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A Science-Haunted World Completed
Parting Notes on American Implosion: August 25 thru September 2, 2020
© 2020 James LaFond
This is my last book on the wearisome subject of urban blight, I have been writing on since 1996. At 21,238 words over 136 pages, this book turns out to be the maximum length I can stomach devoting to our devolution. I have completed 20 books on the subject of American blight this year. They are in alphabetical order, and averaging about 120 pages:
-A Science-Haunted World
-After Dark
-Anubis’ Gate
-Apocalisp [in print]
-Bad Book Good Book
-Dark Age
-Dark Kangdom
-Eight Minutes and Forty Six Seconds
-Emasculinity to Infinity
-Exodus Aryаs
-Harpy Haj
-How God Saved Mars
-In the Crease of Might
-In the Shadows of Fright
-In the Shallows of Night
-Shamdemic Survivor
-Darksome Dawn
I am retiring to fiction and history writing. Half of my days are spent in fever or seizure and I just can’t put any more energy into the needling now.
Thanks for your support.
As I spoke to her about her predicament caught between various fanatical orthodoxy vectors masquerading as humans, I had to say, “I’m so sorry. You are caught smack between the old demon-haunted world of puritanical negation and the new science-haunted world of the mask. You are a lone human candle flickering in a hysterical night, a world where the sun does not rise unless the fact keepers say it did.”
Ms. Lockhart will publish this at some point she sees fit. If you would like a pdf copy with collectible typos, email me.

Notes 3
Goads the Hapless Manbeast 7
Armed Citizens 13
‘Forgotten by God and Rand McNally’ 18
No Place for Men 21
Waking Up in Indian Country 31
Second Order Tabooing 32
‘From Within an Abyss of Despair’ 37
Email from a Brother 39
Roleplay and the Civic Bray 41
'All-In-Fighting' 51
More Waking Up in Indian Country 61
The Inn 63
Omnivorous Minds 69
Dissenting Duck-Eye View 71
‘A Far-Seeing Place’ 83
Majority Report 86
Misinformation 93
Word Counts August 2020 95
Bashed and Gashed 97
Maiden Song of a Shithole City 101
Full Auto Scapegoat 107
Into Ruin 111
Hi James 118
Debt Creation Nation 120
Megafauna 126
Literary Epilogue 128
Headed into the Mountains 132
‘A Lack of Qualitative Silence’ 133
‘In Satan’s Backyard’ 134
Addendum 136
Unbowed Completed
books in progress
The Filthy Few Completed
book of nightmares
thriving in bad places
let the world fend for itself
dark, distant futures
on the overton railroad
beasts of aryаs
the first boxers
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