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Giving Thanks to a Living God
Barbarism vs. Civilization & Autumn in a Dying City Censorship Status Change
© 2018 James LaFond
After going to Sleep upon posting the changes to the status of my censored books in 'Create Space Hold', I woke up this morning, committed some vicious thought crimes, went for a walk, checked out two likely slave girls, one of whom applied for employment—but I was busy—and came back to the laptop. Upon checking the recent activity que on my POD account I noticed that—apparently in response to my post 12 hours earlier—that my dear censor has seen fit to standardize my thought crimes as cited below. The shading status on the two thought crime titles listed below were rendered identical.
Correction: I am permitted to use the trashcan icon on Barbarism vs. Civilization to delete it. I may not, however, delete Autumn in a Dying City. I suppose this means I won't be tried and persecuted for the former, only the latter at the Thought Crime Tribunal.
Barbarism vs. Civilization CreateSpace Hold -September Royalties Order Copies 8716749
Autumn in a Dying City CreateSpace Hold -September Royalties Order Copies 7818450
Our Captain Available 1 September Royalties Order Copies 6081937
Thanks to the reader who bought the third copy of Our Captain—you have a collector's item.
To my benevolent censor, I appreciate the standardizing of my thought crimes and am not falling for the ruse of suckering me into republishing The Logic of Steel and the Fighting Edge on your platform and hence violating whichever of your unpublished censorship guidelines that act might trigger. Those books of mine you do not wish to print, I do not wish to sell on your platform, and am glad to sell via other means. If you might be kind enough in the future to simply request I take down a title, I will do so even if you do not specify the reasons why you disapprove of the work. And, as always, thank you for promoting my work through your censorship. Furthermore, you should be commended for advancing newspeak with the abandonment of the unfortunate term "suppression" and replacing it with "hold."
Most of all, I appreciate the comforting warmth that beams down from your omniscient and ever-watchful eye.
Unpenitently & Unworthily Yours,
James LaFond, Confessed Thought Criminal, in the 18th Year of Your Collective Deification, 9/19/2018
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