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Dear Mistah Jimmy
WEF Discusses Table top Gaming and Demographic Shaming: 7/15/2022
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In the attached email a reader describes the reason, purpose and end result of African importation, to clear land of its European-spawned vermin:
Life is Tough RPG
I have read your post on the RPG rules a couple of times now, and it fortuitous as I have been working on a RPG for a little bit now partially based on your political musings. 
[Role playing die mechanics are redacted as the design is in progress.]
The basic idea here is that your classical "skilled wimp" could reasonably survive against an unskilled brute. But if that brute has any level of skill (ala Brock Lesnar) woe will fall on that skilled wimp. 
There's more to it but I have written enough already.
On a different note I drove through a place the other day that may interest you. Cairo Illinois. At the absolute southern terminus of Illinois. Population is supposedly just under 2k today, at a height of 15k prior to the civil rights act. The black population was a third of the total population at its height and it once had 5% of the entire black population in Illinois. Why is it of interest? The buildings for such a small town were obscenely wealthy. I have seen little ramschackle towns whose better days are behind them and urban blight as well. Cairo is unusual for how absurdly nice these building are and how compact it was. My current theory is the mob was involved and the decline of the town follows the decline of the mob. The only businesses I saw open were two liquor stores. It has an art deco national guard armory that is still beautiful despite being vacated for several years now. It has a down right palatial post office. I attached a picture of the aforementioned art deco national guard armory.
Bedford (if you post this, I'd appreciate it if you left the mechanics part out. Not that they're so genius someone will steal them, just out of fear of unwanted attribution)
Thank you, Bedford.
I wish you luck in your game design. My game design has featured inspired design and poor to dismal development.
Cairo seems like the perfect American town. Cairo is the promise of the lately ruined Georgia Guide Stones. I have noted that what has been done to African Americans by the white elite is only rivaled in cruelty and as deeply immersed in the ever-hating lie by what the white elite have used the African American to do to the paleface American.
Africans were taken from a Tribal, Patriarchal, Iron Age, tropical, agrarian, environment and thrust into a mercantile, matriarchal [Anglo (1)], modern, temperate setting, where their population boomed but their souls were trampled, their men placed under women and their identity linked to the leisure class sensibilities of an evil, alien race.
Then, these people, who had only ever adapted successfully to the agrarian nature of their imposed lives, were invited and driven in mass into industrial cities in order to displace working class palefaces and have since, for a hundred years, been socially pressurized in soulless cities designed to accommodate an alien mind, an evil mind that hates nature as much as it hates the toil required to reap, burn, bury and pave nature at the feet of man’s obscene ambitions.
I have worked with and trained with and spoken with some two dozen men from Africa, who are all horrified at what insane beasts their half-breed cousins have become under the pressures of the American Melting Pot. Everything about urban America, from law enforcement, politics, education, religion, charity and real estate acquisition is adapted by accident or design to make of all Americans nomads across an artificially deranged crime-scape.
Africans are brought in to drive Europeans out and then are prevented by many subtle means of sustaining themselves in their newly conquered urban or suburban landscape. They are thence pointed at the next enclave of working Europeans to drive them out as the elite whites economically parachute in behind them and gentrify.
I recall a white social studies teacher, an urban history teacher, laughing about how stupid African tribesmen were in practicing “slash and burn” agriculture. Yet, his class, his cadre of academic elite technocratic money worshipers have practiced slash and burn civics since the year I was born.
It is common in dissident circles to blame the government, and cast USG as the enemy of America.
This is an evolution of the liberal-progressive-conservative delusion that there is such a thing as good government.
However, governments are things of pure power that do good and evil.
I have lately come to realize as a hobo, what people like Simon Girty, Dan Boone, Simon Kenton, Lewis Wetzel, Hugh Glass and William Garrison realized when they fled from America into tribal lands and wilderness, that Americans are the problem, that the worship of money makes of us all either monster whore lords or zombie dupes. America is nothing but the Transexual Spawn of Britannia, that endlessly fecund whore with no udders to nurse her legion of damned orphan sons and no grace to impart to her debauched daughters.
-1. Britannia, whore quean of nations, has always been envisioned as feminine, as far back as the statue of Mars ravishing her in Rome after Vespasian’s conquest. The shrill, cross and disrespectful nature of English American women, compared to the more respectful and gracious tribal and German women, are mentioned by numerous Plantation Era chroniclers.
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NC     Jan 10, 2023

"that the worship of money makes of us all either monster whore lords or zombie dupes. America is nothing but the Transexual Spawn of Britannia, that endlessly fecund whore with no udders to nurse her legion of damned orphan sons and no grace to impart to her debauched daughters."
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