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Alliance Allied Security
A Conversation with a Private Transit Policeman
© 2020 James LaFond
Denver, Union Station, 8/17/20
Two Transit Cops stood within the swank station with face masks, the man near my age obviously commanding the dozen-man detail, signaling for a young man up on the third floor of the hotel balcony overlooking the concourse and lounge below, to mask up. The Dread Minus is becoming ever more lethal, with a range of some fifty feet it seems.
I was tired of this prick eye-fucking me so I approached him: “I see you are some kind of transit police. What can you tell me about Portland—I’m headed there and I noticed you guys have a stronger than normal presence here and in Chicago.”
We’re private contractors, all former military and or police, and armed. I’m still a part time police officer. The shit show in Portland is all around the federal courthouse. The train station will be fine. Since 911 all mass transit hubs are designated national security priorities. We have bomb sniffing dogs and backup. We don’t mess around. Anything spills over from this shit show on the streets we stop it.
The news is all fake. What’s going on is boredom. Our youth are out of work, out of college and looking for a purpose. As soon as the lockdown came violent crime shot up everywhere and the police have been stretched thin since March. Not only do you have to protect you have to enforce social distancing and the masks. It’s more work so there’s more of us.
[He nods to his burly young coworker and that man nods in the affirmative and ascents, ‘The news is all fake.’]
[His commander continues…]
We are here to maintain the security of federal property, of mass transit centers and we’ll do what it takes. You’ll be fine in Portland as long as you’re at the train station.
Have a safe trip, sir.
[I could have been a surly hobo, but preferred turning this goon form asshole to asset in a sentence.]
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New Ledford     Dec 1, 2020

Your behavior reminds me of black men born and raised in the old South. Outwardly polite and respectful towards authority, but with a very clear-eyed view of social reality.

I think it's the way to go for most of us. Build lives as far apart from globoh*m* as possible and avoid unnecessary confrontation and attention.
    Dec 2, 2020

I am essentially a negro.

The prequel will post tomorrow.
Don Quotays     Dec 1, 2020

Well played.
    Dec 2, 2020

The prequel is posting tomorrow.
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