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Soylent Green is Here
The Physics of the Metaphysic Takeover of Planet Earth: dateline 9/28/21
© 2021 James LaFond
When Harry Harrison wrote Make Room, Make Room!, which became the Chuck Heston movie Soylent Green about people being rationed factory made meat substitute, just about everyone thought it was rediculous. Well, its here. Take a look at the first video in which all the key Earth Cult players are always on the same page about beginning to limit our food choices in 2020, starting with beef, and it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that the Planetary Health Diet, restricting humans to 2,000 to 2,500 calories of initially plant based and eventually entirely synthetic diets, is really a postmodern version of what the rich in England of the last Ice Age did to the poor.
In case these videos have been taken down by the time this posts, checkout Ice Age farmer on Rumble, Bitchute or Odyssey. The time tables for when the carrot of brain washing and gaslighting about the environment in order to change our semi-natural diet to a completely fabricated industrial diet, is replaced by the stick of forced food restrictions, ranges from 2030 to 2050. One aspect of this is the insane proposition that plant agriculture is naturally sustainable without animal agriculture. If I don't manure Bob's planting beds, his crops don't grow. With no food animals, fertilizing will be entirely chemical and those chemicals currently used for this are also going to be outlawed. The goal is Star Trek style computer food made in lab vats.
It is already on the shelves.
Guaranteed that the CEOs and other high functionaries of the corporations will be eating beef and pork while our children starve on artificial grain. Of course, they will still be drinking the blood of children too, at their global summits. This is not radical to anyone familiar with ancient history or even early modern military history. For the ruling elite eating meat towered a head over the grain fed slaves they exploited and their life expectancy was 60 to 80 years rather than the 1-25 years of the malnourished slave. This is reflected in all ancient literature and the well known history of The Age of Sail, when the grain-fed European mariners and soldiers were dwarfed by towering warriors from Virginia, to New England, to Tera del Feugo, and South Africa to Polynesia.
I am predicting that if some natural disaster does not crash the economy to ruin before 2024, that the vampire elite will do everything in their power to make sure that pensions and social security for government employees eating a lifetime of shit in return for a retirement based upon an unfunded liability, will be kept afloat by hook and crook. Once the election results of 2024 are imposed upon us, it will then be safe to defund retirement on a national basis. Then, I suspect, that the fiends will openly take wing from their vulture roosts in Manhattan, D.C., London and other death craters and greedily swoop upon Americans who try and feed themselves.
This activity will be framed as a holy crusade against greedy rural bad guys and so sold to the mewing minds of the quivering suburban masses by TV advertisers, Hollywood movies, politicians and other media nodes. Crowds in ancient Constantinople once cheered as bakers were roasted in their own ovens for overcharging for their bread. In the future, men like Bob, who defiantly grows his own food and continues to eat meat, will be locked in their own houses, quarenteened and forced to subsist on factory food, for the crime of raping Mother Earth with his hand tools and hoarding food that could feed Kebmo and RayRay down in LA while they watch reality TV.
It is curious that so many papers written by NGOs in the 20-teens have targeted 2020 as the starting date for a new system of social control and 2030-2050 as the expected compliance [conquest] date. The well-known advent of the 30 year Grand Solar Minimum we just entered frames all of these various time tables for absolute corporate control of global food. Do note that the European Union has already outlawed the sale of seeds by farmers. Unless humanity is recued from our rulers by a cataclysm, total dietary and cultural centralization via corporate-government-NGO conspiracy will occur barring an act of the Old God. If not, the New Transhuman God will rise to devour its herd of mind cattle. In either case, it is unlikely that the formerly projected peak human population of 13 million will be reached.
these are thrilling realizations for a science-fiction writer.

Frederic Leroy, Ph.D: Hostile Takeover of Food Production - Ice Age Farmer Broadcast - YouTube
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NC     Dec 14, 2021

IAF is very informative. THis why you need to hold court in th estreets. Whether is is vs Bantu or Slave soldiers on th e state.

Leif     Dec 14, 2021

The projected peak human population is 13 million?
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