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‘The Ideal Man?’
A Man Question from Mescaline Franklin
“In your work you have basically laid out how society has methodically emasculated us for ages, and make the case that we’re at an end game. In that context what do you think is the ideal man—the man that is most valuable in terms of keeping humanity from plunging into the metrosexual hive you’ve postulated in your science-fiction.”
-Mescaline Franklin
Okay man, we need go no further than Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men, we just need to go deeper. That is why I still think that his book is the most important thing written in this century, thus far.
Let’s breakdown the Four Pillars of Masculinity:
Strength is not as simple as many think. There are many kinds of functional strength. A warrior needs four function levels:
1. Lift, push and pull strength
2. Wrestling strength [this is really tendon strength combined with interior skeletal strength, facilitating balance]
3. Power, or striking strength [this is mostly a matter of relaxation]
4. Stamina [the more of #1 you have the tougher this will be]
Most men fail terribly on one of these. As a man you want to make sure that you have a strong suit and two reasonable function levels here so that you aren’t too limited by your weak suit, which you will of course try and improve.
Courage is as many-faceted as our latent fears. You must test yourself in various situations. For instance, I knew a dude that was not afraid to fight big dangerous dudes, but he freaked out if a 30 pound dog yipped at him. This is a big area, with the most important aspect being your commitment to not be ruled by your fears and remain functional under stress despite being afraid.
Honor is often cited as a liability among cynics. The problem is, we have been an unarmed society for so long that we have forgotten that honor is not egalitarian. I have certain aspects of my honor code that are immutable. For instance, I will never hand over my wallet to anyone. I have passed this test in the face of size, numbers, knives, guns, bricks and even automobiles—and I am terrified of cars and trucks. You might think I’m full of shit. But I’ll take a bullet or watch a loved one get gunned down before I hand over my wallet. Having extreme positions is the corner stone of honor. But, it will not get you hung out to dry like a fool if you do not extend honor to evil people. I will not lie to honorable men, but am committed to lying to women, because they cannot handle the truth and cannot be trusted with it in the face of your enemies.
I will lie like Shakespeare to a corrupt pig or a thug with a gun in my belly, and have.
I will not lie about myself because that is self-effacing.
I will not lie about subjects I am exploring because that is self-deceiving.
The tactical lie is a necessity, however. I will tell a pig , who is looking for me, after I ditch my black jacket, that the dude with the black jacket and knife just ran up the alley behind Hanover Street headed for the bridge. Honor was never a universal ethical code, but a system of reciprocal considerations and conditional behavioral guarantees among warriors holding to the same masculine values.
Mastery is another broad and largely unexplored territory for most of us. It can mean skill in any number of trades, arts or combat forms. To me it mainly implies mastering your impulses, your desire to be accepted and approved of and also your group attachments, which makes me a pariah in many circles. Here is one example. If you are at a group function of your “tribe,” of one of the many postmodern entities masculinity advocates are attempting to cobble together or grow from as pure a source as they can in order to repair the damage that absence of a tribal context has done to masculinity, you must be willing to detach yourself from the group for its own good, perhaps to work the perimeter or imbed yourself in an enemy group during your group’s gathering, rather than simply trying to climb the ladder of whatever hierarchy, or cast your vote for this or that aspirant or idea.
It does not matter if you are the best fighter around. If you are not vigilant the fight will happen when you are not around. The key to mastery is external vigilance and internal discipline. I would suggest reading up on Roman military heroes and WWII combat infantrymen for starters. Mastery is your psychological platform for functional strength and courage and provides your sense of honor with a guide to its rational application.
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guestJul 19, 2016

The Irish Holocaust

Christopher Fogarty on Our Interesting Times Podcast:

Christopher Fogarty joins the show to discuss his book Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it 'Perfect.' We talk about how Ireland's "famine" was not due to a potato blight but rather was the result of British policy that deprived the native Irish of their land, reduced them to slavery, and prevented them from accessing other forms of food. We also discuss how Ireland's Great Hunger was not the result of mere indifference but was a genocidal policy perpetrated by the British Establishment.
Jeremy BenthamJul 20, 2016

The thing to remember is that men will ALWAYS have the "burden of performance". A man must be able to do the "job", whatever the "job" may be. If he can't do the "job" he's "as worthless as tits on a boar hog". A woman on the other hand just has to look like a woman. In fact the more she looks like a woman the less she will have to be able to do.
DaveJul 20, 2016

"Having extreme positions is the corner stone of honor." Awesome quote. I have intuitively felt that. Few will take extreme positions these days because it gives them edges and no one likes edges. They prefer Apple-style personalities that are easily interchangeable because they offend no one. So they end up with no honor.
responds: Jul 21, 2016

The modern ideal that honor is a commitment to some broad social ethos ruins honor, largely by making it easy.

Hope all is well with your training group, Dave.
Sam J.Jul 21, 2016

This is a little off topic as it's about society. We wonder what's wrong with our society and we list all these failings of society but is there a sort of root cause? Notice how a word can sometimes lead to an advanced understanding of a situation? Sometimes the right word phrase can open up disconnected thoughts. Dindu as an example. A very, very good one is Cuckservative. Think at how this one explains and expands your thoughts about how the Republicans have treated their base.

I had a brain storm today. I submit that Communism is still alive and is destroying our society but a different kind. "Economic" Communism was all the rage for decades and decades but in the end it proved a failure but there's another kind of Communism, "Social" Communism or "Societal" Communism more exactly. These are the Black Lives Matter, SJW, the leveling that says every weird sexual fetish is normal, the people who constantly attack Men and masculinity. I've thought of a word that describes them. Socoms as in "Societal" Communist". Maybe it will catch on. Lot easier to say than SJW and very clear once you know what it's a short cut for. Economic Communism has failed but Socom hasn't yet. We may see it fail in our lifetimes though.
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