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'Gritting My Teeth'
Moral Survival Under Civilization as We Her Most Hated: 8/28/21
© 2021 James LaFond
“I am hearing an online course while I'm at work of total anti-white, blessed angel ebons propaganda from a chick in her 20s. I am gritting my teeth.”
-Mister Grey
It is the normal course of Civilization—opposite of the normal traditions of Barbarism—to have an elite rule a vast underclass of the same or cousin race people, ideally a mass of mixed race mongrels with a weak identity. In all civilizations I have studied, the elite import racial aliens as slaves, soldiers, merchants or educators to manage their indigenous under class. The Egyptians used Sudanese, the Athenians Scythians, the Romans Germans, the English used Indians in America, Scots in Ireland and the BPD and NYPD use Asians and Africans increasingly.
Where the racial identity has been strengthened by some social force such as war, economic success or national domination, it must then be attacked as an evil in the very mind of the identitarian. That is why the false polarity of American politics, by which only two internally contradictory narratives are permitted, is a thing of pure genius. The men who constructed this kill-switch in the heart of their great all-devouring machine were titans of evil who we call Founding Fathers—men who charted our doom even before we were taught to worship them as they wove our fate on their lie loom.
The above is a simple formula, common sense, inoculation against human enlightenment: limited-empathy for the purpose of social control. Such a concept is beyond the ken of racial identitarians of all kinds as well as of socialist utopians of all kinds, which leaves the machinations of the amoral managerial class cloaked in ignorant perceptional distortion in plane sight and apparent to only a few alienated souls.
The most brilliant method of this was conservative white identity in America, by which the grandsons of same-race slaves were told by the grandsons of their ancient masters, that racial solidarity against the vary-colored hordes of the world was America's mission. Even today men whose wives are being brain-washed at work to hate themselves racially and whose sons are being displaced racially in school and work, think that they are served by bombing the shit out of iron age people half a world away.
The U.S. had a unique vast land mass of untapped resources to exploit and had to necessarily take the unparreled step of growing as a nation that favored rather than oppressed its majority population. As soon as this continent was conquered, overseas wars were generated in false pretexts every decade. This resulted in the strange case of American Cucksosis, in which the American views the health of the State [instituted to despoil and ruin him and his in perpetuity] as congruent with and even necessary for his moral and cultural wealth. The tigress has taught us goats that she is our mother, even as we sharpen her claws on the eve of our devouring doom.
Once the world was brought under a unified system in 2008, war on the pale American was secretly declared.
When a challenge to the global system arose in the very police station of the world, in 2016, open war was declared on pale America.
In 2020-21, via media alone, over half of pale America was convinced or came to agree, that White America is the greatest evil facing humanity.
Game over Whiteman—you are a Negro now. This was predicted in the institution of the Middle Eastern Sex Slave designation of “White” as a meta-racial identity displacing Christian Identity between 1700 and 1865. Such a racial term had no European source in all of Antiquity, and was a tactic for the colonization of the European mind by money system cultists.
Do remember, however, that the 200 years of white-over-white slavery that claimed millions of willfully forgotten European-American souls did produce a people capable of conquering a continent in two generations and a world in three. This was done though, for their money masters, not for their descendants—we, marooned on this hateful lee shore at the end of Modernity.
Hence, these dangerous critters, forged in the fires of slavery and then migratory war, had to be discarded. Every western of the 1950s-60s-70s, when the American Mind was re-tooled by the Lie Machine, speaks to the lesson that The Last Hard Men had but one final task, to extinguish their counterparts before riding into the sunset:
-High Noon
-Rio Bravo
-Big Jake
-The Magnificent Seven
-The Last Hard Men
-McKenna's Gold
-The Shootist
...Virtually every John Wayne, Charlton Heston movie, proclaimed in the voice of female characters with the agreement of the action hero, that his actions—necessary though they may be—were in truth the problem and he must eradicate himself as soon as his like actors had been dealt with. The best example, Shayne, an adventure about a gunfighter saving homesteaders from gunfighters and ranchers, actually calls for universal disarmament of men in the script.
The counter current to this, was Clint Eastwood's Man with No Name character, financed overseas, beyond the reach of the cucked American POZ. Eastwood eventually joined the POZ as Cucklord of Film. But the lesson of his image-making movies, unsupported by America, about America, charts the course of infamy and anonymity as the only ways open to We the Hated, the discarded race of men who murdered a world to build something that could never feel ought but hatred for the rational actionist.
As I pray for the Old Gods to rise and smite Whore Civilization in Her Lie-feathered Bed, I would urge those of my friends currently being ruthlessly discarded by that thing their forefathers built thinking it would be theirs, to sleep with a mouthpiece in.
I have noted, that since every week brings news from more friends that they are being attacked as evil, fired for not having faith in the lie called science, and physically and legally attacked by Systemic Whites seeking redemption through persecution of those few who have not bowed to the lie of perpetual ancestral guilt, that I grind my teeth in my sleep. This is irritating some damaged choppers smashed by a white fist during an attack by two Whitemen on me, this lowly paleface, in 1983. So I wear the old boxing mouthpiece to sleep as my mind wrestles with the fact that my friends are being hunted by the Great Beast called Western Civilization, syphletic quean who sits at the End of Human Time watching with horror as her sunken face sags in the Mirror of Ages.
This bitch hates us because she bred us and her luster is leaving.
Hide in the wrinkles of her growing ugliness—do not attempt CPR.
The surety in Her vile collective soul that Her abused children will come to Her succor is Her final line of defense. Let the bitch go completely mad so that some of our young ones will have a chance as the thing that hates them dies.
Any repair or support of the system that we sold our souls dooms our descendants to be hunted to moral extinction.
This is such a great time to be alive and aware.
Our Rejected Soul
guerilla masculinity
'Our Compliant Status'

Clowney     Nov 26, 2021

wonderful piece James - I've shared it with a few chums—I await the "real" powder keg to go BOOM and then the party gets kicked into high gear so that the few of us white meanies left will come-a-knockin' and bringin' a real bloody shit-show to town—if only to see the many deluded traitorous chumps finding out the true meaning of: “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

Before I leave this plane "I'm gonna get me sum"—HEE HAW
NC     Nov 29, 2021

PaPaaC (Purge all Pedophiles at all Costs)& KtM (Kill the Masters)!
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