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Reign of Fear
The Unreported Race Purge in Baltimore County
I spent my time out and about today inquiring into the events in the lives of people I do not normally have contact with. These are all residents of Eastern Baltimore County, the precinct that was stripped bare of police officers to provide protection for the County Seat of Towson.
Jerry, an emergency room physician, treated 14 lacerations and broken bones above his normal workload, all of which were the result of unreported black on white attacks.
As with the city, stats on violent crimes against citizens will seem to dip as no officers are available to document these incidents. Attacks in the County have increased night by night, the criminals knowing that there will be no police response, or even a report upon which to base an investigation.
Tuesday night Marvin was walking to the bus stop when he noticed that black men were giving him hard looks. He noticed, as he neared the stop, that a number of blacks were following him. One picked up a tree limb and hit him in the leg with it from behind, breaking his leg. He was not robbed.
On Wednesday night Dan was filling up his gas tank at a gas station when a black man rolled onto the parking lot and began blasting the rap lyrics, “Fuck the police.” The man was not a customer but was apparently engaging in intimidation. A “red neck,” came over to Dan and said, “I’m about sick of this shit. I ought to put some bullet holes in that fucking car.”
Dan did not engage in any conversation and got out of there as quietly and quickly as possible.
Also on Tuesday night, Allen was gassing up at a Royal Farms store, when he noticed black men, too numerous to count at a glance, gathering around the station and closing in on him. As his car filled up he nonchalantly leaned on the hood of his car with his left hand, drew his handgun with his right, and placed it on the windshield frame above the driver’s seat as he whistled. The crowd dispersed immediately.
Billy, a middle-aged man, and his elderly mother, live in poverty in the Essex precinct. They have no vehicle and walk to the local Farm Store for their groceries. As they were walking down the street on Thursday night a car load of black men cruised by, screamed that his mother was a “fucking white bitch,” and began to throw bottles. One bottle broke on his face, causing a cut. Another bottle bruised and cut his ribs. A rock smashed into and ripped open his upper arm as he shielded his mother. Billy managed to get his mother home after the thugs ran out of ammunition, and then made his way to the hospital for treatment.
Across the city and county whites have declared to me that they are either looking to move away from Baltimore, or purchase a firearm. Numerous whites have said they are now afraid to look at blacks and will seek to avoid interracial contact.
In the city, the entitlement pressure continues to ramp up, with the Whole Foods grocery store coming under fire for feeding national guardsmen that prevented their store from being looted. The ghettoites claim that the grocer should have been feeding the black students who lost their free school lunch on Tuesday, rather than the guardsmen who were protecting the grocer from these same juvenile delinquents.
Most working class residents and longtime residents are convinced that these riots were just a taste of things to come.
We will never know how many whites were attacked by blacks, and what kind of attacks they were, because these facts are not in the least important to the NEWS, and the Nation. Only dollars lost, and police and criminals harmed and arrested are of any interest.
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