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None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham
© 2020 James LaFond
1971, Concord Press, Seal Beach, CA, 142 pages
Garry Allen published a conservative journal called American Opinion Magazine and the book Nixon: The Man Behind the Mask
None Dare Call It Conspiracy was a book of evangelical reactionary awakening, which attempted to inform Americans that though they were prosperous, that their children and grandchildren where being mortgaged as debt slaves and butchered in Vietnam for international bankers.
The book begins by examining the hoax that conspiracies are impossible and that only “accidental” causes drive nations and peoples and histories. The development of communism as a mere wing of international banking is well-documented. The sources used were either current academics discussing globalism as a utopia and exposing the conspiracy as cheerleaders of it, or sources from the academic study of economics from the first half of the 20th century. FDR is quoted in support of conspiracy as the key mechanism of politics.
The book is clear and convincing. The problem is that it is so densely packed with accurate information that it is hard to keep it in your head. This book was meant to be passed around in order to derail the re-election of dark-horse leftist Richard Nixon, who, after losing to JFK sold his soul to the same super-rich cabal of fiends whose forefathers used Teddy Roosevelt to stop the reelection of anti-globalist Taft and get in Woodrow Wilson, who was literally the admitted meat-puppet of his “alter ego” Colonel House, a British banking rep. The central thesis of the book is that if Nixon got reelected, it was game-over for nationalism, personal freedom and social and economic conservatism, including religion.
They supply 14 points that indicate that the joint mission of private banking cartels and communism would install socialism in the west by destroying the middle class if more than 5 of those conditions were met. Nixon had already implemented 4th of 4 then in place. By my count we are solidly at 9. It is quite obvious by reading this simple expose of a complex and nefarious science of social degradation through financial manipulation, that the merchants of death, the banking cartels who financed both sides of almost every substantial American war over 200 years—including The Civil War, WWI, WWII and Vietnam—had simply implemented a sensible plan to recapture their tens of millions of liberated slaves now working in industry and technology, by placing nations in debt, and using that leverage to generate perpetual debt slavery for the individual.
The great tool began as “panics” instigated by men such as J.P. Morgan. After the creation of the Federal Reserve, Charles A. Lindberg Sr. declared, “From now on depressions will be scientifically created,” rather than using mob hysteria alone to wreck small business and banks.
A list of post-Depression dates are given for engineered recessions from 1936 through 1970, which number 8.
Prominent among the academic sources, is pro-globalist Professor Carroll Quigley’s 1300-page Tragedy and Hope, which exposes the conspirators in the form of worshipful adulation.
Jefferson’s missive to Adams agreeing that “banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies,” is juxtaposed in the text with globalists, like British bankers promoting “One World socialism” showing globalism as the natural evolution of the British plantation and colonial system. Foremost among these nation-eating fiends was Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, who dreamed willfully, quoted from his 1942 biography by John Hargrave, “that the Hegemony of World Finance should reign supreme over everyone, everywhere, as one whole super-national control mechanism.”
Friends, when my mother was feeding me peas in my highchair watching JFK get his head blown apart in 1963, the fix was already firmly in.
We live in a post-human economic matrix based on fear and panic since the 1890s, which is now inclusive of bio-tech and info-tech of a power that Gary Allen could have scarcely imagined in 1971. I don’t know what happened to the old spit-in-the-wind crusader against banking and communism, but he was damned right.
Nixon would go on to take the U.S. off the gold standard, implement socialism across the land and present the idea of a War on Drugs, which was necessary to militarize policing before the banking game had made us all debt slaves. The key note in the thesis of American political farce in None Dare Call It Conspiracy, is the fact that socialism has always progressed under Democrats, never regressed under Republicans, and has made its key gains under Republicans, such as Nixon and King Shrub the Younger, who signed the Patriot Act. As with Orwell’s 1984—not cited in this book—the State is chiefly responsible for fighting external enemies created by that very same state [Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya for instance] and declaring moral enemies within the state [drugs, thought, hate, disease] all as excuses for exercising control. For the mechanism that is not exercised—just like your bicep—atrophies and loses its ability to do its task. Of course, contrary to what the idiot masses of 2020 America think, governments have only ever had one purpose: to exploit, control, punish, stampede and ultimately cull the witless human herd. Hence the genius of Democracy is the notion that the State is the opposite of what it actually is and thus benefits from perpetual delusions of grandeur on the part of its subjects.
In closing, Allen singles out the Council on Foreign Relations as the chief and all-pervasive enemy of mankind, and suggests the only reliable news alternative to the spin-masters spawning their webs of deceit from the many associated “think tanks” as The John Birch Society.
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