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Dystopian Cream
A Return To Portland: 2/26 to 28/ 2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Seattle was packed with homeless.
When I entered the King Street Station an African Policeman with a thick Ghana accent aggressively blocked my entrance and asked me when my train was leaving. When I told him, “2:12” he directed me to the ticket counter with a lot of respect. He was positioned to physically confront men entering with homeless levels of baggage, and my full rucksack qualified. I showed him my ticket and thanked him and he called me, “Sir,” and smiled, seeming quite a loyal and respectful fellow.
No more Brovid panic literature and announcements came to my phone, my computer or my eyes or ears from Amtrak. Mask mandates have been replaced with generic face-covering requirements and the word “still” was used by the conductor, as if he could not wait for the mask bullshit to go away.
Un-presidented levels of trash and homelessness were seen on the way to Portland along the Route 5 corridor.
Portland had swelled to a homeless blue tarp tent Mecca.
Train use is still at 50% of pre-Brovid normal.
The African cop at the Amtrak station in Portland had his mask down around his chin.
Once at The Bar, I noted that masks were rare, with only the staff and certain folks wearing them. The news was no longer dominated by vax and mask measures but by Doctor Evil’s Roosky attack on YouGotGrain. One native woman spoke up, “More people are being shot in Portland than Kiev—why do we have to care about Kiev?”
BaconLettuceTomato AuntQueefa politics are getting more violent and the Natives and Asians think that these college educated unemployed white people are turning their town into “a shithole.” The Ghosts and Goons are just worried about political domination. The actual working minority population feels besieged by tweakers and Tyrones and abandoned by the Pigz.
The new graffiti, since December, has changed from BLM and Auntqueefa pronouncements against 1930s and 1940s European National Socialists to pure Nihilism:
“End Civ”
along with stylized gang art, has replaced the Natzi wanted posters and complaints about the local Pigz being the most corrupt in the country.
Walking to the bar I heard 7 gunshots from the park where the cops empty their service weapons and clear their brass to stir up worry.
It seems, upon this late winter return to Civilized Maskland from Rural Christianistan, that the massive media machine works, and works well, turning public opinion on a dime from absolute and divided concern with plague at home to, total and united concern over war abroad.
This shows that the media is like the eye of Tolkien’s Dark Lord, that points irefully at one point of dark illumination, desolation and damnation, but is unable to multitask. I have no doubt, that in a mere week, the media will be able to install another sudden plague panic through lies and distortions. However, the power of war to mesmerize the idiot American mind, and the fact that the phony Cold War terrorized and captivated this idiot nation for 50 years, seems to have been etched into the DNA of our Master Class and its allure they cannot resist.
Perhaps, in its later stages, Western Snivilization, is returning to the agrarian mindset it held for so many ages, that there was a season for war and a season for sickness?
In October, Scamistan war drums suddenly gave way to November’s plague hysteria.
Now, Plague Season abruptly gives way to the distant call of War, an activity for which America, for her 246 years, has proven a randy, aged whore.
I see a news story that NYPD and BPD cops are heading to Mordor on the Potomac to protect The Mouth of Sauron from hobbits, in 18-wheeled carts it seems. Americans seem blithely immune to the truth that POLICE have been the enemy of humanity for at least 4,000 years, and beg for a boot on their tender collective neck.
Well, those who beg to be slaves, should be chained.
At this point, with more witnesses and better communications than ever, most of us still readily gobble lies as truth, with zero tangible evidence. This calls into question all of our so-called history. America Truly is The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
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Reagans_Last_Jelly_Bean     Aug 3, 2022

“End Civ”





Some jerkoff at langley made these up geeeez. Can we tap seasoned screenwriters already ?! cuz this narrative couldn't be spun into a netflix-original it's so cheap.
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