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Her Partner and Trainer
The Terminal Arc of Boxing and a Crackpot Solution
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story of the Mexican woman boxer who died
Lynn Lockhart
Mon, Sep 6, 5:08 PM (15 hours ago)
A female Mexican boxer died Thursday, five days after being injured in a Montreal ring.
Groupe Yvon Michel, the organizer of the boxing event, said Thursday that 18-year-old Jeanette Zacarias Zapata died from injuries sustained in a bout with Marie-Pier Houle on Saturday night at IGA stadium.
Zapata suffered a series of power punches in the corner of the ring and, after a solid uppercut, the fighter seemed stunned near the end of the fourth round. A final right hook caused Zapata's mouthguard to fly out and left her unable to return to her corner after the bell rang.
Zapata, who appeared to convulse while still standing, was joined by her partner and trainer Jovanni Martinez, who quickly laid her down in the ring. The on-site medical team rushed to her side and she was immobilized on a stretcher before being rushed to a hospital by ambulance.
Yvon Michel, president of Groupe Yvon Michel, said in a briefing Sunday that Zapata was placed in a medically induced coma to sedate her and relax her body and brain, adding that the following two to five days would be "critical."

Without fail, when someone in my family shows me a KO highlight on their smart phone, it is of a woman being knocked out. Male things leap to their feet cheering at the knocking out of a high quality female specimen of their species, by another such, who was rendered sterile by her training. I refuse to watch UFC cards any more as their main event is usually a female fight. This was the inspiration for Cube, my novel about the life of the first purpose-built corporate cube fighter, a doomed Adam whose Creator is a Corporation, set in 2121.
More and more, boxing has become the province of women put in harm's way by men. Every card i watch in Jersey, has a female main event.
One would think that death in the ring is less likely among women then men—where it continues to happen at a rate of 4 a year—because most women cannot knock each other out, for lack of power.
There are to facts that argue against this:
-1. Female fights are more likely to be mismatches as their are much fewer fighters. It is easy for a woman to put on some fat and fight above her weight as an opponent for a much taller woman. This usually features a Nordic woman beating up a smaller Mestizo woman. I was at an amateur weigh-in where a girl who was 4 weight classes larger than her opponent, offered her thousands of dollars to take the fight right in front of the athletic commissioner. Without even a look, when i see a Mexican fighter listed on a Canadian event, i suspect that she has fought most of her career at a lighter weight and that she is being "fed" to a taller, better trained opponent who is on the championship track.
-2. Women are almost always trained by a man. Women are easier to train then men, much more obedient to instruction, more coachable. This man is either a father, a brother, a husband or a lover. It seems the latter was the case in this event. Such women demonstrate consistently more eagerness to get knocked out rather then take a knee. This makes me sick, when you see a woman who is often billed as pretty with her hair down in the fight photo, now having her face diced up, afraid to fail her masculine master in the corner.
The fact that this lady had a seizure while on her feet suggests she was either very overmatched [as the ethnicity implicit in the fighters names suggests] of that she had some kind of remarkable desire to stay on her feet after the brain tilting uppercut that stunned her, and eat the brain-rotating hook that killed her.
In Cube I have taken what i have seen of emasculation and heroine elevation in today's society, as well as MMA politics, and projected it ahead to a time when fan girls and fan boys cheer on their heroes and heroines in hopes of having sex with their cube combat celebrity.
This is where I think prizefighting will go if society stays on its current trajectory and no act of God wipes out our deeply evil civilization.
However, i offer a solution that is doable, and will also address transgender athletics and play to current politics.
Abolish gender divisions in sports. Field women in the NFL. Thereby, every female, male and transgender boxer at 145 will compete together. This would leave only men in sports and at the same time give every woman on earth the chance to prove that she can compete with men.
This is a a simple solution that plays to current morals and would result in the reinstatement of traditional morals. However, it will not be adopted because we are slaves of The Queen. I have often cited the unique perversions and social predation of money-grubbing Britain as a centrifical force in the making of Modernity in its current dystopian form.
Did you know, that in 1688 [might be off on the year] that the first female boxing match was made in London, that one woman challenged another woman to box with coins in their hands, with the first one to let loose her coinage to be regarded as having quit. Money was at least symbolically at the root of women's prize fighting. And it remains there now, as the only way to expand viewership left to the media moguls pandering to an increasingly sissy population, is to expand female interest by way of participation and empathy. This challenge was listed in a newspaper. I would wager that the bout was fought over a man.
Until Heathenry rises again, this will not be settled. So enjoy your battered babes, America, as your men grow ever fat waging war with their thumbs on their feed-stall couch.
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Ruben     Nov 21, 2021

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Sad but true.
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