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Where Pretty Lies Perish
Chateau Heartiste is Back with the Manifesto of Another Mass Shooter
Chateau Heartiste
Where pretty lies perish.
Full Text of Alleged Manifesto of El Paso Shooter
Aug 5th, 2019 by CH
This is the full text of the alleged manifesto of the El Paso Walmart shooter, posted in the interest of free speech and the right of the public to know the motivations and causes of newsworthy events. It is currently being deleted everywhere.
The Inconvenient Truth
About me
In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto.
Read it all here:
Dark Age Dawning
Reading the manifesto I am caught halfway between wondering if this man were a fanatic on a fool's errand, fighting his own doomed version of a pre-lost war or is he a reprogramed wingnut activated by Deep State handlers to bring about cries from the weak, meek and shrill alike for Judge Dread style federal policing and the complete disarmament of decent people?
In the short term and the long term, I do not believe it matters.
Darkness has fallen across an already deluded American mind.
We no live on an ever-expanding battlefield.
This is doubly so when one considers the work that Colin Flarety is doing over at Bit Chute with his Weekly Mass Shooting Butcher's Bill.
Colin's work over the past two months has revealed the following trend:
-20-40 mass shootings in the U.S. per week
-1-2 of these are committed by Latinos
-1-2 of these are committed by Caucasians
-20-35 of these are committed by African Americans.
Taken flatly, what has occurred with Trump Derangement syndrome and/or Deep State resistance to Trump, is an America where one European American a year used to go nuts and slaughter people, to a nation where it happens every week. The fact that the media obscures and denies the many mass shootings by ebon warriors does not answer the question that comes to mind:
Is this Deep State manipulation?
Or is this Caucasian negrofication?
Or is it both?
It doesn't matter. In the end, we are all residing today in a slice of America that can be transmogrified into a parody of West Baltimore tomorrow.
Welcome to Harm City, White-Boy
Dawn in Dindustan
Conducting the Moral Autopsy 0f a Nation
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AnonymousAug 10, 2019

I work a few blocks from the "Old Timers" party mass shooting where 2 shooters open fired on the crowd. Note that De Blasio would not call it a mass shooting because it seems that his definition of mass shooting is that which is done by a a shooter with a rifle not a handgun (and also the shooter must be "angry" and palefaced to qualify.) What shooting happens when the shooter is not angry? Yet the news cycle keeps saying "white" "angry." This is further psychically driven into the collective American mind by every Netflix program consisting of mean angry palefaces. It is modern magic. The physically wolrd outpictures the images pounded into the collective mind. For example as soon as Sons of Anachary got a season inder its belt every middle aged tues was LARPing as a mc gang. Americans are acting like collectives retards. It is so obvious. Oh well.
responds: Aug 12, 2019

Thanks, attaching this to a text I just got from a Virginia Beach Cop.
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