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Savage Victory
Crackpot Mailbox: Culture War Uplift with Teutonic Fist
© 2018 James LaFond
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Thu, Nov 22, 2:47 PM (20 hours ago)
Hapa/somethingsomething Christian Missionary goes to remote island.
Wants to convert natives to christian slave religion.
Gets perforated with arrows.
The end.
I knew a guy who went as a evangelic missionary to uffffrika and boy I fucking hate these fucking sextourist types with their fucking bullshit message. I wanna go dark ages on them. So glad it worked out for these natives.
Fuck him.
-Teutonic Fist
Last night, as my mother, sister and aunt cringed at the news of the do-gooding mystery meat missionary meeting a fate far more elder than his faith, I stood and pumped my fist like some jarhead watching the Thin Red Line.
Interestingly, the Andaman people on other islands are dying off and suffering from ennui and the news report stated that the savage islanders fear our diseases, which means their zero-immigration policy is based in actual experience.
Now, I am a heathen who hates civilization and also, in my twisted mind, am able to harbor significant sympathy for Christians—so long as they refrain from telling me I'm going to Hell, when their idea of hell is clearly a conflation of Hades and Hel from heathen myth.
I look at the mission of this man to Christianize the very last natural people of the world as a supreme act of evil. The history of missionary work amongst such primitive people has always, always, always been one of cultural destruction, followed by addiction and sloth, those very things that Christians I know ironically battle in civilization, having been the inevitable gift of Christianity. I don't suspect any Christian missionaries of having bad intentions in their work. It is also obvious that they are not capable of seeing Christianity as a vehicle for modernity, which is the force that is also attacking Christianity, the thing that eats everything, the actual living monstrosity of an all-devouring god that is worshipped abjectly on this very day—Black Friday, when the masses of Materialists worship as fervently at retail outlets as any Christian congregation every did in a church, their media priests acting like ushers into their always-retreating acquisitive heaven that beckons them ever onward into greed and degeneracy.
I sincerely hope that those savage islanders remain defiantly isolationist when our noxious civilization is nothing but a bad memory, for those people may be 70,000 years on that island, which means hundreds of civilizations have risen and fallen while they lived their happy lives. I also suspect that ours is not the first global civilization and that we shall share the fate of those went so arrogantly before. We heathens should also realize that not every Christian denomination devotes itself to erasing culture, that some preserve human culture and are being attacked by the very system that rode on the backs of their predecessors only to turn the mechanics of cultural erasure on congregations whose churches were literally built on ground acquired by that very process.
The system that seeks our erasure is devoted to making us all enemies of each other. So anytime an alliance can be managed across our various divides, we deny ideological resources to the abomination which is devouring us.
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Manny     Nov 24, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving to you James. I would like to toast to more of these people getting perforated. I love happy endings.
James     Nov 24, 2018

Mister Soprano, I respected your barbaric Iberian ancestors for showing up on random islands and demanding a conversation about God at sword point, but preaching Christian passivism to the only people on the planet who haven't elected to suck the cock of the God of Things, I can't respect that.
Manny     Nov 25, 2018

These faggot churchians are disgusting to all men. I would give them a moment to think about Jesus before putting them to the sword.
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