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‘Who Benefits?’
Thoughts on Murican Freight Mishaps: 2/21/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
I am left wondering if trains will be more behind schedule or even available with an average of 2 train wrecks per week in these early days of 2023, the Third Year of Our Lord Floyd.
Since 2020, Amtrak conductors have told me that, depending on the region, freight traffic is 2 to 10 times normal, generally about 4. Last year the Northern Pacific was closed for the summer for repairs. The previous summer had seen a fatal train wreck the day after repairs had been made.
Amtrak is technically subsidized by the freight carriers, using only a fraction of the rails and putting relatively no wear and tear on them. This government agency is tasked with new construction and the freight carriers with repairs. However, the fright carriers have gotten much of the repairs reclassified as “new construction” which means they are beating the rails to death as part of a calculated grift.
Anytime a freight train is passing in the narrow ways of the Ohio Valley, the passenger train has to stop or the air turbulence will blow it over—that is how much more weight the freight carriers haul. A freight train passing a passenger train is similar to a semi truck passing a motorcycle, or a boat cutting the wake of an ocean going ship.
This is America, so freight always takes priority over people. Hence, passenger service is often delayed to ferry freight engineers to replace engineers who have been on duty too long. Additionally, with the increased fuel costs over the past 2 years some commodities, like grain are now being shipped exclusively by rail. Even truck drivers are being shuttled by rail to pick up trucks that lack a driver.
There are plenty of sound reasons why this very old U.S. infrastructure is failing. However, with more then 100 train wrecks in this past year, and with them coming hot on the heels of each other and involving bald-faced government lies to the public, such as in New Palestine, Ohio, one wonders how the ancient Romans would assign a suspect pool according the maxim that he who benefits from an event is a natural candidate for its occurrence, even if he only looked away when duty called.
-1. Doctor Evil and the Roosky Menace have had much of their rail infrastructure destroyed by U.S. weapons. These pricks might be playing tit for tat.
-2. Freight carriers stand to receive federal subsidies for much needed repairs they have been putting off.
-3. Railroad employees were stuffed into the sick pay garbage can when they were set to strike and the feds sided with the freight carriers and prevented them from striking. The fact that some of these trains have been reported as being on fire and that there have been few if any casualties, indicates that if sabotage is happening, it is not focused on killing rail workers or passengers.
-4. It was blatantly obvious during Floyd Christ’s Ascension and the riots in over 50 cities in April 2020, that the federal government did not support local law enforcement and that some agencies aided and abetted [or at least ignored] large scale transportation of rioters across state line and that even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refused to call in the military to prevent the burning of churches in Washington D.C. This has resulted in the collective American slave mind bleating “back the blue” and “law and order” and “refund the police,” in order to protect their craven persons. The need for which they plead will be filled by federal government agencies and by private contractors, who are subsidized by USG. A break down in local law enforcement is a boon for federal law enforcement budgets. Might the feds benefit from restructuring rail infrastructure along like lines?
-5. Any government agency that seeks to increase its budget by terrorizing the subjects of USG, who will then beg to pay them more, could easily recruit some disgruntled railroad workers.
-6. How many rail employees were forced to take the vaxx? I heard them worried about it in 2021-22. Some quit, and yes it seems they will be paid back wages and reinstated and so on. But, the pharma fiends may not be sued. It was in the fine print. Many people have developed strokes, heart conditions, cancer and are chronically sick from these vaxx scams. Maybe some railroad workers afflicted with vaxx injuries are striking back as economic monkey wrenchers?
-7. The Chinks, those slanty-eyed devils! Yangzte Railroad did purchase a major rail hub in Baltimore—maybe they want more? I mean, they used 19th century balloon technology to defeat 21st century USG space technology. Maybe they have some some spare monkey wrenches left over from the Boxer Rebellion.
We are returning to a lower tech society when it comes to getting around, with USG doing everything it can to limit debt serf mobility. As rail returns, and this is being done largely to accommodate refugees not yet arrived from nations not yet destabilized by USG, to produce replacement populations, we might see the return of the rail barons. There was a time when the biggest bastards in the world ran the railroads.
It should also be remembered that during the American Civil War, that men in small troops with horses and pry bars were able to stop armies from moving and being supplied by ripping up railroad tracks.
When I come into Chicago, the train yard is a massive bucket of rust, filled with a small city of parked trains. There are few folks visible. A small number of people handle a massive amount of hardware. The trains in Chicago ride over top of the streets, and look down on apartments and condos and houses. Trains are awesome iron dragons that can be heard by night whistling many miles away in most cities and can be see for miles in the countryside dragging great iron boxes and steel buckets and tanks filled with who knows what.
The possibilities are horrendous and “train wreck” has been preserved as a metaphor for a terrible situation in the American dialect for good reason.
Personally, I’m hoping that the train wrecks have cut down on Amtrak passengers so I can get more room for less money when I buy my tickets in a few days.
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