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Nationalist Rabbi:
European Right no longer anti-Semitic
© 2018 James LaFond
Recently, Baruch, our Israeli friend, and I were having a dialogue which we planned on posting as a discussion of Jewish history and the European Right. I thought it was excellent but bitched out at the end, knowing that my white nationalist readers would hate it and that I might be shutdown by influential media people of the mysterious non-Christian, Non-Muslim Abrahamic people I have yet to identify, but whom must surely exist. Finally, I must admit that anti-Semite is the most non-sensical term that I know of, [other than Whiteman, which is flatly false and negating—do you know anybody the color of copy paper?] as it must rationally mean hating Arabs, who are also Semitic cousins of their fellow Caucasian Europeans. I'm making the unsubstantiated claim right here that I am the only race realist on the planet. But I am insane, after all. I will place Baruch's postscript below:
"Did I call it, or what?"
Influential nationalist Rabbi Eliezer Melamed says Israel need not fear creating close bonds with Austrian Freedom Party and others like it.
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Bob     Oct 13, 2018

Anti-Semitic is a loaded term. I don't accept its legitimacy because it doesn't allow for anti-anti-gentilism. Gentile-hatred is not in the lexicon yet has as much currency as anti-Semitism.

The stance advocated by Rabbi Melamed is one that meshes well with the Trump-Likud axis, as well as European right-wing leaders or aspirants like Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini, backed up by Zionist media like Rebel Media (think Tommy Robinson whose distinguishing feature is anti-Mohammedism and not philo-Britishness), Breitbart, etc..

As the Left - traditionally the Diaspora's political stronghold - has become more non-white, its affection for the Middle East hegemon has waned. So while most Diaspora Jews still vote Democrat, the neocons long again decided the right was the side that best suited Israel's objectives.

My guess is that Diaspora Jews are going to see their wishes for a totally disenfranchised white population take back seat while the Likudniks harness whites' remaining power and ride the Islamophobic wave in the West in order to knock over Iran and any remaining obstacle to Eretz Israel.

In the vernacular, this is the kosher sandwich.
Bob     Oct 13, 2018

If someone throws a punch at you without provocation, or king hits you, and you parry or throw one back you are not a "punch-hater" or "punchophobic", you are a self-defender.
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