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More Hoodrats, Mom, Please!
Baltimore County Settles Federal U.S. Bias Complaint, Will Spend 30 Million To Bring Crime to Suburbs
So scream the liberal slaves of the Mamma State.
On the same day that we discover that the Freddie Gray martyrdom trials will resume in May, with the persecution of a cop with an appropriately Roman name of Nero—I think Nero stabbed Freddie in the side with his pilum while the other cops rolled dice for his sneakers—the news, sorry, I meant “good news” henceforth rendered “gospel” on Tuesday, 3/15/16, that Baltimore County has settled with the feds over the crime of not having enough low income housing in middleclass neighborhoods hit the suburban mouth like a festering cold sore.
One of the neighborhoods, is Cockeysville, where preppers were moving twenty years ago, and where one of my black fighters is paying high rent in order to keep his children away from criminal black elements. Things should go smoothly here, as the county had the foresight to set up a methadone clinic there a few years ago.
Now all of the white rabbits who fled the low-intensity black-on-white race war of 1980s Baltimore will have to move again! Recently when advising my son on buying house, I told him to stay closer to the city rather than in the prime retail and housing zones, as these were in the federal cross hairs for blacksploitation. The detonation was read, not heard, but the force of the blast will ripple for twenty years.
When buying a house, if you can afford it, you must go rural, where there is no infrastructure. Anyplace where strip malls are popping up, where Wal-marts are rising, will become a low income hoodrat hatchery. The suburbs are doomed. Go rural or stay urban, where you at least have structurally defensible enclaves, as opposed to getting caught in the suburban net that was designed to put you at the mercy of teenage criminals when you are in your eighties.
Look at a suburban McMansion and compare it ot an old city row house. It is like comparing a tent to a bunker. The only ultimately survivable setting in case things go way into the cosmic toilet is rural. In the mean time, while sweating in Sodom, you might choose to live behind walls and doors that can hold up to a sneaker.
If you are a White Marsh, Towson or Cockeysville home buyer, welcome to the meat chute of souls, thoughtfully paved to ease your digestibility.
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the greatest lie ever sold
Mircea PopescuMar 24, 2016

<blockquote>"Petition to Have the Five Points Opened," 1831

That the place known as "Five points" has long been notorious... as being the nursery where every species of vice is conceived and matured; that it is infested by a class of the most abandoned and desperate character....

[They] are abridged from enjoying themselves in their sports, from the apprehension... that they may be enticed from the path of rectitude, by being familiarized with vice; and thus advancing step by step, be at last swallowed up in this sink of pollution, this vortex of irremediable infamy....

In conclusion your Committee remark, that this hot–bed of infamy, this modern Sodom, is situated in the very heart of your City, and near the centre of business and of respectable population.... Remove this nucleus—scatter its present population over a larger surface—throw open this part of your city to the enterprise of active and respectable men, and you will have effected much for which good men will be grateful.

—Petition to Have the Five Points Opened," Board of Assistant Aldermen documents (24 October 1831), Municipal Archives, City of New York.</blockquote>

You see, little has changed in Puritan thought on this (or any other) matter over two centuries.
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