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The Blonde Huns
The Desert Of Wheat By Zane Grey
The Language Of Empire
The Professor And The Madman By Simon Winchester
The War That Killed Achilles By Caroline Alexander
Sinking The Atlantis Myth
Lost Continents By L.Sprague De Camp
The Slaves That Conquered A World
Nelson's Trafalgar By Roy Adkins: Stillbirth Of A Nation: End Notes
A Sci-fi Classic From 1971
To Our Scattered Bodies Go By Philip Jose Farmer
Footnotes To Infamy
Review Of The Wire: Season One
Surviving Bad Parents With Grace
The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls
A Hungarian, A Texan, And Alexander The Great?
Swords Of The Hills By Robert E. Howard
The Information Ague
A Chilling Encounter With The Virtual Sodom & Gomorrah
Two Muggers
A Political Caricature
My Ugly Muse
On Prolific Writing
Someone Has Got Our Horses
Research Reflections & Book Review
Cleanse The Land
A Dark-age Fantasy Movie Review
The Spawn Of Big-Headed Yakub
Research Notes & Book Review
Inspired Movie As Education
The Way Back By Peter Weir
Book Review
Slavery In Maryland, 1838
Frederick Douglas, An American Slave, Appendix 10
Interview With An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
On Foreign Affairs And American Residency
Welcome To Our Site
A Note From The Author
A Question Of Mind
The Terminal Experiment By Robert J. Sawyer
On Writer's Block
Notes On Writing Despite Creative Obstacles
Bread And Circuses
A Culture Of Mass Diversion
Print Or PDF
The Book Geek Dilemma
The Recyclable Apocalypse
Enjoying The State-of-Emergency Event
An Open Letter To Takimag
Advice On Making Realistic Threat Assessments
History British Guilt Style
Video Documentary Review
Eight Years Of Mighty Right
A Letter From An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
The Last Can Of Food On Earth
Chef LaFond's Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen
Seriously, Another Apocalypse?
Marketing Doom: A Ph. D. On The Hysteria Prowl
Dictatress Of The World
Studying Imperial Hubris With Michael Scheuer
New Age-Conservative-Feminist-Republicans
On The Endangered Ideology List
Blood & Thunder
Mark Finn On Robert E. Howard
Secrets Of The Mayan Astronomers
A Confession Of An Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
The Sin Of Letters
One Man's Crime Against Materialism
Anachronistically Yours
Crawling Into The Multimedia World
Alienation Nation
Defining Cultural Free Fall
The Most Coveted Stuff
An Odd Note On Hydration Politics
The God Of Things
The Native American End-time Prediction That Came True
Into The Mind's Eye Of Mythic Hellas
Gene Wolfe's Novels Of Ancient Greece
From Beyond A Dark Age Grave
On Writing Prolifically Under Duress
Reader Favorites
Your Most And Least Favorite Pieces On The Site
Survivor Guilt
Of The Literary Kind
Slovomir Rawicz, The Long Walk
The True Story Of A Trek To Freedom
Alice B. Sheldon
The Woman Who Was James Tiptree, Junior
MMA Vampires
The Microeconomics Of Wife-beating
Condoms, Marital Immolation, Ho-macking & Bitch-slapping
The Sale Of Pricilla Loosefoot
Half Broke Horses: A Biographical Novel By Jeannette Walls, 2016 Update For America In Chains
Fighting The Forever War
The Sociodegradable War Hero
The Sleaziest Shipwreck
The Wreck Of The Medusa By Jonathan Miles
Zeitgeist And Zeitgeist Addendum
A Documentary Case Against Politics, Profit & God
Toxic Toddler Planet
Hydration Profiteering And The Stupidest Ape In The Galaxy
Getting Crude With The Locals
Someone Is Griping About Our Hazardous Waste Site, And They Want To Call It Ecuador!
The Last Headbangers By Kevin Cook
The Insane Evolution Of America's Football Craze
Saving The American Ayatollah
The Latest Wet Dream From The U.S. Propaganda Ministry
The Classic Shipwreck
Caliban's Shore By Stephen Taylor
At The War Geek Round Table
Refighting The Pacific War With Jim Bresnahan
The Dead White Dude Who Saved My Mind
J. B. Bury At The Turn Of Two Lost Centuries
A Brief Definition Of American Royalty
Bank Of America: Too Crooked To Fail By Matt Taibbi
'Nits Make Lice'
The American Eugenics Movement
Peter Joseph On The Finite Economy
The Monster That Won't Let Go Until It Has Killed The Last Human Being
Peak Prosperity
Are You Sick Of Being Lied To On Sunday Morning News Shows?
The Last Valley
A Vintage Film Set Amidst A Forgotten War
Escape From Planet Meathead
Why Your Kid Should Be Fighting Instead Of Playing Ball
Apocalypse Pantry Update
Lengthening The End Time Gravy Train
A Humanitarian Mission For Vsauce Michael, The YouTube Science Nerd
Nobody Else Can Save You
On The Highway To Hell With An Invisible Urban Evangelist
Uncle Sam As A Redneck
The Story Of Our Army: WWII Children's Propaganda
The Man Who Ate Captain Cook's Big Toe
Typee: By Herman Melville
Go Tell The Spartans
'Sorry Sir, Last Stands Are Now Being Handled By Social Services', With Hawaii Update
Stairway Of Integrity
Up From Slavery By Booker T. Washington: Appendix 11
An Ocean Of Lost Worlds
The Discovery Of Mankind By David Abulafia
On Safari With A Boy Named Ford
Voodoo Fire In Haiti By Richard A. Loederer
The Urban Grill
Friday's With Aldo #1
Thirsty Work
Machete Season By Jean Hatzfeld
Into The Mountains Of Madness
Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton By Edward Rice
The Original Rock Stars
The First Poets By Michael Schmidt
Our Pound Of Flesh
Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man By John Perkins
Soap-on-a-Rope Stocks Projected To Soar
Notes On Our Expanding Police State
'Reading Transports Me'
The Guards, A Novel By Ken Bruen
'When God Died He Left Madonna In Charge'
No Man's Land By Jack Donovan
Breeder's Digest
Initial Entry
Breeder's Digest #2
Grilling Season Edition
My Darling Donkey Boy
Our Little Egyptian Cousin By Blanche McManus
Who's For Dinner?
Flesh And Blood By Reay Tannahill
American Prophet
The Iron Heel By Jack London
Fear, Horror, Hate & Guilt
On Killing By Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
On The Ocean
The Extraordinary Voyage Of Pytheas The Greek By Barry Cunliffe
The Harm City Pollster #1
Search For The Articulate Snowman: Traitor, Hero Or Fool?
Despite A World Of Ironic-detachment
Leonardo By Serge Bramly & The World Of Leonardo By Robert Wallace
Ghetto Grocer #1
Nastay Monay
Ghetto Grocer #2
Bachelor Party At Parcel Pickup
Knowing Their Place: A Honcho On Their Bent Back
Born In Blood And Fire By John Charles Chasteen: Appendix 12
...And Something Else
Hunger By V. J. Waks
Breeder's Digest #3
Eight Uplifting Facts
Florida Cops Brace For Riots
A Harm City Heads Up
Worse Than You Can Imagine
No Fear? By J. T. C.
Narco-State News #1
Tracking The Real Zombie Apocalypse
War Heroes Of Planet Obadrone
The Return Of Your Fiendly Neighborhood Extraterrestrial Anthropologist
Five Slave Girls Freed
Police Arrest Saudi Hag Princess For Human Trafficking

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