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Darksome Dawn Complete
Journal of a Feral Paleface Under the Ebon Heel: June 15-22, 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
I just completed this book at 12,212 words and 72 pages. I am doing such short form work, at about novelette length, in order to try and clear my internal desk of Overton Railroad material. I am trying just to write fiction and history and fable and am only beginning such a book when life forces me—not media reports which I do not imbibe, but when life impedes my journey into fiction and history. When next the world insists on foisting its lies upon me, I will start another such book. In the meantime I am hiding inside and skulking in alleys in an attempt to follow my passion rather than this journalistic compulsion.
Dust Cover
I swore to myself that I would only write fable and fiction this summer, and, as I sat in a car bringing groceries home from a dollar store, a 2.5-year-old ebony princeling commanded the car to stop, blocking the alley with his 24-pound body and then confronted and chastised me on my Land Lady’s property. I claimed piracy, with my eye-patch as proof, and sent him forth amongst his privileged fellows of the aristocracy in this city of the darksome deities. What follows is my minimalistic record of life among my ebony masters as I try and write something other than this…
‘You Have to Stop’ 6
A Tale of Two Grocers 8
Bad Man 10
18 Calves 14
Text Waindow 18
‘Doom and Gloom’ 21
Synonymous America 26
'This Huwyte Barbarian?' 34
Hobo History 39
The Strongest Man I Know 41
‘You Need a Hand?’ 45
‘Crossing the Street’ 47
‘Paying Attention’ 49
‘What You Gonna Do?’ 53
Da Raciss King 56
Hunting Alpha 59
Age Coach 61
Free Book Burning 64
‘Feeding My Family’ 65
Flight of the Wild Ghost 68
After Dark 72
Eight Minutes and Forty-Six Seconds
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beasts of aryаs
orphan nation
the sunset saga complete
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