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Happy Hollowdayz
December News for Knuckleheads and Thought Criminals: 12/4/21
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James have you heard of this fighters in your history reading I just stumbled on to him a world class fighter hall of fame boxing manager Tom o'rourk  who managed sailor Tom Sharky Joe Walcott and George Dixon among other greats said he was the best he ever seen when he was sick on his death bed Jack Johnson went to see him
take care
Big Ron
[I cannot recall the man’s by name and am getting hazy on the period. When I get to where I have regular wyfy I’ll use this link to look him up. Thanks.]

Bob the Blight Age farmer

From a twitter friend. Soldiers are missing pay.
[Tiberius went through this in Illyria. Another parallel to ancient Rome.]

Hi James, 
Hope your doing well. I finally wrote a new blog after being on and unexpected hiatus for a while.  I decided to get my real estate license because [redacted] Of course, I will always write and practice the martial arts as well. Neither may make me rich one day as most martial arts teachers, with few exceptions, also have real jobs (and those exceptions usually have wives who are nurses or lawyers or something else). But both writing and martial arts give me an anchor for my sanity in a society that seems to slowly be losing its grip upon reality. 
Anyway, if you ever want to put down roots and purchase some land or a home be sure it hit me up first. Lol. 
[Brian, I’ve been reading your meditations on madness book one poem at a time before each new novel I start. I am enjoying it. Thanks. It’s thin enough that I can pack it around the country.]
Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Brian’s Poetry Episode
This is probably going to be the second of three emails I’ll be sending you this week. Hope they find you in good health and good spirits. The next email I send will be of my blog on the subject of finishing things. This may explain why you are hearing from me so much this week. 
…I’m in the process of catching on and finishing a number of projects at the moment. 
I do hope your able to take the time and listen to the podcast. You already have some of the poems from the book I gave you on your last visit. 
[I should be able to listen to the podcast in January.]
Here is my last eat blog that I spoke about in my last email. This is the second one in less than a week. Perhaps one day I will become as prolific as you… 

James -
This new Triad Combat promotion is basically boxing with clinching and striking from the clinch allowed.  You might be interested
[I will look this up in January. Thanks you—a rule set like this could have made the Money-McNugget fight interesting.]

[It’s about time. I hope they remove all those references to white people and replace them with U.S. Government.]

Scary ass dog robot picture
Whats the LaFond advice for dealing with this?
-Mister Grey
A net or barbed wire. I think, that with a four-legged machines like critters, entangling stuff should help impede their onslaught.
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