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'But, I'm Too Old'
Crackpot Mailbox: Sifu Jewell and James Discuss Self Defense
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New Blog from this past Monday
Brian Jewell
Thu, Jan 2, 2:06 PM (8 days ago)
Hope your having a good New Year. Here is my latest blog. I’m considering putting up more “hot topic” subjects in the near future. Subjects like gun control, economic policies, how Baltimore might benefit from a “stand your ground” law..... Stuff like that.
Let me know what you think. I definitely want to write more on those kind of subjects, but not quite sure if my blog would be the right format:

Brian, sorry for taking so long here.
I really like this piece, for placing our failing spirit as a culture in the crosshairs of discipline, exactly where it belongs.
Your blog needs to be the place you address this in order to promote your work. You do have to be creatively tactful and/or obviously obtuse in handling certain taboo subjects.
Your ideas for getting deeper into the causes of what you are training to deal with, and the fact that you are now manning a family homestead on the banks of a savage river, definitely find relation in my mind. That 7-11 across from where we ate lunch last month sees an armed robbery or serious assault at least once a week and the cops don't care.
Some tips for you to steer clear of the pit of deplatformation which I have stumbled into a few times now:
-1. Don't mention any details about the people who commit crimes. If 9 in 10 muggers happen to be from Shitbucktoo, do not mention that. With a Maryland residence, you can be targeted by the media and others more successfully than a hobo like me.
-2. Do not advocate for gun ownership or you will be a target and could even end up being sued for some cop being shot by some nut resisting the serving of a red flag warrant. Write in philosophical, historical or statistical terms, not in political or advocacy terms.
-3. For any videos or written instruction you do, do not cover finishing methods, like using an attacker's knife to take him out. In each of these after you work evasion, defense and neutralization, suggest egress as an option and stress that one should avoid injuring the foot soldiers of the system that hates us. Try to say it with a straight face. Any finishing methods should only be taught in privates and off video.
-4. Do not advocate for community organization against crime, such as community watch, Guardian Angel-like patrolling or other responsible social behavior. This could make you a target in various scenarios.
Something to look at would be doing your own anecdotal study of violence in the area where you live, work and train. This can be reported upon in a detached manner, avoiding certain thought patrol violations, and keeping your analysis socially narrow and focusing on the scene, means and options for survival.

You Are Not Too Old To Start Your Training
December 30, 2019 by sifujewell
Several years ago I was working a security job in Towson. The pay wasn’t great unless I worked inhuman hours and there was no health insurance attached to the position. However, I loved this particular assignment because I was in an empty building for twelve hours where I could practice Kung-Fu and work in my poetry and short stories. One day I was talking to my supervisor, and somehow the subject of my martial arts training came up. After a few moments he said something like, “I’d love to learn to do that, but I’m too old now.”
Read more at:

I would add that older folks need combatives training more than anyone, as the elderly and middle aged are being preyed upon at ever higher rates by the hunters of our increasingly empathy-free anarcho-tyranny zones such as Baltimore.
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