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In the Future
When I Undergo Indoctrination Focused on the Fact That I Represent a Gender and Race of Evil
© 2021 James LaFond
How should I best respond to these workplace sessions about how women are better than me and how Tyrone is a god and I’m a piece-of-shit?
Is there even a good way to conduct such sessions?
-Mister Grey

I have known various people who have been subjected to such reeducation and indoctrination into the blood libel that the working class paleface is the only natural born evil being on planet earth. It is as if we are a collective Satan, being excoriated by the Puritans. There is no way out of this unless a huge natural disaster or a war of extermination waged by the elites against lesser humanity takes fire. The technology of elite conquest and domination of the world since 1498 was the low-born paleface with a rifle or sword and a will to fight against the odds.
We have been replaced by drones, and cruise missiles and stealth fighters and psychological operations and media gas-lighting. We are now a liability, the only demographic that has consistently conquered nations and toppled empires. Our kind are the dogs of war of another age unwanted in the kennels of the Quean.
Tell them what they want to hear, short of verbalizing your guilt.
Do not argue or hesitate, but rather agree and affirm the dogma immediately to ally suspicion.
Do not trust upwellings, like the story today, 1/6/2021 sent to me in many texts about armed rebellion in the U.S. capital. It will not be permitted to stand.
Do not get suckered out into the open by hyped hope.
Do not engage in sarcasm.
Learn the lies and regurgitate them back to your overseers lest the masters and slave catchers and hounds of the mind prison be summoned to force you into your obviously assigned place.
Freedom of expression in the work place, in public and in education will not go unpunished and carry no potential for benefit only the possibility of reprisal.
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New Ledford     Jan 13, 2021

Do what Mr. LaFond suggests if you have to attend. Might also be a good day to catch the Covid. Gotta self-isolate.

Don't stay awake at night worrying about drones, missiles, and the media. All those things can't beat a stone-age militia in Afghanistan. Westerners are softer. Don't be soft, but don't be stupid.

Look on these times as an opportunity. If you're an electrician or a welder, look for a Green New Deal contract, especially if you have a non-pale friend to sign the deal.
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