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Gladiators In Print  A Bibliography Of Contemporary Print Resources
What 300 Meatheads Did For Us  Paul Cartledge On Thermopylae
The Blonde Huns  The Desert Of Wheat By Zane Grey
The Language Of Empire  The Professor And The Madman By Simon Winchester
Sorrow-of-the-People  The War That Killed Achilles By Caroline Alexander
Sinking The Atlantis Myth  Lost Continents By L.Sprague De Camp
The Slaves That Conquered A World  Nelson's Trafalgar By Roy Adkins: Stillbirth Of A ...
A Sci-fi Classic From 1971  To Our Scattered Bodies Go By Philip Jose Farmer
Surviving Bad Parents With Grace  The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls
A Hungarian, A Texan, And Alexander The Great?  Swords Of The Hills By Robert E. Howard
Someone Has Got Our Horses  Research Reflections & Book Review
The Spawn Of Big-Headed Yakub  Research Notes & Book Review
Frankenstein  Book Review
Slavery In Maryland, 1838  Frederick Douglas, An American Slave, Appendix 10
A Question Of Mind  The Terminal Experiment By Robert J. Sawyer
Fiction Reviews  Blurbs From Readers
Seriously, Another Apocalypse?  Marketing Doom: A Ph. D. On The Hysteria Prowl
Dictatress Of The World  Studying Imperial Hubris With Michael Scheuer
Blood & Thunder  Mark Finn On Robert E. Howard
J. Christoph Amberger On The Sword  The Best Book Yet On Western Martial Arts
Into The Mind's Eye Of Mythic Hellas  Gene Wolfe's Novels Of Ancient Greece
The Boxing Bookshelf #1  Jake Shannon's Rare Boxing Compilation
Survivor Guilt  Of The Literary Kind
John Warry & Jeff Burn On Ancient Combat  The Indispensable Sourcebook On Greco-Roman Warfar...
Slovomir Rawicz, The Long Walk  The True Story Of A Trek To Freedom
Alice B. Sheldon  The Woman Who Was James Tiptree, Junior
400 Years Of Insanity  Paul Kirchner: Dueling With The Sword And Pistol
The Sale Of Pricilla Loosefoot  Half Broke Horses: A Biographical Novel By Jeannet...
The Sleaziest Shipwreck  The Wreck Of The Medusa By Jonathan Miles
The Last Headbangers By Kevin Cook  The Insane Evolution Of America's Football Craze
The Classic Shipwreck  Caliban's Shore By Stephen Taylor
At The War Geek Round Table  Refighting The Pacific War With Jim Bresnahan
The Dead White Dude Who Saved My Mind  J. B. Bury At The Turn Of Two Lost Centuries
A Brief Definition Of American Royalty  Bank Of America: Too Crooked To Fail By Matt Taibb...
The Boxing Bookshelf #2  Billy Edwards' Art Of Boxing
Stranger Than Fiction, Bloodier Than D-Day  Conquistador By Buddy Levy
The Martial Arts Of Renaissance Europe  The Book By Sydney Anglo
Nobody Else Can Save You  On The Highway To Hell With An Invisible Urban Eva...
Uncle Sam As A Redneck  The Story Of Our Army: WWII Children's Propaganda
The Man Who Ate Captain Cook's Big Toe  Typee: By Herman Melville
Stairway Of Integrity  Up From Slavery By Booker T. Washington: Appendix ...
2,500 Years Of Murderous Masterminds  Ancient World Commanders By Angus Konstam
An Ocean Of Lost Worlds  The Discovery Of Mankind By David Abulafia
On Safari With A Boy Named Ford  Voodoo Fire In Haiti By Richard A. Loederer
Thirsty Work  Machete Season By Jean Hatzfeld
Into The Mountains Of Madness  Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton By Edward Rice
The Original Rock Stars  The First Poets By Michael Schmidt
Our Pound Of Flesh  Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man By John Perkins
The Man Who Hated Jack Johnson  Gentleman Jim Corbett By Patrick Myler
'Reading Transports Me'  The Guards, A Novel By Ken Bruen
'When God Died He Left Madonna In Charge'  No Man's Land By Jack Donovan
My Darling Donkey Boy  Our Little Egyptian Cousin By Blanche McManus
Who's For Dinner?  Flesh And Blood By Reay Tannahill
American Prophet  The Iron Heel By Jack London
The Boxing Book Shelf #3  Baltimore's Boxing Legacy By Thomas Scharf
Fear, Horror, Hate & Guilt  On Killing By Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
On The Ocean  The Extraordinary Voyage Of Pytheas The Greek By B...
Despite A World Of Ironic-detachment  Leonardo By Serge Bramly & The World Of Leonar...
Knowing Their Place: A Honcho On Their Bent Back  Born In Blood And Fire By John Charles Chasteen: A...
...And Something Else  Hunger By V. J. Waks
Worse Than You Can Imagine  No Fear? By J. T. C.
As The Shadows Close In  Black Ajax By George MacDonald Fraser
Overflowing The Cup Of Wrath  The Rising Tide Of Color By Lothrop Stoddard
The Key Of Heaven And Hell  The Book Of The Sword By Richard F. Burton
Looking Glass By VJ Waks  ComicCon Chicago: 8/8-11/2013 & GENCON INDY: 8...
Beyond The Garden Of Ishtar  Gilgamesh: A New English Version By Stephen Mitche...
The Smiling Face Of The Fist Of Power  The Handbook Of Human Ownership: A Manual For New ...
Demonic Ted Nugent Meth-heads With Guns  Crossed By Garth Ennis And Jacen Burrows
Tattoo Rick The Novelist  The Plates By Rick Catalano
A Conspiracy Of Kind  An Author-to-Author Discussion With VJ Waks
The Sarissa's Song  The Virtues Of War By Steven Pressfield
Man Is Born Unto Trouble  Bad Bob! By J.T.C.
A Road With No Signposts  Solomon Kane: The Castle Of The Devil By Scott All...
From The Pit  Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders By Scott Allie
Thrown To The Dogs  Hernando De Soto By David Ewing Duncan
Captains Among The Ghosts  Translations From The Chinese By Arthur Waley
White Coral Eyes  If They Could Only Talk By Hannah Bloch
Once That Minimum Is Achieved  1984: A Novel By George Orwell
A Nefarious Rabbit Named Joey  Buzz Bunny Reader Feedback From Akira
Blood And Salt  When Asia Was The World By Stewart Gordon
'You Think Men Are Mean, Just Wait!'  Akira On Organa And The Author's Writing Essays
The Individual School Of Two Swords  The Book Of Five Spheres By Miyamoto Musashi
Against The Green Book  The Abolition Of Man By C.S. Lewis
Against The Tribe  An Untitled Story By Robert E. Howard
The Lady And The Grunt  Her's & His' Reviews With VJ Waks
'On A Placid Island Of Ignorance'  The Call Of Cthulhu By H.P. Lovecraft
The Devil Dresses Like A Fried Chicken Salesman  Wassup? & It's A Deal By J.T.C.
Surfing The Apocalypse In A Wheelchair  Miracles For The Damned By Simon Clark
Beyond The Thieves Pole  The Weight Of The Dead By Brian Hodge
From A Prodigious Coach Driven By Hunger  Looking Back By Edward Bellamy
Under Nine Gods  Lays Of Ancient Rome By T. B. Macaulay
Amid Hymns Of Hate  The Renaissance By Will Durant
Where Could They Go?  Conan: Queen Of The Black Coast From Dark Horse
Where Has The Reader Gone?  Results Of An Interview With A Maryland Librarian
Keep On Truckin’  The Sissy, Last Rites, Why Should I? And Room 301 ...
A Letter From Planet Estrogen  James Is Judged By A Female Reader
We Live In The Future  Viking: The Long Cold Fire By Ivan Brandon & N...
Strawberries Four Times Bigger And Better  Savage Kingdom By Benjamin Woolley:Appendix 13
That Gaijin Mojo  Shinku By Ron Marz And Lee Moder
‘Drums, Cannon And Human Misery’  Napoleoon Bonaparte By Alan Schom
‘Society As Mutual Masturbation'  The Policeman Is Your Friend And Other Lies By Ned...
'Down The Grim And Bloody Eons'  The Shadow Kingdom By Robert E. Howard
‘The First Sketch Of The Real God’  That Hideous Strength By C. S. Lewis
Without A Shudder Of Horror  The Revolt Of The Masses By Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Gender In Fiction With V.J. Waks  'His Take, Her Take' Book Review Ground Rules
‘Kisses For Us All’  His Take, Her Take: Bram Stoker’s Dracula Wi...
The Little King And The Old Worm  Pax Romana By Jonathan Hickman
The Hand Of The Voice  The Nightly News By Jonathan Hickman
Glut Mad Fangs  In The Forest Of Villefere, A Song Of The Werewolf...
Is That A Horizon?  Pride Of Baghdad By Brian K. Vaughan And Niko Henr...
He Said Coldly  Solomon Kane: Red Shadows By Bruce Jones
From Otzi To Industrial American Zen  The Book Of Swords By Hank Reinhardt
Conan’s Dance Card  A Survey Of The Fictional Barbarian’s Leadin...
The Last Of The Magicians  Archimedes To Hawking By Clifford A. Pickover
Incubus Of A Six-year-old President  Hardcore History: The American Peril By Dan Carlin
The Will Of Heaven  The Wrath Of The Khans By Dan Carlin
When The Great Horn Boomed  The Proud Tower: The Patricians By Barbara Tuchman
NOV/04/13  ‘A Temporary Place’  Red Gold: The Conquest Of The Brazilian Indians, 1...
NOV/05/13  Out Of The Ark  The Slugger And Something In Common? By J.T.C.
NOV/05/13  Irresponsible Pictures  Lone Wolf And Cub #3 By Kazuo Koike And Goseki Koj...
NOV/05/13  Among The Three Wise Men  The History Of Grandmasters & Masters Of The M...
NOV/06/13  ‘The Secret Cause Of All Suffering’  The Power Of Myth By Joseph Campbell, With Bill Mo...
NOV/06/13  The Best Books Are Free  The Gutenberg Project
NOV/06/13  With Somber Fire  His Take, Her Take: Queen Of The Black Coast By Ro...
NOV/08/13  ‘With The Mystery And Menace Of Fog’  A Blueprint For Armageddon By Dan Carlin
NOV/12/13  God With A Gun  Thor’s Angels By Dan Carlin
NOV/19/13  A Crack-head Cat & Psychodelic Lollypop  My Best Friend By J.T.C.
NOV/19/13  The Most Beautiful Book I Own  Mystic Warriors Of The Plains By Thomas E. Mails
NOV/20/13  ‘Dead Houses’ And ‘Sacred Things’  Fools, Martyrs, Traitors By Lacey Baldwin Smith
NOV/20/13  ‘Another Mask On The Wall’  Death Throws Of The [Roman] Republic: Part One By ...
NOV/25/13  PIG  The Politically Incorrect Guide To The Civil War B...
DEC/02/13  Where The Hell Is Charles Bronson?  A Female Reader Critique’s When You’re...
DEC/02/13  Golden Eyes  Hammerspace By V.J. Waks
DEC/06/13  The Meaning Of The Purple Smoke  The Beast That Shouted Love At The Heart Of The Wo...
DEC/07/13  'A Celestial Can Of Raid'  Logical Insanity By Dan Carlin
DEC/09/13  ‘And Then It Hit The Fan’  The Death Cookie By J.T.C.
DEC/09/13  ‘Like Some Monstrous Tree’  Red Soil By Robert Dunbar
DEC/10/13  Four Angry Elements  The Sword By The Luna Brothers
DEC/11/13  ‘Was J. Edgar Hoover Nuts?’  Radical Thoughts By Dan Carlin
DEC/11/13  Sex, Violence & Horses  Chariot By Arthur Cotterell
DEC/11/13  ‘Dreams That Shun The Sun’  Cimmeria By Robert E. Howard
DEC/11/13  ‘Doom Hounds Your Heels’  The Phoenix On The Sword By Robert E. Howard
DEC/13/13  ‘A Wisp Of Gossamer’  The Frost Giant’s Daughter By Robert E. Howa...
DEC/20/13  ‘Eyes Forward’  Manifest Destiny #1 By Chris Dingess, Mathew Rober...
DEC/20/13  Three Worlds Meet  The Trapper’s Bride By Rex Allen Norman
DEC/20/13  ‘Death In A Lonely Place At Midnight’  The God In The Bowl By Robert E. Howard
DEC/22/13  ‘I Am The Logical Conclusion’  Under The Nihil By Andy Nowicki
DEC/23/13  ‘The Smartest Nigger In The Pine Woods.'  Twelve Years A Slave By Solomon Northup: Appendix ...
DEC/26/13  ‘The Flute Of The Fallen Tiger’  Lone Wolf And Cub #4 By Kazuo Koike And Goseki Koj...
DEC/27/13  ‘Obedience Is Due’  Antigone By Sophocles
JAN/02/14  ‘This Megalomaniac Disk’  Out Of The Silent Planet By C.S. Lewis
JAN/02/14  ‘We All Deserve To Go To Hell’  Charlie’s Ants By J.T.C.
JAN/02/14  ‘Morning-Crowned And Shinning’  The Tower Of The Elephant By Robert E. Howard, The...
JAN/06/14  ‘The Goddess And The Jaguar’  21st Century Shaman, Mark A. Nelson
JAN/06/14  ‘No Superhero Story’  Prometheus Unbound And Making A Fool Of God By Ric...
JAN/08/14  ‘The Swallower Of The Dead’  Mummies Of The World Exhibit At The Maryland Scien...
JAN/09/14  ‘One Tank Of Gas Away’  How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It ...
JAN/12/14  The American Cane  Stick-Fighting: Self-Defense, Cane, Yawara, Umbrel...
JAN/12/14  ‘All Made Up Of Wonders’  Olaudah Equiano And The Bad Spirits Of The Sea: A ...
JAN/13/14  ‘Just Rag Dolls’  The Deliverance Of Evil By Roberto Costantini
JAN/13/14  ‘A Hideous Thing Came To Pass’  The Scarlet Citadel By Robert E. Howard
JAN/15/14  ‘My Dead Child Walking In The Garden’  His Take, Her Take: Frankenstein By Mary Shelley
JAN/22/14  Men Of The Silent Land  Spartan Reflections By Paul Cartledge
JAN/22/14  ‘Horatius At The Bridge’  The Roman Army By Osprey Publishing, With Stephan ...
JAN/23/14  ‘And You’re Merely A Man’  The Good Witch Of Morgan’s Peak By Sheri Bro...
JAN/26/14  ‘The Ideology Of Western Suicide’  A Foreword By Prof. Kevin MacDonald
JAN/26/14  Best Novel Of The 20th Century  The Book Of The New Sun By Gene Wolfe: Shadow Of T...
JAN/28/14  ‘This Ghastly Sacrifice’  The Vale Of Lost Women By Robert E. Howard, And Th...
FEB/05/14  ‘This Is Evolution’  Thirteen By Joseph Freistuhler
FEB/05/14  ‘The Curse Of Heaven’  The French Revolution In San Domingo By Lothrop St...
FEB/05/14  ‘Pariahs, Wanderers Of The Earth’  Iron Shadows In The Moon By Robert E. Howard
FEB/09/14  Conan The Husband  Age Of Conan Hyborian Adventures By Joshua Dysart
FEB/09/14  ‘Turning Into A Small Yellow Dog’  Satan Comes To Salem By J.T.C.!
FEB/09/14  ‘A Plague Of Boils Upon You’  The Road Of Kings By Timothy Truman And Gary Nord
FEB/10/14  ‘The Primitive Math Of Violence’  The Way Of Men By Jack Donovan, The Most Important...
FEB/10/14  'Dying And Fallen'  The Old Kraut: An Epigram By Dominick Mattero
FEB/10/14  ‘Strains Of Silent Night’  A Solstice Story, Part 1 By Dominick Mattero
FEB/19/14  ‘Happiness Is A Hard Master’  Brave New World By Aldous Huxley
FEB/22/14  ‘Seas Of Cosmic Filth’  Xuthal Of The Dusk By Robert E. Howard
FEB/28/14  ‘Pity The Last’  Lone Wolf And Cub #2: Pitiful Osue By Kazuo Koike ...
FEB/28/14  ‘All Good Citizens’  Growing Up In Slavery By Yuval Taylor
MAR/02/14  ‘Seventh Son’  The Passenger By Jack Ketchum
MAR/04/14  ‘My Body Will Eat From Itself’  Inside SEAL Team Six: My Life And Missions With Am...
MAR/04/14  ‘Long Since Fled’  Red By Jack Ketchum
MAR/04/14  ‘Action With Intent’  Blood Brotherhood And Other Rites Of Male Alliance...
MAR/07/14  Conan As A Superhero?  The Ape-bat Of Marmet Tarn By Michael Fleisher And...
MAR/08/14  ‘Black Magic’  The Art Of Jason Lenox: Volume Two
MAR/10/14  ‘A Bank Full Of Tears’  Nine Years Under By Sheri Booker
MAR/14/14  ‘A Very Scary Man’  Introduction To Ernst Junger’s The Glass Bee...
MAR/17/14  ‘How Shall It Be Judged?’  Notes On Reviewing Science Fiction
MAR/21/14  ‘My Evil Star’  The Glass Bees By Ernst Junger
MAR/23/14  ‘The Minotaur’  Manifest Destiny No. 2 By Chris Dingess, Mathew Ro...
MAR/24/14  Mia By Fabio Ruotolo  A Heavy Metal Comic From #267
MAR/24/14  ‘35 Million Shoes’  War Is A Racket By Brigadier General Smedley D. Bu...
MAR/28/14  ‘Wide Swaths Of Death’  A Platoon! A Frontline Comic By John Severin And B...
MAR/28/14  ‘I Bring Absolution’  The Marquis Danse Macabre By Guy Davis
MAR/28/14  ‘The War That Nobody Won’  War Of 1812! A Frontline Combat Comic By Wally Woo...
MAR/28/14  ‘Hearts Of Oak’  Northlanders: The Cross + The Hammer By Brian Wood...
MAR/28/14  ‘In The Chinks Of Your World-Machine’  The Women Men Don’t See By Alice B. Sheldon
MAR/28/14  ‘Lips Like Wine’  The Pool Of The Black One By Robert E. Howard
APR/07/14  ‘Not Black Leaf!’  Dark Dungeons By J.T.C.
APR/09/14  ‘Her Price Is Steel’  Outlaw Of Gor By John Norman
APR/09/14  ‘Happy Birthday’  Gotch-ya!, March 05, 2014, Issue 336, Wanted-Arres...
APR/12/14  ‘The Hawk Upon The Wolf’  Asaemon The Decapitator: Lone Wolf And Cub #16 By ...
APR/12/14  ‘The House Deceives’  Motel Man By Andy Nowicki
APR/12/14  Microbes And Macrobes?  Plagues And Peoples By William H. McNeill
APR/12/14  ‘Cold Pig’  With Delicate Mad Hands By Alice B. Sheldon
APR/14/14  ‘Watchers’ Of A World Unveiled  Encyclopedia Of Native Tribes Of North America By ...
APR/16/14  ‘No Running, No Jumping’  The War Against Boys By Christina Hoff Sommers
APR/16/14  ‘What You Can’t Fake’  Easy As A-B-C By Laura Lippman
APR/17/14  ‘Eyes Burning In The Gloom’  Rogues In The House By Robert E. Howard
APR/18/14  After ‘Capitulation Day’  The Man In The High Castle By Phillip K. Dick
APR/20/14  ‘Stupidity Sits Forever In Judgment’  The Retreat Into The Forest By Ernst Junger
APR/23/14  ‘The Sheriff’s Whore’  The Painted Ladies Of San Quentin By David Paul An...
APR/23/14  Expletive Omnibus  Wicked Words By Hugh Rawson
APR/29/14  ‘A Faint Burn Of Despair’  The Poet’s Wager By Andy Nowicki
APR/29/14  ‘Oops!’  The Most Off The Hook Racist Comic Ever Drawn By J...
MAY/01/14  ‘In A Wrinkled, Black Suit’  Buried Talents And The Near Departed By Richard Ma...
MAY/05/14  ‘Hats In The Ring’  The Manly Art By Elliot J. Gorn
MAY/05/14  The Hero’s Stage In A Drugged Age  Ancestral Fantasy & Cultural Spirit: Notes On ...
MAY/05/14  ‘A Nimbus Of Fire’  The Devil In Iron By Robert E. Howard
MAY/05/14  ‘A Man Among Men’  [Updated With Reader Notes] Crow Killer: The Saga ...
MAY/13/14  ‘The Jade Serpent’  An Untitled Synopsis By Robert E. Howard
MAY/13/14  ‘A Wolf Who Had Lingered Too Long’  An Untitled Fragment By Robert E. Howard
MAY/13/14  ‘Into This Vale Of Heavy Tears’  The Fabulous Riverboat By Philip Jose Farmer
MAY/13/14  ‘Jupiter’s Whores’  Grendel: Past Prime By Greg Rucka, Illustrated By ...
MAY/13/14  ‘In This Lonely Island Of Mountains’  Saddlebag Folk By James Watt Raine
MAY/20/14  ‘The Trump Of Doom’  Unto Death By Jack London
MAY/21/14  ‘Remember’  Hyborian Genesis: Notes On The Creation Of The Con...
MAY/23/14  ‘A Caste Of Dusky Aristocrats’  An Untitled Synopsis And Draft By Robert E. Howard
MAY/23/14  ‘The Ataraxia Effect’  Houston, Houston, Do You Read? By Alice B. Sheldon
MAY/30/14  ‘If I Am His’  A Summary Of Our Daily Bread Tracts By Bill Crowde...
MAY/30/14  ‘The Antiquity Of Dreams’  Dagon By H. P. Lovecraft
MAY/31/14  ‘He Who Kills’  Prey By Richard Matheson
MAY/31/14  ‘Individuation’  Beyond Lies The Wub By Philip K. Dick
JUN/07/14  ‘Came The Night’  The Rull By A. E. Van Vogt
JUN/07/14  ‘The Hollowing Of The Middle’  The Next America By Paul Taylor And The Pew Resear...
JUN/07/14  ‘Between Oblivion And Redemption’  The Bark: Part One Of Love Bites By Sheri Broadben...
JUN/10/14  ‘The Gender Of Tortillas’  The Meanings Of Macho: Being A Man In Mexico City ...
JUN/12/14  ‘The Smith & Wesson Retirement Plan’  Enjoy The Decline: Accepting And Living With The D...
JUN/19/14  Rise Of The Machine  Storm Of Steel By Ernst Junger
JUN/25/14  ‘Challengers Of Oblivion’  Selected Poems By Robinson Jeffers
JUN/26/14  The ‘Complexity Industrial Complex’  Don’t Hurt People, And Don’t Take Thei...
JUN/26/14  ‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’  SEAL Team Six By Howard E. Wasdin And Stephen Temp...
JUN/27/14  ‘Nothing Of Higher Value’  A History Of The Arab Peoples: Part I & II, By...
JUL/03/14  ‘The Slave-Making Instinct’  The Origin Of Species By Charles Darwin
JUL/03/14  In The Reign Of Stupor Mundi  The Devil’s Horseman: The Mongol Invasion Of...
JUL/06/14  ‘That Rotten Little Cheapskate!’  Born Wild By J.T.C.
JUL/09/14  ‘The Abyss Of His Degradation’  The Essential Yusuf Idris: Masterpieces Of The Egy...
JUL/10/14  ‘Being A Guinea Pig’  ANIMAL’Z By Enki Bilal From Heavy Metal #269
JUL/10/14  Regalia  A 75-page Testament To The Devolution Of Experimen...
JUL/11/14  Science-Fiction Buffs Click Here  Ten Neglected Examples Of Ancient Science-fiction ...
JUL/11/14  ‘The Dog Said’  Roog By Philip K. Dick
JUL/12/14  ‘Their Appalling Conduct’  Treachery In Tripoli By Richard Tada
JUL/13/14  ‘Weapons Live’  Lone Wolf And Cub #18: The Guns Of Sakai By Kazuo ...
JUL/16/14  ‘Self-Initiated Field Activity’  Contempt Of Cop, And How To Avoid It By James Tarr...
JUL/18/14  ‘Dark As A Witch’s Hate’  Wolves Beyond The Border By Robert E. Howard
JUL/18/14  ‘The Northland Night’  A Relic Of The Pliocene By Jack London
JUL/18/14  ‘Tool Theory’  Improvised Hunting Weapons By Dave Canterbury
JUL/18/14  ‘The Pain Of Being Human’  War Before Civilization: The Myth Of The Peaceful ...
JUL/25/14  ‘Impossible Things’  Modern Fantasy: The Hundred Best Novels By David P...
JUL/25/14  Better Than Tolkien  The 28 Top Science-Fiction And Fantasy Works
JUL/25/14  ‘The Edge Of Madness’  The Mark By Sheri Broadbent
JUL/27/14  ‘So Near To God’  Northlanders #3: Blood In The Snow By Brian Wood
JUL/27/14  ‘Your Secret Life’  Night Breed By Clive Barker With Marc Andreyko And...
JUL/27/14  ‘Carrying A Knife In Public’  What To Know When You Carry A Knife By Mike Haskew...
JUL/27/14  ‘Knowledge Weighs Nothing’  Lessons From The Typhoon Apocalypse By Art Merrill...
JUL/27/14  ‘Always Existing By Nature’  The Wars Of The Ancient Greeks By Victor Davis Han...
AUG/02/14  ‘Under The Diaphonous Skies’  Richard F. Burton On The Arabian Nights And The Me...
AUG/02/14  ‘Sci-fi Male Solipsism’  Beauties In Beast Mode: Why Are So Many Men Applau...
AUG/11/14  ‘Against The Wafer God’  Twin Towers By J.T.C.
AUG/11/14  ‘As Boethius Sat’  Feeling Chained? By Dennis Fisher
AUG/12/14  ‘The Criminal Sane’  The Enemy Of All The World By Jack London
AUG/12/14  ‘The Rhythm Of The Tragedy’  Blueprint For Armageddon: Part 3, By Dan Carlin
AUG/12/14  ‘With Dreadful Joy’  Witch War By Richard Matheson
AUG/24/14  ‘The Death Hug’s A-comin’’  Hell’s Belle’s: The Trailsman #277 By ...
AUG/24/14  ‘The Sweet Elusive’  Dance Of The Dead By Richard Matheson
AUG/24/14  ‘To Sail Beyond The World’  The Boat Of A Million Years By Poul Anderson: Or T...
AUG/25/14  ‘Preaching To Ravens’  ‘This World Is Small”: Prophecy And Re...
AUG/25/14  ‘God Made Men, Not Lineages’  The Extinction Of Islam In Western Europe By Felip...
AUG/25/14  ‘God’s Arena’  “That Sea Of Blood”: Columbus And The ...
SEP/10/14  ‘Children Picking Up Pebbles’  The Path Between The Seas: The Creation Of The Pan...
SEP/10/14  ‘Reward Their Vicious Labors’  Priest-Kings Of Gor: The Chronicles Of Counter-Ear...
SEP/10/14  ‘Divisible By Three’  Tesla: The Wizard Of Electricity, By David J. Kent

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By James LaFond With Lynn Lockhart

686 pages of buried facts and exhumed truths, including over 100 runaway slave advertisements, original, annotated texts from Plantation America, and proof that many a race was enslaved to feed man's timeless greed.
Upon The Earth Plantation America The Combat Space Harm City to Chicongo The Man Cave
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