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Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton By Edward Rice
Posted in Blog — 336 reads
The First Poets By Michael Schmidt
Posted in Blog — 255 reads
Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man By John Perkins
Posted in Blog — 286 reads — 2 comments
Gentleman Jim Corbett By Patrick Myler
Posted in Modern Combat — 1,167 reads
The Guards, A Novel By Ken Bruen
Posted in Blog — 184 reads
No Man's Land By Jack Donovan
Posted in Blog — 283 reads
Tau 4 By V. J. Waks
Posted in Blog — 278 reads
Our Little Egyptian Cousin By Blanche McManus
Posted in Blog — 188 reads
Flesh And Blood By Reay Tannahill
Posted in Blog — 236 reads
The Iron Heel By Jack London
Posted in Blog — 669 reads — 4 comments
Baltimore's Boxing Legacy By Thomas Scharf
Posted in Modern Combat — 201 reads
On Killing By Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
Posted in Blog — 182 reads — 1 comment
The Extraordinary Voyage Of Pytheas The Greek By Barry Cunliffe
Posted in Blog — 153 reads
Leonardo By Serge Bramly & The World Of Leonardo By Robert Wallace
Posted in Blog — 184 reads
Born In Blood And Fire By John Charles Chasteen: Appendix 12
Posted in Blog — 208 reads
Hunger By V. J. Waks
Posted in Blog — 184 reads
No Fear? By J. T. C.
Posted in Blog — 159 reads
Black Ajax By George MacDonald Fraser
Posted in Modern Combat — 184 reads
The Rising Tide Of Color By Lothrop Stoddard
Posted in Blog — 860 reads — 2 comments
The Book Of The Sword By Richard F. Burton
Posted in Histories — 250 reads
ComicCon Chicago: 8/8-11/2013 & GENCON INDY: 8/15-19/2013
Posted in Blog — 235 reads — 1 comment
Gilgamesh: A New English Version By Stephen Mitchell, For The Man Wary Of Emasculation
Posted in Blog — 437 reads
The Handbook Of Human Ownership: A Manual For New Tax Farmers By Stefan Molyneux
Posted in Blog — 186 reads
Crossed By Garth Ennis And Jacen Burrows
Posted in Blog — 207 reads — 1 comment
The Plates By Rick Catalano
Posted in Blog — 244 reads
An Author-to-Author Discussion With VJ Waks
Posted in Blog — 175 reads
The Virtues Of War By Steven Pressfield
Posted in Histories — 473 reads
Bad Bob! By J.T.C.
Posted in Blog — 162 reads
Solomon Kane: The Castle Of The Devil By Scott Allie
Posted in Blog — 174 reads
Solomon Kane: Death's Black Riders By Scott Allie
Posted in Blog — 210 reads
Hernando De Soto By David Ewing Duncan
Posted in Blog — 253 reads — 1 comment
Translations From The Chinese By Arthur Waley
Posted in Histories — 174 reads
If They Could Only Talk By Hannah Bloch
Posted in Blog — 149 reads
1984: A Novel By George Orwell
Posted in Blog — 155 reads
Buzz Bunny Reader Feedback From Akira
Posted in Fiction — 137 reads
When Asia Was The World By Stewart Gordon
Posted in Blog — 250 reads
Akira On Organa And The Author's Writing Essays
Posted in Fiction — 184 reads
The Book Of Five Spheres By Miyamoto Musashi
Posted in Histories — 231 reads
The Abolition Of Man By C.S. Lewis
Posted in Blog — 301 reads
An Untitled Story By Robert E. Howard
Posted in Blog — 265 reads
Her's & His' Reviews With VJ Waks
Posted in Blog — 209 reads
The Call Of Cthulhu By H.P. Lovecraft
Posted in Blog — 383 reads
Wassup? & It's A Deal By J.T.C.
Posted in Blog — 145 reads
Miracles For The Damned By Simon Clark
Posted in Blog — 146 reads
The Weight Of The Dead By Brian Hodge
Posted in Blog — 165 reads
Looking Back By Edward Bellamy
Posted in Blog — 354 reads — 1 comment
Lays Of Ancient Rome By T. B. Macaulay
Posted in Blog — 157 reads
The Renaissance By Will Durant
Posted in Blog — 168 reads
Conan: Queen Of The Black Coast From Dark Horse
Posted in Blog — 177 reads
Results Of An Interview With A Maryland Librarian
Posted in Blog — 173 reads
The Sissy, Last Rites, Why Should I? And Room 301 By J.T.C.!
Posted in Blog — 272 reads
James Is Judged By A Female Reader
Posted in Blog — 183 reads
Viking: The Long Cold Fire By Ivan Brandon & Nic Klein
Posted in Blog — 156 reads
Savage Kingdom By Benjamin Woolley:Appendix 13
Posted in Blog — 168 reads
Shinku By Ron Marz And Lee Moder
Posted in Blog — 162 reads
Napoleoon Bonaparte By Alan Schom
Posted in Blog — 231 reads
The Policeman Is Your Friend And Other Lies By Ned Beaumont
Posted in Blog — 288 reads — 1 comment
The Shadow Kingdom By Robert E. Howard
Posted in Blog — 332 reads
That Hideous Strength By C. S. Lewis
Posted in Blog — 182 reads
The Revolt Of The Masses By Jose Ortega Y Gasset
Posted in Blog — 207 reads

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