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'Back to Their Turnip Field'
Teutonic Fist Cues the Cracked Pottery on the Indo-European Lottery
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Protest stuff from around the globe
Teutonic Fist
Sun, Sep 26, 8:39 AM (2 days ago)
to me
Zup old Hobo
in Germany there were these stupid climate change protests, where some NGO scum pretends that children worry about muh climate change. So me and a buddy of mine we made us some signs. Anarcho-Primitivist green-black flag, with slogans like "Deportation is Climate Protection", "Save Trees, not Refugees", "The Pill for Africa". Stuff like that, things that rime better in german, to fuck with these people, cause fuck em.
[Okay, this is funny, that i just finished writing Beyond the Pale, in which i used this European correspondent as a template for the Rosicrucian Heshman Shew Mote, who extracts a boy from a turnip field on behalf of the Pope. It is the strangest thing i've written and i really doubted the result a few days ago. But now, after receiving this email i claim serendipity.]
So we went there and i got all bold, went to the stage, waved my sign around, and 30 seconds later i was neck deep in real life soyjack fаggots crying "Nazi", which made me laugh, and nothing gets these fаggots more assmad than people laughing at them.
[You and your friend were a useful aspect of this theater. To me, the important part is that you had fun and that eventually some of the people you had fun at the emotional expense of commit suicide and/or go in for sexual reassignment surgery.]
So these fаggots got ass mad and some boomer, some stupid old leftist boomer, tried to threaten me with violence if i wouldn't stop, so i snipped some bugger on him telling him to fuck off and die of a heart attack or covid cause i don't care. The ruckus was starting, the speech on the stage interrupted, people getting ass mad left and right. They finaly, 4 on 1, managed to grab the signs, tore them up, meaning they made trash. and the cops came and seperated us. We were calling them fаggots and so on and they realy responed with stop using sexist and homophobic language, its like a real life twitter thread filled with Trump reply NPCs.
[Your interaction with the police, illustrated here, could be duplicated in the future with you landing a gig as thug allies with deniability. It might sound crazy, since you and I both hate police on principle and on experience. However, the coming feudalism will be largely tied to social conscience ratings as i describe in my novel Cube. In Old World Feudalism and in Old Nippon lowly actionists gained latitude for committing goodness—meaning violence and aggression, all of which i now regard as Good in my feeble dotage—through their association with a person of hereditary nobility, great wealth or property ownership. Likewise, the military contractor of today has credibility solely vested in association with who he serves. There will be a need for less formal actors, erzat or adhoc contractors. I could see you eventually breaking a witnesses leg for a cop, maybe beating the shit out of an honest cop on behalf of his fellow crooked cops. Keep it in mind.]
The one cop offered us protection which we laughed about, cause thats protection from old dumb boomer fаggots that i could kill by spitting on them, and loser college students who drink oatly fake milk and are ass mad cause they have prolapse from being not homophobic like us. And because i was coy enough to tell officer cocksucker that they handed us an expulsion for the area for the next six hours. I had two copies of uncle teds manifesto with me, and i handed them to the soyjaks, anticipating they would tear them up and not just distripute it, but also trahsing their event while doing so. And then some fаggot just stomped on one! That fаggot stomped on a pack of pages as, as if it would do anything. These people are a circus, not even a laugh riot, just a circus. Then we got drunk with the friends who couldn't make it in time, cause wagecucking, and had more laughs.
[Future bandits, like medieval bandits—who were sometimes also serfs and peasants—i suggest will often, as of old, need wage jobs to shelter their identity during times of rest between the holy, sacred and heroic pursuits of violence, mayhem and chaos kindling. There can be no greater purpose for a heathen than the toppling of vile Civilization from Her Lie-got Throne, one sissy brick at a time.]
Later that day, we saw that the top twitter story in germany for fridays for future was that they tore up some middle aged ladies sign "nuclear energy against climate change", which made them look like bullies and idiots, which they are. There are no "students" or "Children", only loser college students who think they get a job at a foundation and old boomer fаggots who never got one themselves. Its funny to troll these losers when its too early watch them get killed. Cause there are no non-whites at these events except one or two tokens per 1000. Cause Murrat and Nbugu don't care for climate change fаggotry, they want a nice german car. And when they find out Soyjack over here is denying them that, he gets the axe, or machete. And then the camera zooms in and there is me standing in the rwanda crowd with blackface and a bone in my nose being right there with them. Hello my fellow machete wielding savages.
[I think that the only hope for Аrуаn humanity—short of an interplanetary act of God—is the injection of African savagery into these phony nations that were built on the broken backs of our ancestors to achieve the crushing of our unborn souls. To me, every ebony on ivory machete attack in Cuckmenistan, in which we both reside, is to the Good and provides the necessary knell for a heathen renaissance.]
Anyway I think you saw some of these Australian Corona Riot Protest videos and now it looks like the cops hired private security contractors for riot control.
[The important part here is that contractors are being used. This is where law enforcement is handled in the corporate future. While national militaries will be used to prevent revolution against the global corporate takeover of humanity, and police will more and more enforce social morality and medical warrants, the point of the spear is going to be the for hire goons, like the four military beefcakes in unmarked BDUs that hounded me off Harford Road in Hamilton, Baltimore on one of the last nights of April 2015. I have lived for a week in which i could not go to work without a curfew pass and was subject to anonymous force projectors in the pay of unknown parties. If i was young, then serving for pillage or pay as a thug ally to such men, who were honorable enough to be willing to beat me to death and also smile as they gave my friend and i a chance to decline the beating, would be appealing. Note that none of the 12 deaths in Baltimore that week were ever investigated and that a girl pushing for the investigation of her slain brother was later murdered by the Baltimore Police Department. My death would have went uninvestigated.]
And this looks like a riot that doesn't need much controlling anyway. I mean the aussies have the reportation for being a rowdy anglo bunch, but besides the monkey dance and the cussing there isn't much going on.
[My instinct is, that the reported rioting Down Under is mostly a clown show permitted by The Powers, to be used for future justification of military domestic operations. Did you know that while the Orange Man was whipping up voters in D.C. on January 7, that his Viceroy was flying to various U.S. Army and National Guard HQs and gathering a corps-strength army to serve in a totally unreported over-watch position of D.C.? The fantasy of feral Yeti uprisings is being used to get domesticated Yetis to accept domestic military oppression on behalf of the corporate takeover of the planet. If The Powers did not want riots, they would shoot a rioter and shut things down and erase anyone who posted videos or made reports, as happened to 8 witnesses to second shooters in the Las Vegas shootings some four years ago.]
Man I hate this about men when they are bad at fighting and have to compensate instead of just going back to their turnip field. Its like when I hear a man complaining about hes hungry. I mean shut up you fat bastard where is your self discipline pestering me with your hunger like I am your fucking mommy and you want milkies you baby. And then I see always these crowds of screaming protestors always cussing never doing anything. I mean we were two guys against a crowd of soyjacks but we never had the urge to scream at them, only they screamed cause they are fаggots. Screaming is what a fаggot does when hes afraid, its like he tries to scare off an animal. And thats a riot cop there he doesn't hear you anyways, he has a helmet and probably some communication device in his hear and the only thing your shouting would do is disrupt your own communication. The cops themselves use noise against protestors like sirens, loudspeakers, stun grenades, beating their tonfa sticks against plastic shields, shit like that. If someone like that tries to engage a cop he deserves to get his ass beaten.
[I once fought Robert G., 6' 1" 240 pounds in 2004 in a stick and shield bout. i had a homemade scrap-built punch shield constructed of stove-top burner plates, bailing wire and tape. He had a round, plastic, German police riot shield. I totally shattered that transparent excuse for a shield in a single minute with a light rattan rod. These cucks know they are weak. i suggest you helping the police as light infantry. The opening was there for you. Sure, the cops and the system they serve is evil. But so is everybody they roll against who wants to put government rules upon us. Perhaps consider the wisdom that the enemy of your enemy is your friend and brutalize any oxygen thief currently targeted by The System? Ultimately, what is Good in Life, for a young man like your self, is that you help inferior meat-puppets achieve the suffering they deserve and that you enjoy your duty to punish oxygen thieves. Of course, always do this for the good of Mother Earth and in cooperation with the civic authorities. I advocate no civil disobedience.]
Its just a reminder how one needs actual mental conditioning to engage with other human beings on a physical level.
[Man, you made my day. I do feel guilty for wasting most of my life as a wage cuck trying to raise a family in a world that hated me since before i was born and will hate me for as long as my little name lingers among the ashes of my idiot hopes and dreams. I wasted 38 years trying to be what the world said it wanted of me and have wasted the last half-a-decade writing instead of fighting as my powers deteriorate to the point where i am on the verge of being a non-combatant. May you live a far more meaningful life than this wretched old hobo who has lost his every worthwhile struggle.]
[Redacted personal PS.]
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