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Shamdemic Survivor
Surfing the Apocalisp on the Overton Railroad: May 1-7, 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
I have just completed this book before going into a fiction-writing retreat to finish much needed work where the world will not so needlingly interceded.
It is available from me at any time forward as a pdf with my collectable typos and homonym abuse.
The word count is 13,355 over 104 pages set in malgun gothic 12 point.
This is the length of book I would like to traffic in from here on out, in fiction and non-fiction, with 96 to 128 pages my target. 5 of the 25 chapters have or will appear online, the other 20 confined between the covers as my secret crimes.
The table of contents reads:
Elves, Cucks and Butter Babes 7
Stazzi Zonal Law 11
Breaking the Law 14
Tracking 19
Mask Church 21
‘Predictive Programing’ 24
The Bonfire 27
The Portland Front 32
‘Within a Harvester of Souls’ 34
The Governor 58
PPA 60
In the U.S. 64
An N-95 Mask 66
My Korea Doll 68
Our Keepers 69
'Band-Of-Brothers' 70
'Liberty or Death' 76
Aldis 80
Dollar Tree 82
I Guess I’m Supposed to be Dead’ 86
Deception on the Overton Railroad 87
The Show 92
‘Supremacy of the Castrated State’ 95
Idle 101
Afterword 102
In the Crease of Might Complete
books in progress
Anubis’ Gate Complete
broken dance
solo boxing
let the world fend for itself
time & cosmos
the sunset saga complete
the fighting edge
when you're food
search for an american spartacus
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