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November 8-16 2019
Postmortem Hate Training Log
© 2019 James LaFond
Friday 8
11:30 AM: 4 serano peppers, pork chop, sausage, 2 beef cubs
3:05-15 PM: plyos
6:00 PM: 1 beer, handful almonds, cup of greasy pork broth
9:00-10:30 PM: coached boxing, hit bag for 10 minutes
11:00 PM: 3 cups pork broth, handful cashews
Saturday 9
6 PM to 2:00 AM: handful cashews, handful almonds, cup sour cream dip, 2 shots whiskey, 5 beers
Sunday 10
10:00 AM: 4 slices bacon, 3 eggs
11:15-12:55; sparred with banjo, non-stop with light sticks
7:00 PM: 3 pickles, 5 ounces cheese
8:00-9:00 PM: coached boxing
10:30 PM: pork chop, sausage, cup of roast beef
Monday 11
Took off training to finish 2 books, Sold and As Darkness Falls and begin the new novelette Night Manger.
12:00-3:00 AM: 3 teaspoons heavy cream
5:00-6:00 PM: floor exercises, plyos
6:30-7:30 PM: meat stick, dipped in marmite, 2 beers, half cup of pulled pork
8:00-9:00 PM: floor exercises and plyos
9:00-10:00 PM: 2 shots tequilla, ¼ cup blue berries
Tuesday 12
1:10 PM: can of dollar store spam fried in coconut oil, 3 cups green beans, handful cashews, handful almonds, handful peanuts
3:08-45 PM: plyos and shadow boxing
5:03-6:14 PM: floor exercises, plyos
6:45-10 PM: cup of wine, 5 beers, 1 slice of grilled chicken pizza, handful of potato chips
10:15-11 PM: floor exercises, stretches
Wednesday 13
11:00-20 AM: Shadow boxing, plyos
1:30 PM: 3 cups broccoli, can of Vienna sausages, handful cashews
7:00 PM: cheesy chili with handful of fries, half a prime rib, Caesar salad, 2 beers
9-10:30: floor exercises, stretches, plyos
Thursday 14
7:30-8:00: floor exercises, stretches
8:30 AM: slice of bacon, 3 tablespoons cream
3:30-4 PM: floor exercises
4:30-7:30 PM: 5 beers
Friday 15
11:15 AM: half a steak, a potato skin, 2 cups green beans, 1 cup asparagus, handful of cashews
12:45: 1 beer
2:20: handful cashews
3:45 PM: finished a novel, celebrating with 1 beer
7:00 PM: 1 cup each, mushroom, sausage, cheese, tomato, mussels
9:25 PM: Finished as Darkness Falls
Saturday 16
I think I gained a few pounds, so am fasting.
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