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The Oldest Crime
Jet Snow Discusses the New Enclosure Acts in Woke Britain
So few people know about the 400 years of war by the British upper class against their working class which would fuel the Plantation system overseas and the coalmines and factories at home, providing Charles Dickens, Mervyn Peake, Robert Lewis Stevenson and J.R.R. Tolkien with a rich larder of misery to weave with words into yarns of human suffering and even triumph.
Do we really have good without evil?
What is a hero without a dark lord to slay?
Does rising up really mean anything without jackboots on our neck?
They're back!

Vagrancy laws related article
Thu, Apr 1, 5:28 PM (3 days ago)
Hi James,
I hope you're doing ok.
Thank you for posting the "Vagrancy" article - it is useful information as having begun reading "Stillbirth of a nation" I've been learning about the Vagrant acts and this has really been illuminating. Here on "Devil's Island" we're told (school, pop history etc) that these were the beginning of the welfare state - it's clear on some digging that welfare had nothing to do with it.
I saw this article today on "Killer Vlad's" propaganda channel about the new "Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill" which is currently being pushed on us as a vehicle to remove the right to protest. Apparently buried in the wording is a new police power to arrest and break up traveller communities:
Travellers will be ‘ethnically cleansed’ by the British government’s draconian law proposals that criminalise their way of life — RT Op-ed
Most of the controversy over the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill has raged around its effect on protests, yet very little attention is being given to how it will decimate a historic way of life for thousands of people. Britain is more divided than at any other time in living memory. There ...
A key passage of the article is this:
"Currently, under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994, the police can get involved if there are six or more vehicles in an authorised encampment. But the landowner has to take reasonable steps to move them first and they have to "have caused damage to the land/property or have used threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour to the landowner, their family or employees”.
The new bill increases these powers greatly, meaning the police can become involved if there is a single vehicle, the landowner has merely reported the matter and the local authority has an alternate site. It also creates a new offence of "residing on land without consent in or with a vehicle”. Those found guilty can be imprisoned for three months, fined £2,500 and face forfeiture of goods including vehicles, which for the GRT community are their homes."
I'd be interested to hear your reaction to this as I currently now have one mate I know who because of divorce and scarcity of work is living in his car now, parking in quiet rural places to sleep. In the article it says that it's unclear why the government would suggest this law at this time. I believe this new legislation was put forward under the guise of targeting "nuisance" settlements by the traveller community which will elicit little sympathy from the public that secretly hate anyone who might be slightly more free than them - but will really be waiting for the numbers of others who, like my friend, will find themselves criminalised for losing their homes and living in vehicles etc as the economy tanks.
Thanks for the site and all your work.
Best, J

Jet Snow, thank you. This reminds me that homelessness and vagrancy have always been a crime so long as we have had rulers and have been subjects or citizens. I am currently working on the history of scottish skavery in Great Britain. Just about every municipality in America has laws that make being homeless a crime. For this reason homeless people go to soft-on-crime states where the will to prosecute the human debris of perpetual progress is lacking.
This is one reason why our governments fire-bomb third-worlders in some shithole country, so that their relatives can be brought here with a hate for us to make this into a shithole country—and that guy that murdered Haji for the government that is bringing Juan in to replace me is regarded as "The Good Guy" by the every people who object to this type of war refugee, blow-back immigration. While your travelers are going to be rounded up and your mate hounded about by the cops, you will be getting edged out by descendants of people from countries conquered by your government. I believe this is by design. They used our working class ancestors to screw their ancestors, and now the favor will be returned as the fiends who rule stir their human stew.
Interestingly, my editor sent some information on current human trafficking into America—which is an elite initiative, supported by all corporations and most top politicians of both ruling parties. Even as more and more Americans get put out of work and on the street, the powers that be cannot wait from showering the land with fresh gouts of additional wee. They are bringing in low income laborers to put more Americans on the street, child slaves and sex slaves to satisfy the hideous appetites of the elite, maids and gardeners to attend them in their mansions, and ready-to-order welfare recipients to drain the free economy and impoverish more Native Americans. This is how postmodern pyramids are built.
Toddlers dropped over border wall:
SUV with 25 inside crashed, killing 13, now charged with trafficking:
Such is the perpetual war on the working class. During the 1500s, nobles armed their slaves and used them to drive our ancestors off of the English Commons so that these areas could be enclosed as their feudal estates. The greed grinds on...
Additionally, as a homeless man and vagrant, I am researching survival options with the help of a Canadian traveler named Steve, who was made homeless by divorce and eventually wona knew wife and practices "stealth camping" to keep sharp in acse she dumps his ass too...
Camping with Steve
From Mister Grey
Thu, Apr 1, 11:53 PM (3 days ago)
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