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The Mighty Duck
Black-on-Black Prime Crime
Mondawmin, Baltimore City
Two days ago, at Frederick Douglas High School, home of the Mighty Ducks football team, and of the mob of hoodrats that defeated the Baltimore Police Department in open battle, a thug of 18 years, six feet and two hundred-plus pounds, accused a small [JV corner back I’m guessing] team mate of stealing the visor from his football helmet. This occurred in the school lunch room. The Mighty Duck did not wait for an explanation, but launched a shove-and-punch attack which put the much smaller boy down. He then pinned the small boy’s head to a cabinet with his left hand and delivered 13 sloppy, but hard, punches, thrown with his body weight behind them, although he would have been more effective if he kept his elbow in. He then stood, soccer nudged the kid’s head with one foot and did a full weight heel stomp with the other foot.
The school police officer responding claimed that the bleeding and unconscious boy was having seizures. The attacker has been charged as an adult with attempted murder and the victim has been released from the hospital. I can tell you that from what I saw of the video that ran as the liberal news casters lied about what was transpiring before our eyes, that if this kid was an amateur boxer he would be barred from sparing or fighting for 180 days. He may have neurological problems for life.
The liberal news caster claimed that the young man had only “allegedly” punched the other, as we watched. He also described the stomp as a step, again, lying to our face to set the proper narrative on its course.
Interestingly enough, had this big thug jock have attacked a white man like this he would have been described as an unarmed teen. Though, having attacked a black teen, he is described as a young man.
It in no way occurred to the press to point out that these very same football players have been given a free pass for hospitalizing 12 police officers back in April. Certainly, this could have nothing to do with the casual nature in which this thug attacked the much smaller boy, and that at least two eye witnesses filmed it instead of interfering with the savage beating.
Welcome to the jungle.
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bernie HackettSep 19, 2015

JL: When I saw the innocent childs photo on de news, I wondered how large he was. Wonder if he got "held back", 'cause he sure looks old for his grade level.

My overall take on the whole thing was that he was acting naturally. It's probably Bushs fault.

After the news has gone on to better things(?), wonder what he'll get as a punishment?
responds: Sep 23, 2015

I actually think the attempted murder charge is over done. They will have to prove that he planned on killing this kid, and, well, he does not appear to be a person who ever planned a thing in his young dumb life.

Currently, the average size of a 18-year-old black male is six foot and 200 pounds, with that being misleading, as most are either six foot and 150, or six foot and 250.

The average 18-year old white boy is 5' 10" and 230.

Blame it on Similac.
Bernie HackettSep 23, 2015

And enfamil, and the Bossa Nova. Oh, and the moon! In the claims field, at certain times of the month, we'd get weird and belligerant calls from the victims. Then the cry would go up-"Is there a full moon?" Definate correlation, folks.

My wife worked as a service rep for BG&E and told similar tales.

We could compare notes as to who had the biggest cloaca maxima for the day.

Unlike me, however, at times Pikesville would lose power, and real drama would ensue! Oy, gevald! Feh! Dry ice! Shriek!

I'd worked the area, myself. It was my education in real drama. I have a well bitten tongue.

Agree, aggravated assault more likely. Maybe he'll get sent to anger management. For him that would be real cruel and unusual punishment. Damn, I'm vicious! Oh, and mean spirited, to boot.
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