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'Once I Can Get My ADD Ass to Buckle Down'
Crackpot Mailbox: Lucas Freese Has Some Thought Stoking Questions
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The Violence Project & Question
Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 1:31 PM (2 days ago)
to me, lynnlockhart328
Hey Lynn and James,
I was wondering about the Violence Project book. They're selling it on Amazon for 60 bucks. I'm willing to pay that, although I want to make sure the money is actually going to you and it's not a bootleg or something. Listening to some older podcasts wasn't sure what the situation was since Amazon was dropping the hammer on some titles. My work gave me Amazon gift cards as a bonus so I've been trying to support my favorite authors like you and E. Michael Jones.
Lucas, since amazon suppressed The Fighting Edge [available here as an e-book ] and The Logic of Steel [available here as an ebook ] as print books they have been selling as used books by third parties for $30 and up, with some people paying hundreds for The Logic of Steel. So I asked Lynn to edit both volumes into an omnibus, add supplementary material and publish them as The Violence Project. That money—all crackpot books publications—goes into my bank account to support me during my extended adolescence, and when I finally go Benjamin Button the proceeds will nourish the dreams of other, better-looking and more deserving, children. To date only a single copy has been printed and sold so you will be gaining a real collector's item. That steep $60 price tag was chosen as that was the price point, with that size book, where the author makes a penny more than amazon. Our typical books are priced so that I make about the shipping costs and amazon makes three times that. For instance, when I sold The Logic of Steel through Paladin Press, I got .52 cents, Paladin Got $5.20 and Amazon got $10.50.
The Violence Project
An Omnibus Volume of James' First Two Books
Also, I was reading When You're Food while waiting for my girl to get out from work. A guy walked by and came back to ask what it was, apparently captivated by the gruesome cover. I gave him a rundown and told him to check out your work. Not sure what he'll think, but he did say he was into martial arts and seemed like he could be a bit crazy so hopefully you get a new reader out of it. Anyway, finished the book and thought it was excellent.
Lucas, you were reading the Forever Autumn Press edition published by my adopted brother Mescaline Franklin, which has additional survival advice in the back, which you reference in the question below. The basic edition is available at our online book store as an e-book. [ ]
When You're Food: Raw:
A Fighter’s View of Predatory Aggression: The Forever Autumn Press Edition
I was wondering if you could address a subject related to it. You talked about remaining silent when being targeted by an attacker because anything you say will rile them up and they don't know how to handle silence. How do you maintain a cool head in tense situations like that? (And in general. It's definitely not my strong suit.)
Silence in the Face of Aggression
Lucas, the effectiveness of this is only assured when you are either physically menacing and or have projected subtle cues through dress, demeanor and posture that you might be armed and dangerous despite having been targeted for violence as likely prey. And even then, the aggressor might be stoned or an idiot and unable to pick up on the danger signs. I have been saved from prison and CNN infamy about once a year on the streets of Baltimore by an accomplice who has stopped his idiot wingman from initiating contact when I was obviously fixing to shank a skank for damnation.
What elements of my personality have gone into my ability to remain cool in such situations?
-As a child adults in my family usually ignored me when I tried to speak, so I got used to being quiet.
-When teenagers beat me up as a child I found that my pleas for help fell on deaf adult ears and that the teens got meaner, so I went silent.
So I guess the first stage was learning the wisdom of mice and rabbits and going silent around cats and dogs.
Stage two was learning that my verbal protests, saying things such as "I'm tellin'" "don't" "please" "why" "what did I do" "you suck" "You're a big dumb Pollack" "your dad's a bigger dumber Pollack" all this shit made it worse.
I grew silent as I was beaten and tormented and found strength to endure in that silent place, drew deep into my own mind and began viewing my body as a tool, as some second-rate, obsolete device into which I had been consigned for suffering by a sadistic God. As my catholic religious indoctrination became forged in beatings administered by fellow parishiners [I spelled it three ways and don't care to get this particular word right at the cost of better spent effort], who I would see at church standing proudly by their parents, I conceived of the world of adults and bullies as God's torments upon my damned soul and thence began waging a one-punk war with no aim other than the torment of God's righteous tools that had been set upon my tiny dimwitted soul. I became a psychopath at 11.5 years of age as I went into puberty and soon found that silence disturbed the vile adults that ruled in Hell and struck fear into the hearts of the teenage demons that patrolled those realms of torment.
As I progressed along my own righteous path as a lone crusader in the hell I had been borne into by something more ominously winged than a stork I discovered, that by age 13 I was able to intimidate teens and disturb most adults, largely through silence, as words were the things they drew forth from you to twist and ensnare you and turn to their own evil purposes. I went to bed every night dreaming of killing men dressed as school teachers and priests. I soon discovered that anytime I locked eyes with a person after visualizing butchering men that they usually shied away, but sometimes adults would show concern and I would find an ally or mentor and teens would bristle and I would find food for my hate. In later years I have harnessed this by always imagining how I would kill the man coming into view. If he is not a danger and he rarely is, I shut down the visualization and avoid eye contact, if he is a danger I stay focused on his demise.
Eye-fucking a man should never be engaged in unless he is threatening you or others you care about, or if he hasn't paid up on his meth bill and you don't feel like killing him just now.
The facilitation of silence and eye contact as an adult was developed in me through boxing, gaining the ability to watch the oncoming punch and eating it while still looking at the retracing glove and the one coming behind that. This was done in sparring, contact practice with a partner.
The next level was cultivated in competition, real fights, whether ritualistic street challenges as a teen, legit sports combat or where most of my experience happened, in illegal and unsanctioned tests between like-minded knuckleheads who developed the ability to bruise, cut, concuss, KO and break the bones of each other and remains friends when the bout was over as a way of elevating each other above the bleating masses tormented by the evil shepherd and his sadistic sheep dogs. By 2005 I had gotten to the point where my relaxation level got so deep that I would literally be falling asleep up until fight time. I have used this recently, within the month, to pretend to be nodding off in an elderly way while observing the two bad actors who had selected me for their evil intentions in a small town bar.
I don't know how you take my experience and apply it to your need, Lucas, but you must not verbalize with the emasculated savagery or escalation of aggression will occur.
The exception would be the easy going big bad white negro approach of my friend Big Ron, for which you pretty much need to be Big, Bad and Ron-like. I myself have emerged from the twerp school of damnation and through loads of experience have been able to negotiate rowdy savage encounters. You need success either beating these people up like Ron, or creeping them out like me, before you can afford to articulate with the vociferous foot soldiers of anarcho-tyranny. And do understand, that just like us, the most dangerous of them, stay silent a s a snake until they strike.
Happy New Year to both of y'all and looking forward to reading some more books and more Crackpot podcast.
Lucas Freese
(P.S. I used to post under the name [deleted] on your comments section. Decided to switch psuedonyms for security reasons, but thank you for addressing my comment on the Mighty Khan episode. Masculine Axis has been an interesting read and once I can get my ADD ass to buckle down and finally finish it, I'll try to throw some more thought provoking questions your way.)
Let the World Fend for Itself
Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight
‘Cecil’s Riddle’
author's notebook
A 1 Person Population Replacement Chart
blue eyed daughter of zeus
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Scott     Jan 11, 2019

James, reading about your childhood and remembering other posts in which you mention being chased down for fun by whites in pick up trucks I have to ask: What The Actual Fuck is or was wrong with that area you grew up in? Can't say I grew up in or lived in a "bad" area but out of all the bad situations and characters I met in my life, the level of menace there is off the charts.
    Jan 16, 2019

Will write as an article, Scott.


In the meantime, read 40,000 Years from Home for the roster of incidents.
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