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'Purple Gods of Morn'
James LaFond's Impressions of Earth-Born by Robert E. Howard, reading from pages 82-83 of A Word from the Outer Dark
© 2018 James LaFond
Earth-Born is a Protean poem consisting of seven verses of four lines each. The spirit is very animistic and would be well understood by a shaman of some remote tribe...
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Sam J.     Sep 2, 2018

This what is happening to South Africans. I WARN YOU. IT’s A TERRIBLE VIDEO. I’m not kidding. You can’t unsee it. It made me feel anxious for several hours after I saw it. I recommend you do not watch it. One last warning. It's really bad.

If the South Africans give up all their weapons I can see this happening to at the minimum half the White population. We need to call our congressmen and senators. I’m really freaked out about this. I can also see this happening in the USA in 30 years, or maybe sooner. This goes on all the time in South Africa. Every day.

This is the future of Whites if things don't change. I've often been called a racist or Nazi but "this" is why I feel the way I do. While I know a lot of Whites are total pieces of shit if we don't look out for each other...well this is the result. I don't know how else to put this or how emphatically to say, I see no alternative except to be a WN. Do I wish "we could just all get along", sure, but it's just not working out that way. You have to see things as they are and the massive, massive amount of "racist, Nazi. Anti-Semite" talk that is constant and oppressive doesn't mean Whites are "racist, Nazi. Anti-Semite". It's means they want to kill you. It's just like calling people insects. A means to dehumanize them in order to kill them.
James     Sep 3, 2018

Thanks for warning us how terrible the video is Sam.

If you would like me to delete this comment, just send another saying so.

Congressmen and senators?

Who do you think will be paying the military contractors they'll use to murder us?

That's right, the same guys that pay the congressmen and the senators 10 time what you voters pay them.

Sheep get slaughtered.
Sam J.     Sep 3, 2018

I'm not sure if you should approve the video I linked. It's causing me problems. I can't sleep. It's really awful it might be better if people didn't see it. On the other hand...this is reality and there's nothing worse than pretending this doesn't exist. I kind of wish I hadn't had seen it. It's really awful. I'm very conflicted about this.
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