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‘A Cancer on the Soul’
Circa 3/3/2021, Answered from a ‘Read Only’ Brothel Patron Email Account
© 2021 James LaFond
I'm so glad you introduced role playing games to my kids. I got to the end of my rope and told their mom that all the video games and phones will be staying at her house. They can have at least 3 days a week at my house without any of that shit.
I feel really guilty for being lazy and allowing them to waste as many hours of their childhood as they already have on the hypnotism devices. I ain't really articulate enough to express exactly how much and why I hate what these things do to kids minds, but they are a cancer on the soul.
Here's the thing. Once these kids figure out that they can't have the digital crack, they very quickly find new pursuits. All they wanna fuckin do lately is play D and D (and ask for the 100th time when Games LaFond is gonna be in town). I'm glad that the transition from being geeked on video games and YouTube to going cold turkey has been a lot less painful than I expected.
Tell M…y that we thank him very gratefully for Ghettopoly.
-Yeti Waters

Yeti Sire, I believe that there is a reason why well-meaning Christians went after roleplaying games as the Devil’s work in the 1970s and 80s, as well rode high on prohibition and have been the staunchest supporters of the War on Drugs, which has targeted me for violence dozens of times simply for being a loser paleface on foot in a society policed by goons dedicated to keeping people from altering their own mind through drug use. I have found nothing in Scripture or Gospel that supports this notion that not being a mind-slave to evil men is intrinsically evil. However, ever since the Roman system adopted Christianity as its social control method, and especially when Christianity attempted to purify itself of Catholicism when the Catholic Martin Luther and other Catholic Protestant Church fathers [that’s right, the founders of non-Catholic Christian denominations from 1200 through 1600 were most if not all Catholics breaking away from the Roman corruption] then the individual connection with God through Jesus became explicitly secondary to the individual’s collective connection with God through Government, with various collective notions such as race and ideology taking the Savior’s place as millions today mentally place themselves upon the cross.
This evolution of atheism out of Christianity is perhaps the clearest metaphysic development of human society in the Modern Age and is so easily traced, that I find it mesmerizing that virtually no atheist of Christian can see it.
The latest iteration of this Roman system, of this “universalism” which is what Catholicism meant is social media and virtual observation-participation. I observed this hypnosis when I was sitting with your Youngest as he attended Zoom school and the bobble-head teacher, squeaked in her didactic diction, “Okay, now we are going to discuss white privilege,” and the journey into weaponized fantasy began for the school day.
For this reason, children that play roleplaying games will be at an advantage when false narratives are constructed for their control and diminishment—for they will learn these mechanics themselves and understand that modernity is just a game, but a game whose aim is not recreational, but lethal.
The point about bringing up Christianity here, is that the attempts—almost exclusively by Christians—to outlaw roleplaying in the 1980s, were supported by news media, and represent, along with the War on Drugs, that has resulted in a police state now being pointed at Christians, one of the final collusions by Christians and Government to limit free thinking and access to mind alteration methods. Within exactly 10 years of the attempt by media and Church to ban roleplaying games, we saw, in 2001, Government targeting of Christians as enemies of the State and a recruitment of radical atheists as government actors against them, something that has now come into full fruit.
Roleplaying and any gaming—even playing cards or chess or dominos, these all being pursuits enjoyed traditionally by convicts, criminals and the underclass in Anglo-America trying to avoid State indoctrination—serve as mind-sharpening tools which by their very nature threaten the mechanisms of social control. So, in the future, where once in the past religious Christians spearheaded initiatives against free gaming and in favor of sobriety, expect to see atheists pushing for the eradication of free gaming and the enforcement of involuntary drug therapy and the use of role playing in media and indoctrination for social control.
Against this I suggest encouraging your children to game in secret and exclude feminine participation, as women will try and use this activity to brainwash the young, and if unsuccessful, will seek its eradication, just like the church ladies of old.
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