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‘What Do You Think about I. Q.?’
And What is Your I.Q.? A Man Question from Pat
Well, Pat, I think I.Q. stands for “Intelligence Quotient”
I have never taken such a test so have no clue as to my score and am totally ignorant of the mechanics of such a test.
From what I understand listening to Molyneux interview various egg heads concerning I.Q. scores you have varying ranges. I didn’t pay attention to the numbers—obviously keeping me out of the top range—which I will not assign values to, as I don’t know what scores fit what intelligence ranges. But the following are the intelligence ranges I have used myself, in dealing with humans and are based on Baltimore Street Wisdom.
Smartass-Dumbass Scale
1. Dog-shit dumb, in other words retarded and rarely very dangerous
2. Low Cunning, stupid people who blatantly seek advantage and generally betray their intent through hesitation and inquisitive staring, usually violent
3. Cunning, stupid people who are just smart enough to concoct capers and not smart enough to positively interact with intelligent folks, usually violent
4. Dumbass, your normal range human who believes what they see on the news, never read a book other than a religious text after graduation from the idiot academy and provide politicians with their mind chattel and comprise most of the American consumer population, sometimes violent
5. Smartass, guys like Big Ron, me, good cops, who can excel at what they put their mind to and are able to deal effectively with those below them on the smartass-dumbass matrix and also those above. In other words, this is the guy that can understand the architect’s blue prints and translate it to the dumbass with the hammer in his hand, violent as often as not.
6. Smart motherfucker, a guy that is too smart to communicate effectively with dumbasses and below and also tends to have a lot of social tension within, because they are usually smart enough as children to imbibe a strong ideological sense of right and wrong and good and bad, which tends to result in a deluded misunderstanding of levels 2-4 and often leaves them to become the naïve prey to the more practical smartass. Understanding of power dynamics is usually poor in this group. These people are best suited to being technical specialists and are renowned for inflexible managerial behaviors when occupying positions of power at any level of a hierarchy. I would say most of my readers fall into this range, generally being smarter than I am and reading the blog as part of their efforts at playing catchup when it comes to understanding and adapting to increasingly troubling social dynamics, rarely violent
7. Scary smart people basically have a hard time relating to others on the scale and are generally dependent on superior smartasses and flexible smart motherfuckers, to help them interact with the world and also to help the world fathom their perspective, rarely violent.
Note: Dumbasses and below become less intelligent as they group up and, with strong wills and passions prevailing over thought, while smartasses and above usually have the capacity to form a problem-solving group which exceeds the capacity of the smartest individual, unless doctrine and ideology make this impossible, in which case the group of [usually smart motherfuckers] will devolve in intelligence, just like dumbasses and in fact become a functional conclave of dumbasses.
That’s the best this smartass can do, Pat. I hope it helps.
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B. BollocksworthSep 17, 2018

Wow number 6 sounds like a mini bio of me!

These gradations are basically in line with everything I've read in the HBD sphere. You could interpret these groupings as standard deviations from mean 100 IQ (group 4). So the top group is folks with 145 IQs. The sweet spot for criminal behavior being between IQ 80 and 90 lines up well with groups 2 and 3.
responds: Sep 17, 2018

It's not hard for me to figure out that someone I am corresponding with or talking with is smarter than I am—much easier than trying to learn long division for the 8th time, for instance. One can easily deal with those that are smarter than he is so long as he understands his disadvantage.
Bryce SharperSep 17, 2018

I think this scale is genius because it combines intelligence, wisdom, and street smarts. I have plenty of neighbors who have high intelligence but are gullible dumbasses who believe the news and fall all over themselves to make the drug dealers feel welcome. They think guys like me are the problem just as guys like Tommy Robinson are the problem for reporting on Muslim rape gangs. The rape gangs are not a problem.

There was a home invasion a couple of streets over reported on the Nextdoor application. Nothing was reported in the local rag. My liberal neighbor thought the person who reported on the home invasion on the NextDoor application was making it all up to sell security systems, though none were advertised with the post.

Being surrounded by dumbasses is very disturbing indeed.
responds: Sep 17, 2018

Yes, managing dumbasses sustainably is like herding declawed cats.
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