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The New Conservatism
Don Quotays Cues the Crackpot on Hate, Fate and the Civics of the Rising Social Justice State
© 2021 James LaFond
"Crackpot Scores
"People are now coming to the conclusion you did years ago, federal cops is the End game."
-Don Quotays

This was an interesting article and I appreciate you taking time away from silting at whimp-shills to remind me to say—I told you Yo!
I am glad the Pig is being locked in his pen. It is doubly hilarious that this PIG has been found guilty of simultaneously killing a man on purpose and also killing him by accident.
I did not follow the case and am disappointed that rioting has been somewhat abated by the system. I watched about 15 minutes of the trial and noted that the judge had decided publically, that he would release the names of the jurors a few hours after they delivered their verdict. These people knew that if they did not find maximum guilt that they would be lynched in their yards. This was in plain sight and no one batted and eye...
—still pretending that America is something other than what it is.
Cops have told me plainly over the past decade, that if you get into a shooting that causes a heavenly hued body to expire, that the only way to avoid prosecution is if a federal agent was present during the shooting. Federal policing has been in the works for my entire life and has grown by leaps and bounds.
The most important aspect of social conditioning, that has Murican Meat-Puppets dancing in their sausage casings in a gleeful plea to have the boot of the Police State placed upon their necks, is TV dramas. Our mushy minds have been colonized and prepared for the simpering harvest through our addiction to “Good Guy-Bad Guy” police dramas.
Ultimately, we can blame Gary Cooper and John Wayne and James Arnes of Gunsmoke fame for implanting the false idea of good guys and bad guys in our consciousness. This will not change. Only the annointing of the good guy will change hands, from the fading merchants of Christian ideals to the shrill advocates of social justice ideals. This is necessary due to the mutability of social justice ideals that may turn on a dime, where Christianity carries the weight of tradition and lags behind the cutting edge of contrition. With rapid advances in infotech we must be ruled by a morality that is able to change nearly as quick.
This is hilarious that the various PIG constituents, the worshippers of the police as good guys, those who extol the goodness, righteousness and high morality of death in police custody, that these cucks are now the target of the System as the turret of negation rotates and places them in its sights.
However, do not count law & order conservatives out.
Who have been the people who have called the PIGs on me most consistantly for the greatest crime against America a paleface can commit: defending myself against Reparations Recovery Agents?
Middle class white home owners,
Followed closely by my dark attackers.
Conservatism is the expression of the moral corruption of the slave mind, clinging cravenly to the Boot of his Master, shivering and quivering against the prospect that he might have to decide what is right and he might have to act of his own might.
In the future, when you are told to report to the courthouse with a signed affidavit that you submitted to anal intercourse at the hands of a Reparations Recovery Agent, [1] and you decline to appear before the judge, the police officers that will be sent to disarm you due to this clear showing of racial hate and homophobia, will be local and federal and private and will count among their numbers conservative Christians. Christianity, in this nation, has become subject to Social Conservatism—ask any evangelical pastor.
Conservatism may be divorced from one morality and remarry another, and is merely the clinging to the social norms established by master minds and adhered to by inferior slave minds, and also the imposition of these norms by force, at the point of a gun. So while today is a rough spot for conservatives, once the new social norms are established, conservatives will scream for their enforcement. I have had conservative, evangelical Christians chastise me for stating that I was attacked by 17 Bantus to 3 ghosts in 2017 in Baltimore, even though I was there and they were not. My statement of reality was rated as rude and hateful. I was also admonished by three Christian fundamentalist women and three atheist liberal women in the same 2-month period, for using the term “negro” to describe my patron and employer, Incognegro. There is actually very little civic distance between Atheist Anteepha people and Christian Conservatives.
These people will come together in the dutiful hunt for my heathen person—and if they catch up to me before I cough out my life alone in the dark, I hope to bite off an atheist nose and spit it in the face of a Christian cop, my deeds lionized—I hope, by a negro with a gift for verse-like prose.
You read it here, on April 21, 2021, in the Second Year of the Ascension of the New Christ, Our Lord God and Savior Floyd.

-1. Like νаϲсіոation in your arm, jaxxination in yo ass, will most likely not be the law of the land, but will be required as proof of Social Conscience, for the right to purchase firearms, vote, marry, etc. There will be work arounds. For instance, since the man charged with punching your gay card will also have to have Super Morality Martyr Status—to be of heavenly hue—and since many of them regard anal sodomy as gay but oral sodomy as prison gay and only an indictment of the giver, than most white men will probably be able to maintain their civic rights and travel privileges, by blowing martyr men.
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