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The Great War and Fantasy
The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #5
© 2021 James LaFond
After going off the rails on this podcast Richard and i decided on a couple of formatting controls to produce more coherent podcasts.
In case I did not make it clear, there are three reason why the U.S. and the Soviets copied almost everything the Germans did, with technology and military operations:
-The Krauts out-performed all other combatants in both wars at the point of contact, most notably at company level and below where their soldiers and NCOs were infinitely more creative and inflicted 3-1+ casualties against all foes, in all theaters, on defense and on offense, from 1871 thru March 8 1945 when an exhausted Herman Goring Division wiped out one of Patton's divisions. I spoke to a survivor on this undocumented battle that was supposed to be a surrender, and still is according to "history."
-The Krauts had more advanced but less durable technology, which America had the ability to improve upon
-The Allies won both of these wars while losing at the man-to-man level, due to overwhelming logistical, and industrial superiority, similar to the South winning most battles against the North in the American Civil War and losing the war.
While the Germans fought for national autonomy and regional dominance the communists and the capitalists fought for world domination. Hence, the superior operational methods pioneered by the Germans and their technology, in service to inferior vision of scale, economics, industry, population and geography, were then gradually put into service by their pre-determined conquerors [for there was zero chance of Axis victory] in order to dominate a world of billions with merely thousands of combat soldiers.
In these great wars less than 2% of casualties were inflicted by small arms—that is the individual actions of cooperative and creatively destructive soldiers. Therefore, infantry tactics were repurposed to deal with insurgencies within nations and used as a model for policing the billions of meat-sticks. The U.S. and Soviets did not copy German weapons and infantry methods in order to defeat each other or the Chinese in the now obsolete art of mass industrial warfare, rendered impossible by atomic weapons. Rather, the U.S. developed these methods in Vietnam at the very same time that it intentionally destroyed the moral fiber of the American Conscript Army, both towards the same end: the waging of war against American citizens, which cannot be achieved with a conscript army with a high expectation of success, but must be conducted with professional soldiers.
The American Civil War, WWI and WWII were the only major wars in human history that were won by massive mobilization of ordinary men dying at 3-15-to-1 odds against the elite fighters they faced. All other previous wars i studied were won by elite units and the mass of men were merely there to provide maneuver base and logistics and be slaughtered or captured.
The people who ran the U.S. military in all three of those wars were not idiots. These meat-stick managers used conscription to gain elitist objectives under color of populism and democracy. This was unsustainable. As soon as national elites and their elite forces were extinguished by these mass means it was necessary to return to the use of elite forces without a strong connection to the body politic—and eventually elite mercenaries—in order to conduct operations against the body politic.
For this reason, honest fighting men such as Hackworth, a WWII and Korean Era fighter in Vietnam, could not fathom why his superiors wanted to destroy the army he was a part of—for he did not realize that he was their ultimate enemy, not those he was set against in the anti-communist crusade, even as his nation shipped grain to the Soviets.
The bankers, mind-chattel barons and assorted oligarchs of 1946, knew without a shadow of a doubt, that the experiment in nation building begun in 1648 at The Peace of Westphalia, had achieved its purpose and outlived its utility, for it stood as an affront to One World Government. Hence a return to the more ancient systems of the Egyptians [state worship], Hebrews [second order tabooing, or guilt politics], Medes [ethnic slavery], Athenians [predatory alliances] and Romans [universal citizenship] was necessary to scale the pyramid of Civilization up to global unification.
In a world where all governments, save 3 out of some 180, move in lockstep, in which NGOs and Corporations actually manage most governmental policies, national identity is a hazard to One World Order and national internal disunity is a necessary state—such a state that is best policed by small numbers of elite, exclusive and technologically advanced special operators. All American wars, fought since 1953, including The War on Drugs, have been nothing but practice for NGO-Corporate-Government war on the People.
This will express itself as:
-2020-24: establishment of a comprehensive medical-media police state,
-2025-30: destruction of existing currency and economic systems to be replaced by Social Credit Rating,
-2031-40: outlawing of individual vehicles and air travel for all except for NGO, Corporate and Government persons, with reinstitution of rail as the primary means of common human transport,
-2041-50: outlawing of all meat and most grain and vegetable and dairy agriculture in favor of branded laboratory foods
-2051+: reduction of human population to below WWI levels.
The point of the spear for enforcing any such mandates that are revolted against will be military, contractor and police using elite strike teams modeled on WWI German Stormtrooper and WWII German Airborne methods, ultimately modeled on the war making and raiding methods of Eastern Woodland Indians.
The above and more demonstrates why WWI, such an understudied event, entirely misunderstood by all who speak and write about it as a nation-versus-nation rather than an elite-versus commoner event, has served such greats as Tolkien, Lewis, Junger, Eddison and Peake as an inspiration for fantasy settings that place a dark lord in a tower and a hero teetering just above the all-drinking moat of doom in a struggle for One World Domination.
Why did the geniuses who survived WWI not envision a nation-versus nation evil, but a manipulation of all nations form some force above and beyond the national scope?
Richard and I discuss some of these strands below—which shall stand as my very last discussion of the subjects of WWI and WWII.
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