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Prowling in the Shadows
Banjo and the Crackpot Discuss Man’s Terminal Domestication: Dateline 3/7/21
[The Crackpot’s comments are in brackets.]
To go further the new paradigm we are entering is a total control grid. Health, financial, travel, speech etc. Control grids are being dropped in that interlap with each other. Once one understand this all the dissonance in what we are being told is happening vanishes. The health grid and the mRNA vaccine is the most important step in my opinion. This is probably why the sputnik vaccine has been shunned for no good reason in the states and the Johnsons & Johnson shot took so long to come to market. I suspect those two are "safer" than the mRNA ones. This raises the question as to whether Russia will be the superpower of freedom in the next 100 years. Time will tell.
[Not being at the apex of the economy is, for a nation, company or any entity, some safeguard against total delusion. How many fighting champions begin to slip as soon as they gain their combative kingship? Most of them do. In terms of boxing analogies, we see the U.S. going from total victory in WWII to being trounced by rice farmers in Vietnam exactly a generation later, reflected in the case of Buster Douglas beating the shit out of the terrifying Mike Tyson and a year later falling over for the undersized Evander Hoyfield. I do not believe that any nation state values freedom outside of military latitude, at all. All are committed to eradicating the human soul. However, for nations below the highest tier, the human soul is left a little more free I order to serve its master until it must be extinguished, much like Themistocles, Belisarius, Patton and other combatants who served nations that hated them.]
BLM and defund the police stuff all makes sense in light of the control grid. The reason for this rhetoric is twofold. The first is that it creates a violence and crime problem. At some point, people will demand a solution and the gov will be happy to give the answer.
Before I get to what the answer is consider this. Riker's Island is closing by 2026. This is not a coincidence. They used covid to release prisoners from Rikers "for their health and safety" when they demanded that everyone be locked down, you know, like when you are in prison. These two things are contradictory so we know that that is not the real reason.
[Finally, America is becoming a blatantly normal nation, in which minorities are given the latitude to terrorize the majority. This was ordained when the American West was won and the cowboy was then sent overseas to subdue the wider world. When he came back in 1945, he had to be gelded. You don’t want to plough fields with a warhorse.]
You have spoken and written for years about how other cities will follow Baltimore. After observation in NYC I am convinced of the veracity of this statement. Where is Baltimore going after all the violence? They are trying to become the second major smart city in the country (Philly being the first).
[There has been a military drone over Baltimore for a year and there are undeclared drone fleets scouting. I was tracked by some type of organized goons this time last year in Baltimore. What is more, there was zero BLM violence in Baltimore last year, because Baltimore was the clinical trial. Baltimore thugs were rioting in Baltimore as NGO MERCs. That said, Baltimore remains extremely deadly and I think will be maintained as a predation matrix in order to keep the human cattle bleating for more sheep dogs.]
Put this info together and you know where I am going with this line of thought. The smart cities are utopian prisons or they will be. Free rent, food, sex will be open and will not lead to progeny (which will be licensed). A panopticon will be in place to track your health i.e. vaccine, i.e. wearable or implanted health device. As you can see from the previous video I sent you of Dr. Morgan you now know that DNA can be encoded with all sorts of information. This will be used for all your information, banking, cryptocurrency, passports, social credit score, tracking devices (there are patents on neurobiological systems that power off your biofunctioning (which will probably eventually mine cryptocurrency at a rate dictated by your social credit score). There will be no need for prisons because a person who offends the AI godvernment will be cut off from their money, access to their home, access to travel etc. If that doesn't work then their biology can be crippled or their life taken by turning on genes that begin to produce poisonous and lethal material. This leads to the next thing.
[I wrote a story about this in 2012 about a character named Dwayne Gridless, the last man to avoid universal chipping. It is in the collection, Darkly under the title:
The story is: The Last Man: The Upgrading of Dwayne Munson]
You may have noticed over the past few years there is a rise in the number of movies that center a plot around or have a component of euthanasia. The last one I saw had the guy from a tv show titled "The League." I forgot his name. He is a middle aged, healthy looking guy who isn't suffering from pain but has terminal cancer so he goes through the process to kill himself and his "friend" applauds him. This of course will be pushed to keep the smart cities functioning better and so that fewer resources will go to taking care of the elderly. After all why would anyone want to help the elderly when they didn't raise their own children that were licensed to them to have and thus have no sense of family. Why would they help when they could be banging some hot Ukrainian hoe or taking soma because in this utopia we will see that godliness is next to pleasure. Feeling good is feeling god.
[Banjo, that is a great stream of prose there. Can I use Feeling God for a book title, for a short novel?]
The psychedelic world has moved in this direction in recent years. There will be no more talk of taking up one's cross and facing the suffering of life. The other side of this is that man needs a challenge or he dissipates. So there will be push back except that whatever the "soma" is that can be produced via the mRNA operating system will be dropped from the cells to counter any angst. See also "Fun Vax." Man will be reduced to that which is physical only and will praise an AI god of scientism that will make perfect sense to their material mind.
[Most social science-fiction writers, such As Dick and Wolfe predicted this in fiction. Even hard science-fiction writers like Arthur C. Clarke predicted this. I also see this AI god looming in the works of Howard, Peake, Tolkien and Lewis, in what seem to be pure fantasies. Wolfe has his characters in "The Book of the New Sun" [4 volumes], "Urth of the New Sun" [1], "Litany of the Long Sun" [4], and "Saga of the Short Sun" [3] enthralled to AI godheads but contacted by an elder, “Outsider” deity. I see the future you sketch as highly probable and, like the epics of old when most people were anonymously devoured by cruel Fate and buried by uncaring Time, that a handful of personalities will struggle on against the Machine. The hope for humanity is in the extreme minority. Most people are garbage, just terrible animals seeking food, pleasure and shelter, with no minds to speak of. So, while this info-tech world seems poised to extinguish all of humanity, most of it is shit anyhow and these pathways have enabled us to meet here and in the flesh. There is an Achilles as yet and an Odysseus, in our future that will break through to the other side of the pall of evil that is Modernity.]
So the world will attempt to be converted into a utopian prison system where people choose to enter the AI Garden of Eden. Of course the population will be reduced significantly before this can be fully implemented. Useless eaters and all that. This makes sense of the overpopulation myth that is repeated by parrots ad nauseum and does not in the least represent reality.
Consider this. How can a world survive in peace? Up to this point we have survived by trickle down war profiteering. If a peacetime is truly desired by the power brokers a whole new economy will be created to use your biology to fund the system. In the past it was your effort to mine for gold or build something. Then it became your effort to serve food or some other service industry. With the advent of robotics a new system will be needed and many will perish in the process of getting to that system. This paragraph is the way all this insanity can be easily justified. Some will be sacrificed for the greater good. If we want to stop war we must create the operating system of peace.
[You describe the advent of a computational Pax Romana. That system held for less than 200 years in a time of technological stagnation. This system we see rising all around us as the sloe-eyed cattle marvel at its promising benevolence, will last just as long, I think simply because technology is advancing at a rate that renders much obsolete and becomes friction heavy. On a metaphysical level, I think that the promethean infotech moguls who would be the New Gods, are frantic to prevent the return of the old, knowing as they do in their core that they are frauds. I also suspect that God—plural and singular—is/are currently in retreat from humanity because we have largely ceased to revere them and revere ourselves instead. We deserve this and only the best and the worst will emerge from this filter ensouled. Also, as I suspect that most divine forces are evil and feast on our suffering souls—being an Old Testament kind of guy—I marvel at the collective hubris of the apish turds that rule us—they are really trying to live-birth a God, a very Aztec deity with a vast and insatiable hunger.]
Some of use will remain on the periphery howling at the moon prowling in the shadows.

Thank you, Banjo for this fascinating discussion.
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BanjoMar 16, 2021

Thanks for posting and for your insight James! Much obliged.

Feel free to use Feeling God or whatever for a title.
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