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Stupid Bitch Award: 3/24/18
Civilization is Keeping the World Safe for Low IQ Criminals
© 2018 James LaFond
“This woman reported a break in, but evidently didn’t lock her door.”
-Mrs. Rich
“Break In
Just had a break in on Naturo Rd. Young (maybe 17) black very thin male in a black hoodie and bleached stained jeans entered our home (we didn’t answer the door, he walked in) asking about a lost child.
When told we didn’t see any child he proceeded to ask if we had children and if he could look around.
When asked to leave he refused and continued to ask inappropriate questions regarding children and asking to look around our house.
911 was called.
This person then went around and tried to break down our back door.
Cops arrived and chased him down Naturo rd towards Loch Raven.
Just a heads up and stay safe! I have reported this information to the police.”
Implicit Civilized Notions
If someone breaks into your home, it’s okay as long as he has a legitimate purpose, like looking for a lost child.
The proper response to unprovoked aggression of the most intrusive type—a home invasion—is to passively submit to interrogation by the invader.
When being interrogated by apparently unarmed home invaders be prepared to answer follow up questions.
Do not counter attack a home invader.
Do not drive away a home invader.
Do not resist a home invader.
Do not demand a home invader leave.
Do not advise a home invader to leave.
ASK if the home invader would be kind enough to leave.
Above all, always recall as your neighborhood is forcibly invaded by violent criminals, that breaking into an occupied dwelling and demanding to be assisted in the hunting for children is merely INAPPROPRIATE!
If your dumbass finally wakes up to the fact that you are in imminent danger be sure and take the maximum steps encouraged by LAW and allowed by the NEWS, to notify an emergency police dispatcher and your attacker that you are in danger and are powerless to take any action on your own behalf to protect yourself, your loved ones or your property. By all means, give the innocent unarmed youth of color ample warning so that he will have time to break your stuff, pop your ass cherry and kill you if necessary.
Police are the only humans capable of combating violet crime and blatant aggression of the most intimate sort.
Safety is the core value of Civilization and the only means of achieving this is to pass along news and say seven Hail the Police and three Our Father the State prayers in hopes that our busy God of Things will send his blue angels swooping down to earth to sweep unfairness, aggressive lack of agency and inconvenient reactive expressions of systemic oppression before them.
To Confirm Our Passive Commitment
As I wrote this commentary, the next neighborhood watch up the street announced:
K. M., Ridgeleigh
Home Invasion on Willow Oak. Please lock your doors! Police and SWAT currently at the scene. I have reported this information to the police.
Mar 24 in Crime & Safety to Ridgeleigh
Government hear our prayers!
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PR     Mar 25, 2018

Evidently you've signed up for the "NextDoor" application. I was on that application briefly and learned quite a bit about local criminal behavior. After several cat ladies posted about Trump and the need for more gun control, I quit the application. There have been several marijuana-related home invasions nearby and I realize I don't care. TEOTWAWKI and I feel fine! If they come into my house some of them are going to die. Maybe I'll die too. They are welcome to invade my passive neighbors' houses as much as they want.

The last line of your post is exactly right: people with no faith in God pray to the Beast of Revelation 13 which is a false Messiah. The Beast is the world and its system ruled by the Devil. Often the Beast will take the form of the government which people look to for salvation. However, the government is mostly interested in lining its pockets, not in saving people.
PR     Mar 25, 2018

I also want to point out that technology is not going to save us from the violent and stupid. Our society is awash in technology but has no will to deal with black criminals and keeps subsidizing them. We marvel that Rome's collapse set technology back 1500 years, but now we see why: technology creates ease and wealth. The Romans had heated floors, great aqueducts (plumbing) and roads. they were so used to ease that they became indolent and failed to breed. The barbarians DID breed though and overran Rome.
cracker     Mar 26, 2018

racking the slide on an 870 is the most effective form of "conversation" with a home intruder.
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