
A Myth of the 20th Century Listener Asks for a Crackpot Prediction
[Crackpot thoughts are in brackets.]
Thanks Lynn!. I'm on a forum where we review and recommend different books, I've already done The Logic of Steel and America in Chains and this one  looks like the best way to keep going with the American History angle.
[J, thanks for promoting my work.]
Hans's question about the future of American cities is exactly what I wanted to ask about! James I added you to this email so you can see it, please leave my last name out of any response on the site for obvious privacy reasons.
[I'll be addressing mostly the future of the rural zones, because that is where the questions remain.]

In your recent appearance on the Myth20C podcast you predicted that Baltimore is the future of all American cities. Over the past few decades all of your predictions have come true in America's coastal cities and their surrounding suburbs. My assumption is these are the places our illustrious ruling class want their agendas completed in full.
[I only say this will be so because it can be so and it is obviously what the elite want for American cities. I see suburbs and portions of cities as slated for the ethnic hellspace, with portions of the cities going smart and swart. However, I suspect they have a radically different agenda for rural spaces. Also, if there is an unforeseen natural event, such as the return of an old God, the strike of a meteor, or if I am recalled to the zoological academy at Regal M, and the fact that you stupid apes have not progressed at the predicted rate and I am unable to return and a reclaimation team is sent—suffice it to say that they are not students of zoology—than the earth might have a better outcome after being unburdened of some 7 billion jabbering toons.]
The rest of America is swinging in a different direction. Citizens are being allowed to defend themselves (even with firearms!) at a higher and higher rate of success. Up to 20 states will have "Constitutional carry" (no permit required) on the books by the end of the year.
[Last week a man carrying a gun in Oregon was beaten by four Bantus. He elected not to fire and took the beating, knowing he would become an evil cartoon. Wait until these ghosts carrying guns start shooting Bantus on American highways while their girlfriend videos it on her camera. Gun carry has nothing to do with self-defense and will only be a way to slate you for government offense. Keep worshiping Good God Gun and see where it gets you. It is unlikely that rural men with a gun, when approached individually by a strike team will fare well. I was three months in rural Washington, in the Cascades, miles off of a public road. This past January 8 I stood next to the Colonel, a man who commanded special operations soldiers from squad to battalion level for 20 years. He was looking out the kitchen window. As I brought my plate to the sink I looked up at him and silently wondered what was haunting him. He took note and looked down at his little ditch-digging hoodrat and answered the question unasked, “I'm getting old—done some horrible shit for this country. I know how it takes care of business... When they come for me, do I get one, two or three? It doesn't matter, because they'll send six—six like I was when I was young. But a man wonders what kind of impression he'll make.”]
[On second thought, kiss that gun on its altar and sleep sound at night. There is no need to avoid conflict. When two light chocolate men roll up into your cul de sac and one threatens you while the other videos you deploying your gun so that the ATF Social Justice Warrant can be served—America will rally to your defense!]
In 2020 alone we saw over 5 million first time gun buyers in the United States, the highest number ever. Our mainstream media never covers it, but people use them successfully in self defense every day with no major legal repercussions.
[So many unemployed Hispanic men bought guns in Fresno California with their stimulous money in 2020, that I shared a train car bound for Seattle with three refugees from the increased brown-on-brown violence.]
What do you make of this? I am seeing a trend of the coastal cities reaching a state of permanent lockdown, with every honest person left unable to defend themselves with so much as an inkpen or well placed fist, all while masked up in perpetuity of course.
[Sure, this has happened.]
Meanwhile inland America is not only arming up, they're also giving citizens legal protections they didn't have before.
[Local and state protections, not federal protections. I had a friend legally growing pot in a Nevada municipality who was arrested by federal agents. Any county or town who passes a law permitting firearms defense, will be painting a target on it's back and all the Feds have to do is send in a martyr-race person carrying his student loan application and knocking on your door asking for directions. His threats will not be recorded. The cameras will start running at the point where you threaten him—you dirty racist. Remember that the Feds not only executed Gordon Kahl when he tried to surrender, but snuffed the local sheriff bringing him in and then claimed Kahl killed him...]
Men are even attending MMA gyms again without officials demanding shutdowns!
[Operating gyms in the future is going to carry an obligation, similar to a church, to make available a roster of members to the authorities.]
Maybe our elites are focusing their omnipotence on their coastal fiefdoms full of imported populations living in alleged perfect harmony, while abandoning the rest as long as it continues to provide tax revenue. Personally I think they're too ideologically determined to stop now.
[It I not just ideological. Brill Yates and other Infotech Moguls are buying up rural areas, farmland, and residential. They want to control food production during the 30-year solar minimum we just entered. I stay with rural westerners who are pointing out to me that they are being pushed out of their ancestral homelands by “billionaires” who are “driving out the millionaires.” The goals in the hinterland include the colonization of the children of the locals through university induction and media brain washing. I know hunters who grew up part of the land, whose sons have to work three jobs to pay rising property taxes and whose grandsons now live online and believe everything that the social media machine says, including the fact that grandpop is nuts and more people of color must be imported to abate the guilt... A year ago I walked a country road in the rural Rockies, miles from the nearest farm house and was passed by a zooming caravan of up-armored white SUVs with slot windows, piloted by executive protection professionals. During High Plague last Labor Day 51 jets brought elite coastal families into one small Utah town in one day...]
You've already seen the urban trajectory in Baltimore and then Portland, my guess is that is the fate of every city on the coasts. For the rest it's becoming more like Detroit and the rustbelt in general, abandonment of entire neighborhoods becoming the norm. There's no politically motivated enforcement happening because all of the people and resources are simply gone!
[Billings and Whitefish Montana are already colonized by coastal elites. The Kardashians are buying land in Wyoming... There are places like Pittsburgh and Knoxville and Cheyenne that will remain habitable for families. But, Jackson Hole, Cody, Boulder, Denver, Salt Lake City these are being colonized by the elite who bring their morals with them and impose them through universities and media. Outside of Evenston Wyoming is an advertisement for African American college students being needed to attend college in a place where none live—they are needed to infuse high morals as demonstrated by the graphic which places the imported martyr man between the local girl and boy.]
Even though the map seems promising, over 85,000,000 people live in the coastal metropolitan zones where your risk of being attacked is often highest, as is the legal retribution of defending yourself.
[This is a start. By 2040, no where in America will a person not a member of the elite, or of a government or corporate enforcer, be able to discharge a rifle without drones swooping in. Invest in subsonic firearms and archery weapons that will not alert the gun control satellites already being put into processional array above us. There are many federal agents already in place out west eager to persecute hunters who defend themselves against grizzly bears and introduced arctic wolves. All we need is an aspiring HipHp artist breaking into a Wyoming ranch house to get in out of the cold to be shot by the owner to begin the final crusade.]
Is this the eventual fate of all of America? Or maybe inland America is digging in its heels for a generation of strife because they no longer have a choice.
[When hunting a critter,the hunter's task is always made easier when the beast “digs in its heels” and decides to fight. Do you really think you can take on the 101st Airborne, the 82nd, 1st Mountain, DELTA, the Rangers, the SEALs? These men are sworn to defend the government against “all enemies foreign and domestic.” Do you expect these last of human warriors permitted to be warriors in the Anglosphere, to forsake their oaths for your proclamation of rights? The Colonel does not. He fully expects to be treated like he treated Islamist resistance fighters overseas. You should read The Filthy Few, a novel in which I placed him as a character after discussing with him the chance that such an operation to rescue prisoners of the Deep State Rape Factory in Wyoming might succeed. J, I spend months out west in rural climes watching areal light shows by military craft with men who grew up under those big skies and are no aghast at their evil gods zooming above.]
The Baby Boomer generation holds more real estate wealth than all other generations combined and their share is still increasing. With younger people unable to flee the horde (America's main social paradigm since the end of WW2) we are entering a new era. The cracks are showing in the cozy suburban feedlot!
[Suburbia is doomed. Rural America offers a refuge for those of you unguilted ghosts who might find a niche providing services for the elites in their neo-feudal fiefs. Chinese masters are buying entire ranches and will probably get the rights to much public land. They will need Americans with indigenous skills to run their properties and to work in coffee shops in the quaint towns serving the elite on their outings.]
Maybe 21st century dystopian hive cities aren't all that bad. I'm looking forward to the boomers selling their land to the Amish so they can move to cities where Ecuadorian princesses keep them alive with heroic & compassionate medical care to the ripe age of 150. That's their plan, anyway.
[Suburbs in the Baltimore Area are already more dangerous in places for paleface pedestrians than city blocks. There is a lot of flux here. There is only so much hate to export and import into guilt zones. Until the government can find a pretext to ship 10-60 million Africans in a single decade, to the United States, the Hunt for Guilty Ghosts will continue to be spotty and depend increasingly on media, medical and law enforcement authorities. Look to see the latter being retooled for use in enforcing social media and medical warrants.]
The iron fist is localizing the ghost hunt, but intensifying it to make up for lost ground.
[Amen, Ghostman!]
On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 10:23 PM Lynn Lockhart wrote:
Hi J,
Cracker-Boy is available as a pdf here: Cracker-Boy
If you have questions, yes, that is the right email for James.
I also laughed hard at the last ep, especially when Hans asked if Baltimore was the future of all American cities and James said YESSSS.

The Filthy Few
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