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A Tale of Middle Earth: High Fantasy by James LaFond: Front Matter
Copyright 2021 James LaFond
A Crackpot Book
Publisher Lynn Lockhart
Dust Cover
Elfbane was the greatest of his race, Warder of the Elves who came with their lies swaddled in grace, Raider of Men in their slave dens, Driver of the Dwarfs back to their hoarding place, Shield of The Root of all Fens. On the first night of Spring, to the Holy Fen Elfbane brought her, to sire a son with the might of his ax-wielding hand coupled with the scheming mind of men. The muddy minds of the race he was born to save, call him Haft.
Haft is a high fantasy set in an authentic mythological place, Middle Earth, where mortals suffer dooms between ice and sands, mountains and sea—Overworld and Underworld.
“People will absolutely hate it!”
-Lynn Lockhart, on receipt of the synopsis by skype
For Ani—who knows who she is. Thank you.
“Winning means you can afford to apologize. Losing is for the unapologetic actor—the bier of heroes.”
-A Blue-Eyed Devil at Dusk
A Song of Haft
Dwarf-kind, in their greed, burrowing below we fight.
Elf-kind, in their lies, towering above, we fear.
Man-kind, where they breed, teaming in their towns, we smite.
Hobbit-kind, in their cozy need, snuggling in their dens, we sear—
On their toasted flesh we feed into the night.
Woman-kind, on their soft bones we breed,
Song of what is right...
Dragon-kind, slumbering in forgotten might,
We wonder if sun or moon will restore your sight.
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