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‘You Need a Hand?’
A Doctor Dread Tale
I was on the highway and I see this guy pulled over to change a flat tire. That is all well and good. He knew what he was about. But the woman that is with him can’t control the kids and there are five kids running around the car on the side of the road. So I stopped, walked up and say, “You need a hand? I don’t want to question your ability to change the tire or anything. I can just see that you have your hands full.”
The guy was like, “Sure, thanks.”
I said, “Well, you can watch the kids and I’ll change the tire.”
He then said, “You’re a redneck, right,” pointing at my pickup truck.
“No, actually, I’m just a regular guy. I’m a professional who happens to own a pickup truck.”
He then starts asking me if I’m a Trump supporter and wants to know my political views, and I’m just trying to help him get back on the road without any of his kids getting squashed.
He keeps pressing me for my opinions on current events and Trump and I’m just trying to get the work done and I’m trying to avoid a political discussion on the side of the highway and get his tire changed. Of course he can sense that I’m reticent so I can see he is thinking the worst, that I might have had a hand in placing the Devil in office.
Eventually, I get done changing the tire and I extend my hand and say, “You’re ready to go, have a nice day, Sir,” and he says, “Fuck you.”
Hostility to the servant class on behalf of the elite is to be expected in these times of extreme orthodoxy. Keeping in mind that sissy men—which means most Americans of all races—resent kindness, strength and civility on behalf of other men, such attacks for good deeds should be expected, especially from guilty ghost men.
We enter a time when kindness and being a Good Samaritan will be seen as a sign of weakness on behalf of Knightly Hued Saviors and of seeking redemption for ideological sins by Guilty Ghosts. If you are of knightly hue then acts of good will should pay large dividends. However, if you are of ghostly hue, then acts of good will are increasingly going to be seen as the abasement of the slave and the guilt of a heretic. And in a climate of totalistic orthodoxy, a heretic lurks always and everywhere and must be ferreted out by the Faithful.
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Don QuotaysAug 22, 2020

Perhap I'm just a unreconstructed asshole, but after that redneck crack, I'd have turned and left.

Life's too short to help jerks who lack basic courtesy.
Dr. DreadAug 19, 2020

You paraphrase this much better than I could have.
responds:Aug 20, 2020

I have five more self-defense stories yet to post from your dinner table download. As it turns out the stuff we have gone through in the Baltimore area is now a common plight across the Kuntry, so they make useful illustrations.

Thanks for the material.
ShepAug 19, 2020

Un-fucking-believeable, Doc.

No good deed goes un-punished.
responds:Aug 20, 2020

I never met anyone with a stronger desire to do the right thing and to help strangers—and he literally gets attacked by others over this on a regular basis.
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